47 Replies to “Glowing Bulb Magic Trick”

  1. It wasn’t that exciting,it was just okay/Does anybody out there that leaves their replies here know how to spell anything right or use correct grammar?

  2. Hey if you’re ever in Cheyenne,Wyoming, you should definitely go visit Lighthouse Baptist Church.They have great people and a hilarious pastor.You will definitely love it.

  3. That was soooooooooooooo cool!!!(If you guys ever hear of these singing groups called N’HARMONY or THE BISHOPS, you should definitely listen to them or buy their CD’s)

  4. that was kind of weak but other than that that was cool.kind of like that illusion of jesus.but u should do better than that!!!!!seriously!LOL!!!!

  5. really cool and btw barnaby you cant put a / next to something unless it has something to do with what your putting a / next to so tht isnt correct grammar is it

  6. when you stare At the light buld you see the black for to long then you like at the white and see a bright figure of the same thing.

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