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By on June 7, 2010, with 226 Comments

Giant Turtle Optical IllusionRob Samborn sent me the attached photo on Wednesday. What it appears to be is a woman playing with a happy giant turtle. Maybe this isn’t one of the best optical illusions the world has seen, but Rob managed to trick me, and this isn’t something that happens so often to a “self-proclaimed” optical illusion professional like me.

Try and decode this illusion for yourselves, and if nothing else helps, then you may click the link below to expand the hidden solution. Did Rob manage to fool you as well, or was I the only sucker in town? I’m eager to hear your thoughts!

If you’re wondering why there was no update on Saturday, I can assure you it was an isolated incident, because it took almost whole day to reinstall my PC. I have formatted my disk and finally decided to give Win 7 a try. You know how it is when you’re updating your operating system, installing programs, drivers, etc – a never ending story.

Expandable Solution:

Giant Turtle Optical Illusion


226 Responses
  1. Mahmoud AA says:

    What? It is obvious, and I bet that most of the people found that illusion an obvious one. The problem for me wasn’t looking for the solution but manipulating the solution so it would fit the question, or in other words I wasn’t able to find the turtle head but the horse’s mouth and nose.

  2. Tadao says:

    I’m still looking for the turtle :(

  3. Les says:

    I don’t even see a turtle anywhere. It just looks like she’s playing with a horse.

  4. Rawan says:

    Interesting. When I first saw the photo I actually knew that it was a horse, without checking the solution. After some more concentration I saw the supposed turtle. My brain must be functionning in a different way :P

  5. Stuti Jindal says:

    it ain’t a turtle man, it’s a different creature altogether.. i don’t wanna say the name right now.. people should be able figure tha animal out! :)

  6. Kairho says:

    Quite obviously was no a turtle, at least to me. I was looking at a perspective illusion, not what it is.

  7. Kristen says:

    I never saw the turtle. It always looked like a horse’s mouth to me. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been around so many horses or something.

  8. GDUB says:


  9. llizzy says:

    The horses head (nose) was the first thing I saw…didn’t look at all like a turtle to me!!

  10. DMtisca says:

    I grew up around those animals. If anything i had a hard time seeing the intended illusion. Still do.

  11. orangeoz says:

    at first i thaught it was a fish with its eyes upside down!

  12. popesantaxiv says:

    Hahaaaha! That was totally unexpected. Now, I can’t see the turtle’s head anymore when I look at the original image without straining hard.

  13. Care Bear says:

    If that’s a turtle, I’m a vermicious kanid.

  14. Noni says:

    Its not a turtle it’s just the nose of a camel.

    The eyes are the nostril..yadi yadi ya.

  15. Barbarella says:

    Seriously? Somebody’s been smokin’ the good stuff. LOL

  16. UnIcOrN says:

    oh i didnt even see the turtle i knew it was like a horse or something

  17. aytee says:

    Perhaps it’s a bit of a cultural thing. I have never seen a giant turtle before, so the first thing I saw was the horse’s muzzle. I had a hard time envisioning a turtle at all!

  18. Art says:

    I can’t see any turtle.

    I immediately saw the animal that it really is.

  19. xbkeeper says:

    Quite obviously it was a horses nose! Not even remotely a turtle. Have you never seen a horse before?

  20. MickeyXD says:

    After about 15 seconds of looking i thought “of course, its a donkey”… well i was close :O

  21. shahzad says:

    thats easy. i saw the turtle and horse in 2 seconds

  22. shahzad says:

    looks a bit wrong…

  23. meme says:

    a bad illusion but the nose of the camel kinda looks like the eye of a turtle

  24. Reader says:

    No, definitely not even an illusion.

    I don’t really know how you were able to see it as a turtle? If the perspective had been different, then maybe it had worked, but this? A flying, mega-turtle?

    Nope, sorry, I think you´re alone.

  25. sp8yrules49 says:

    yeah, i saw it right away.

  26. ali says:

    I can’t see it as a turtle. Looks like either a camel or horse’s nose/mouth to me.

  27. Melissa says:

    hmmm… I could only quite clearly see the solution looking at the original photo… It’s a stretch for me to see a turtle out of the BLANK (to not spoil it for others who maybe can).

  28. tsmos says:

    … and the turtle is … where ??????

  29. Phoenix says:

    I only see the turtle only after you mentioned. I can see the animals righ away.

  30. Korahn says:

    I saw the widget and was like “a woman and a camel.” I never saw a turtle head in that.

  31. markus says:

    I never saw the turtle…and still have a hard time seeing it

  32. Joseph says:

    At first I thought, “Why is she playing with a camel’s nose?”
    When I read the description, I could see the turtle… but that’s one freaky, hairy turtle.

  33. Norm Worthy says:

    Maybe I grew up with horses, not turtles, but I had to squint to see a turtle, or was it a slug?

    To avoid
    window 7 problems, I suggest you switch to Ubuntu – free install, free updates.

    Windows is the real illusion.

  34. The turtle is placed in the foreground with the young lady in the background with her hands placed to make it appear as if she is touching the turtle’s chin. This is done with an SLR camera and a tripod. It’s trick photography.

  35. ur the only sucker in town,but i can see a ‘turtle’

  36. Manuel says:

    This is a camel’s mouth.

  37. zumbi says:

    Turtle? What did you smoke?

  38. hail says:

    Aaaahhh!! The nose of the horse is the eye of the (tiger) turtle!

  39. climber59 says:

    It fooled me a little. I knew it wasn’t a turtle but I thought it was a camel.

  40. chris says:

    it’s a horses snout! it’s so obvious to see! i actually had trouble seeing the turtle.

  41. Rhiannon M says:

    that looks nothing like a turle!!!! more like a camels nose or something!!!

  42. Barbara says:

    It looks like a camel to me

  43. JMAN12 says:

    It was obviously a horse!!! Only stupid people would think it was turtle. STUPIDS!!!

  44. Koaieus says:

    It took me ages to find a turtle there ;) The nose is the eye of the “turtle”.

  45. Straw flower says:

    I think you can see, it is not a turtle. I have seen from the beginning a horses mouth! the illusion is not as good :-(

  46. Les says:

    Ok, I can see a turtle. It would be better if the right side of the picture was cropped more.

  47. RILEY says:

    ummmm where is the turtle i only see a donkey or a horse

  48. PhotoBug says:

    Was confused at first as to why it said giant turtle optical illusion – because I saw what it was instantly – but it is cute to think it looks – somewhat – like a turtle.

  49. Trinch says:

    I guess I don’t know what a turtle looks like since I immediately saw a horse. Even if it was supposed to look like a turtle, the setting ruins the entire illusion. If one sees horses in the background and assumes the image is at a ranch, the first thing they would think is that the woman is petting a horse. Perhaps if it really was a giant turtle, then it would be a decent illusion as most people would immediately think it was a horse.

  50. ilana says:

    its a horse :)

  51. Rayniee says:

    The nose is the turtles eye and the mouth is the mouth

  52. Brad says:

    Roflll xD! I really thought it was just a turtle help right up close to the camera, you know like the one of the guy ‘holding the moon’? because of perspective, but then lol @ it being a horse :L

  53. jmfranco says:

    Well I was looking for a turtle for a while… I saw the camel at a glance…

  54. jmfranco says:

    2nd Glance and rewiewed the solution, no camel at all , just a horse… nice .

  55. Andrea says:

    Turtles don’t have teeth.

  56. Rocket says:

    Looked like a donkey to me. Could be I’m Australian and haven’t seen too many giant turtles but have seen a whole lot of horse!

  57. Mel says:

    Worst. Optical Illusion. Ever. It’s a horse and/or donkey…… T~T With this pic, you guys have hit an all-time low.

  58. Alex says:

    I can’t see the turtle, either. :(

  59. Mikael says:

    You can tell this is a horse, but if you look at the nostril, it looks sort of like the turtle’s eye. This one is a stretch for an illusion.

  60. Kevin says:

    Holey $#!+

    I saw one quite large turtle.

  61. chuck says:

    its a horse

  62. Ritesh says:

    giant turtle???

    thats strange… i thought its giant tiger ;-)

  63. Bob says:

    My first thought on seeing the photo was that it was the snout of a camel; I kept looking for a turtle in the background….

    I still have a hard time seeing the turtle head, though I did manage to see it before going to the spoiler.

  64. Lenet French says:

    Looks like a horses nose to me.

  65. valerie says:

    Hey, all of you have such a creative mind! I haven’t seen any turtle. Not a fish either. All I could see is a horse (or a donkey). A very strange illusion.

  66. Tanjo says:

    The ‘turtle’ is the horse’s muzzle. The muzzle kind of resembles a turtle’s head with the nostrils as the eyes. It did not fool me and it took me a while to see the ‘turtle’ head.

  67. Tysss says:

    I knew it! or almost.. I thought that it was a cow =/

    But! Take a image of your hdd now, when you have just put it up! So in case of unexpected crash, you could recover in minutes, with clean install with programs installed. By doing this you’ll save a day full of work some day! it’s also the ultimate virus deletion mechanism.

  68. I had to really squint to see that as a turtle…

  69. kufaz says:

    still cant find the turtle! it looked like a horse the second I saw it.

  70. Tim says:

    Wow, took me forever to see the turtle. If you can’t see it, the nostril is supposed to be the turtle’s eye. I thought it was a camel, but otherwise, I saw right through it.

  71. Christyn says:

    Ok! I see it now, I’m pretty sure!
    The nose of the horse is the turltes eye.
    I think! lol

  72. awesomeman says:

    why is there a horse on the beach

  73. Rob Kattenburg says:

    Wow, didnt see that and still dont!
    I guess living in Alberta you see a lot of horses.

  74. NeeL says:

    Nice illusion!
    At first I thought it was a rock formation way back in the background. But when I kept searching I noticed the horses in the middle in the back. That give it away for me.

    And don’t worry for not posting everyday. You too should get some days off! And as long as the comments keep coming it is also nice to get a chance to read those.
    (Secretly, everyone wants to see if someone have read their post.) ;)

  75. liam says:

    horse nozzle lol

  76. Hypersapien says:

    I immediately saw it as the snout of some large mammal. In fact, it took me several seconds after reading the headline to force myself to see it as a turtle head.

  77. Always saw a horse :(

  78. galloots says:

    i knew it wasn’t a turtle the i realized, HAHAHHA actually decent lol

  79. t says:

    Its not really an optical illusion, its a photo bomb.

  80. Month of May says:

    lol i couldnt see the turtle until you explained it.

  81. aa says:

    a turtle? a giant turtle? a giant turtle in the desert?

  82. kala says:

    hummm turtel??? All I see is a camel.

  83. Gregory Padilla says:

    Turtle??? Lokos like the front of a camel/horse.

    Can you photoshop it up to emphasize what this illusion should look like?

  84. alexandre says:

    Come on… REALLY?!

  85. Lindsey says:

    Knew from the first look it was a horse.

  86. Ritchie says:

    The tags gave it away

  87. Lids says:

    It looks like a camels noise and mouth to me.

  88. Jack says:

    I kinda saw it straight away.


    The big nose that everyone thinks is horses nose is infact the turtle.

    Where the nostrils are, thats the turltes eye.

  89. kat says:

    no turtle there, i totally saw the muzzle of horse and others in the background. But then again that might be due to the fact that i’ve been around horse’s my entire life.

    but sorry their was NO turtle in the picture for me….

  90. what says:

    i thought it was a camel mouth

  91. anon says:

    That is a really poor optical illusion, but since the optical illusion that you posted yesterday was so good I can forgive you.

  92. Lucas Rodrigues says:

    lol, it looked like a cammel, not a turtle, but I guess I was tricked one way or another.

  93. Derek says:

    I’ve seen many giant tortoises, so I was looking for the wrong thing. I saw the horse and was looking for the turtle, the opposite of what Vurdlak did.

  94. Jeff says:

    wow took me forever to see the “turtle”… I was like wtf is this pic of a woman and a horses nose..

  95. Confuzzled says:

    I am so confused, how is this supposed to look like a turtle?!? All I see is a horse’s mouth. It is quite obvious.

  96. What??? says:

    Seriously? A turtle? Methinks you need to spend more time outside and less on the computer.

  97. Simon Delisle says:

    never saw the turtle… I don t understand how someone can see the turtle the thing is clearly a few feet above ground and hairy… I saw the horse immediatly…

  98. Amy says:

    haha, it’s just a horse’s head. I found got that when I looked at the picture upside-down.

  99. emolovefightingtodeath says:

    dude…. you can tell its a horse.

  100. lisa says:

    guys your so lame
    for me it never even looked like a turtle….i still dont get the illusion part!

  101. Tonya LaVette Spanks says:

    OK. If you squint and look from the peripheral, the nostrils are turtle eyes. I knew it was a horse the whole time. Besides a turtle would not be up that high.

  102. jhohn says:

    Turtle? What turtle?

  103. david says:

    i thought it was a horse

  104. david says:

    it didnt look anything like a turtle

  105. Mathieu says:

    Oh man, it took me hours to see the turtle.

    Try to picture the nostril as an eye, the mouth stays the mouth, and all the right part of the horse head becomes the turtle neck.

  106. Kertin says:

    The horses head is meant to be the turtle right?

  107. ctillyer says:

    I can’t see a turtle. All I see is a camel.

  108. ctillyer says:

    Ok, so it’s not a camel, but I think a camel is closer to the truth than a turtle.

  109. trytoreadyourmind says:

    hahahaha, i see it!!!!

  110. krissyk says:

    Funny thing is… I didn’t read the title/caption first. When it mentioned a turtle, I though “the lady is petting a horse.” I had trouble shifting my perspective to think the horse snout was a turtle.

  111. tony says:

    lol, inventive crop, but obvious from the ouset!

  112. carm says:

    i didnt see a turtle, i saw the nose of a horse
    then i opened the solution and thought oh, it is a horse..

  113. LarryO'Dea says:

    Call me a jackass but that’s a burro, Bro

  114. Taunide says:

    Nope didn’t fool me for a second, just guessed the animal wrong, mine had two humps

  115. funny says:

    its a horse & how can u misteke such beaty for a TURLE!!! i only saw the horse but can see the “turtle” now

  116. oman28 says:

    Took a while to see the turtle (turtle’s head would have helped) The horse’s nostrils are the turtles eyes

  117. richard says:

    At first, i didn’t see any turtle, but then I understand and I laughed. It’s a funny one!

  118. benua says:

    I immediatly saw the original animal, and it’s been quiet hard to see the turtle !!!!!

  119. sona says:

    seems you were the onlu sucker i’m afraid. I saw what it really was immediately

  120. Kimon says:

    To me it looked like a horse’s/donkey’s nose and mouth all along. I had to read the text in order to see a turtle… Turtles don’t have teeth and they have scales aand it was too high to be a turtle. And it looks more like a sock-puppet than a turtle.

  121. edthedish says:

    It took a while but the nostral is the turtles eye…..cool

  122. qwertyuiop says:

    its a hurtle!
    or a torse…

  123. Mary says:

    I thought it was a camel – then I looked with different focus and saw the turtle. Clicked on the solution and was not surprised to see that it was a nostril.

  124. It should look that the head of a turtle…Like, when the turtle is stretching its head ouot…The Nostril is the turtles eyes.
    I can see the quality in this illusion, though the only thing that i saw, too was a Donkey’s head..

  125. Thanos says:

    ok my first thought was a camel and then a horse… i thought the turtle was some place in the back or the ppl back there should look like one or sth. wierd and not an illusion for me at all

  126. ZedBee says:

    Hmm… No turtle, just saw it for what it was. I can only agree with you, sucker!

  127. muflon says:

    it was obvious from the first look, that it´s a horses head.. not a very good “illusion”

  128. Skobb says:

    lol? >< I saw what I thought to be a donkey all this time.. Turned out to be a horse!

    Seriously though.. After figuring out the illusion was supposed to be, I realised I could sort of somewhat see a wierd looking turtle haha ;s

  129. feiya says:

    i really thought it was some kind of horse not a turtle

  130. James says:

    The desert-y environment and horses in the background made it obvious. It took me a while to see the turtle. Also, don’t turtles live in the water?

  131. katherine says:

    worst illusion so far…this doesn’t look like a turtle

  132. FV says:

    It’s a horses nose and mouth to my eyes.

  133. Error Ash says:

    Haha, when i first saw the picture i thought “how is that person playing with a horse an optical illusion??”. But then, after you told me it was a turtle, i really thought it was a turtle (just hold closer to the camera so it looks huge) and couldn’t see the horse again.

    I then was really surprised that it actually was a horse after i saw the solution ^^

  134. Monxy says:

    I knew it was horse from the beginning, that’s very easy. I had to look for a minute to see a turtle. But when I saw it, I realized that some people may think it really is a turtle

  135. Dawna says:

    I don’t think it ever looked like a turtle, maybe because I grew up on a farm.

  136. Priya says:

    Hey… Since i knew it was meant to be an optical illusion so was thinking of all the impossible items.. :) I took it to be a camel’s mouth!!! But now i know it’s a horse… :)

    Been a great fan of yours!!!

  137. Seb Coco says:

    I can’t see the turtle :/.

  138. Digit says:

    ahem …. hmmmm …. hmmmmmm ….. mmmmmhmmmmmm …… nope, cant see it ! You could be the only sucker in town :-D

  139. Rahowa says:

    Perhaps being raised in the sticks in Texas had an effect on me but , a horse is a horse of course .

  140. Dave says:

    I grew up around horses. I saw what it was right away, I had trouble seeing the “turtle” right away

  141. Siona says:

    It took me a while to figure out that you thought it was the head of a turtle. When I first saw it, I instantly thought it was the nose of a horse. (Besides, Why would there be a giant turtle in the middle of a desert?! )

  142. RaMpaNTe says:

    I never saw a turtle… even without reading the title… All I’ve seen and continue to see is half camel head… that’s it.. a turtle??? Never! Where????

  143. Tonnyo Wright says:

    All I saw was a horse nose. Right from the beginning.
    Still can’t see a turtle.

  144. Josh says:

    I saw the animals in the background first so I had to convince my brain to see the turtle :P

  145. Valerie says:

    I could never see the turtle, only ever saw the horse.

  146. Latisha says:

    i wondered why is it called giant turtle, when i see camel…..:P

  147. SkinnytheSkinner says:

    I had to make an effort to even see the turtle at all.

  148. amber says:

    All i see is a horse were was the turtle?

  149. Sorry, didn’t look like a turtle at all to me. I knew what it was right away.

  150. Oscar says:

    The nostrils are the eyes of the “turtle” saw it after like 20 seconds

  151. Andion says:

    The nose hole of the horse is suppose to be the turtles eye

  152. b says:

    Buy a MAC. You shouldn’t have as many troubles.

  153. James Travis says:

    You have to be the only sucker in town. anyone who has been close to a horse knows a horseface when they see one !!

  154. William says:

    I didnt see a turtise untill oscar said look at the nostrill as an eye

  155. Adam says:

    You usually do better than this… I suppose that you can see the turtle easy enough. Hard to look past the tattoo of horses running on her arm… and the horse face. It’s a silly stretch.

  156. ky says:

    umm, sorry, no turtle. once i went cross eyed i saw the turtle.. but it looked lik a puppet… i new rite away wht it ws.

  157. Tana says:

    I guess growing up in horse country left me puzzled about where the turtle was. A good illusion for folks who actually know what a giant turtle looks like :)

  158. Zaphod says:

    Well, it sure tricked me!

  159. mandi says:

    I knew what it was straight away……sorry hon xxxx

  160. John says:

    Try as I might I just can’t see the turtle. But then again I’m from the midwest.

  161. Barb says:

    Naw, no turtle for me. Horses are horses. Sorry.

  162. HUH??? says:

    what is the animal, anyways. A disfigured cardboard turtle?

  163. Gracie says:

    OMG i found the “turtle”… took long enough!

  164. whoa says:

    its a horse. front end of head. look at solution if necessary.

  165. Pete says:

    I can see the turtle after a while, it’s actually quite a good illusion once you find it, the first thought is your mad as it’s clearly a horse but once you see it, your not so mad.

    Computer wise just get a mac, Idid and long gone are the days of a full reinstall!

  166. MarDar says:

    ya it was far harder for me to see a turtle because I couldn’t get past the fact that I was seeing a horse nose way up in the air.

  167. Samuel Coxson says:

    I saw the horse first but reading giant Turtle in the title made me see what you were getting at right away. Cool Illusion.

  168. hi says:

    To the comment about the MAC, I have a mac and sunday had to take it to the apple store because of one little thing going wrong caused me to be completely locked out of my hard drive.
    No computer is perfect.

    But at least I got it back within a few minutes, without paying, and without losing any files. :)

  169. Pete Hat says:

    ummm what? i do not get it, at all. it’s a horse blatantly…what turtle??

  170. John says:

    What I noticed was a turtle held close to a camera. THEN I noticed the horse and cow in te background.

  171. Sandy says:

    I saw your turtle….He’s adorable…just have to look at it the right way!

  172. Greeng13 says:

    I saw it but only after I saw the horse

  173. εθαν says:

    I knew what it was straight away too!

  174. cris says:

    your just a sucker i didnt know how that was a horse

  175. KB414 says:

    I definitely couldn’t place the turtle right away like most people, cool illusion. I actually thought it was the mouth of a camel at first.

  176. hobbit says:

    yeah, i can see both (turtle and horse)

  177. Mia Jackson says:

    Turtle where?…..eh?

  178. Gary says:

    Is it just me?
    Every time I visit this website from an rss link, the page is scrolled to the bottom after loading…

  179. Mandy says:

    I don’t think this one was very good. This is obviously a horse’s nose. If it looked like a turtle, it looks very cartoonish and not real at all.

  180. Alan says:

    Run Linux, it’s faster, doesn’t get viruses or crash and best of all it’s FREE!

  181. Eline says:

    Only “professionals” can see the turtle?:P

  182. duncan says:

    Where is the turtle? Is it part of the mule?

    Isn’t this an illusion site?

  183. EgRoJ says:

    lol, stupid ‘n fantastic!

  184. Therese says:

    I saw the donkey/horse first and only saw the turtle after reading the explanation…so if the illusion was hiding the turtle’s head in favour of assuming a donkey’s head was there, then WELL DONE!!

  185. Jamie says:

    I got it wrong, I thought it was a camel at first.

    Still can’t see the turtle. Sorry, call this FAIL for you

  186. Katy says:

    What on EARTH made you think that was a TURTLE?? I’m so sorry, but it is very obvious that you have never been around creatures of an equine nature before if you mistook a horse’s nose (I haven’t looked at the “answer” but I see someone above calling it a donkey, so maybe it is a donkey – but at any rate, it is definitely equine) for a turtle head. I had to REALLY suspend my disbelief to even sort of see a turtle there. Sorry.

  187. Alan James says:

    I didn’t see the turtle at first. It looked like horse to me from the start. After I really started looking for it I could see it.

  188. Lindsey says:

    I Have to say, I cant believe anybody looks at that picture and sees a turtle. I actually spent a few seconds browsing for a link to the photo described, because all I saw was the horse nose and therefor decided that it must be an unrelated picture. After quite a bit effort I managed to force myself to see a hint of this very un turtle like acclaimed turtle. If you look hard enough you can spot an alternate image in anything, such as clouds and plaster board. Looks like the general consensus is that the majority of people wouldn’t consider this much of an optical illusion.

  189. DetectiveKitty says:

    i had trouble seeing it as a turtle…sorry but i didn’t get tricked at all. Saw it right away…

  190. Phillip says:

    When I first saw it I thought thats one WIERD looking turtle sculpture thingy!

  191. bipbedu says:

    i knew it was a horse the first moment i looked at it

  192. sarah says:

    am i the only one who thought it looked like a camel?:o

  193. CHAINSAW WOLF says:

    i thought it was a horse pretending to be a turtle!

  194. JoeTurtle says:

    …since when did turtles have teeth?

  195. Dallythewop says:

    i STILL cant see the turtle dammit

  196. Dylan says:

    Looks like a camel to me :P

  197. Anonymous says:

    i couldn’t even find the turtle then i saw the that the nose was the eyes and mouth

  198. alexandra n says:

    its a horse and a turtle with nostril-eyes!!

  199. Sofia Antonia Milone says:

    Saw the horse immediately, had to work for the turtle…

  200. hi says:

    LOL, I didnt get the illusion at first, because I thought it was just a horse. But after I read the whole thing, I looked at the photo again and it took me long enough to see the turtle! :)

  201. liza says:

    wheres the turtle?

  202. Jan says:

    The only I saw from get-go was a woman reaching out to a horse’s nose. I didn’t see any turtle.

  203. louisa says:

    is the horses “nostrils” the turtle’s “eyes”?

  204. pokemon boy1 says:

    it’s clearly a horse/donkey

  205. Emi says:

    Gahaha! I see it!! The eyes are the nostrils!

  206. Arcelio Rodriguez says:

    That is either a horse or a donkey! It does NOT look like a turtle AT ALL! Am I right?

  207. Saeed Yaqoob says:

    the moment i saw the pic i saw a camel.. but i dint think of a turtle untill i read the title!! it is either a camel.. or a horse

  208. essayn says:

    Oh I see, but without the glasses she would more like an turtle…

  209. 2Sharp says:

    What turtle? It looks like she is scratching the chin of a mule or a donkey?

  210. Emmy says:

    I saw a turtle ans FYI they do get that big!! ll and then I saw the donkey.

  211. Moonlight says:

    Oh… At first I saw a horse, but I wondered where the turtle was. Seems like your comments helped me find the illusion! xS

  212. Lauren says:

    I couldn’t see it as a turtle even after he said what he thought it was. But I know that the nostrils are the eyes and the mouth is the mouth.

  213. DobbaDoo says:

    I knew it was a horse cuz i am a HUGE horse enthusaist

  214. alice says:

    i saw the turtle straight away, i think it was a very good illusion.

  215. gogirl552 says:

    horse or camel thats it for me!!!!! :(

  216. omg says:

    it freaked me out when i saw the turtle the nose is the eye

  217. Reah says:

    Yeahh, I’m not finding the turtle anywhere in this! :/

  218. clues says:

    If you blur your eyes the head of the woman seems to turn and look at you1 Freaky!

  219. ElMustachio says:

    I knew it was a horse! It’s pretty obvious!!!!

  220. Diamond says:

    FOUND IT! man that was fast 0_0;

  221. Kozziemabob says:

    Na mate,
    I see no turtle. Saw the horse immediately!

  222. Phillip says:

    I thought it was a dinosaur head.

  223. tarek says:

    it took from me 5 seconds to see the turtle
    the hole of horse’s nose is the eye of the turtle
    but the real it is just seems like a turtle head :D

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