Ghost Cars Army in Google Earth

Just came home from a restaurant, and got pretty much excited after talking with my friend how he managed to receive free video ipod just by using his email address. I had 3rd generation iPod with touch wheel in the past, but somehow it got broken (I probably bought it here WTF ;). Probably I could make good use if this offer still works. I never had luck with this things, but I’ll give it a try. Nothing to lose anyway. I entered my email to get this white iPod for free. If you live outside of the USA, it will probably redirect you to some cheesy smiley website. No luck then. You can try too, so let’s wait and see what happens. It’s 5th generation version that supports video (only white version is available for free, I think). Report your experiences inside comments please! If I get another one, I’ll probably give it away to one of my readers. Stay tuned for more info on my Free iPod quest.

But let’s continue with today’s optical illusion. It is Google Earth related (not Google iPod). Anonymous submitter sent me this strange Google Earth snapshot. I’m somehow picky with all those Google Earth submissions I receive through my mailbox. Am not sure why exactly. However, this one I found rather interesting. Anonymous said: “This is more of a glitch than illusion, but here is a cars “ghost army” from google earth. The illusion is near Sydney, Australia and Balmain, New South Wales at 33°51′ 51.63″S, 151°11’11.69″E” Not only is that the cars appear ghostly, what interests me is what are they doing there at all? I understand how Google Earth satellite images often have mistakes in layers because of different times photos were shot, but how did this occur? You tell me!

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  1. the computer program automatically blurs thousands of images together of the world to create Google Earth. this is where one image w/ no cars is blurred w/ an image w/ cars. Cool!

  2. thats weird… they are all the same car and they are parked very oddly, what is the location of this image on google earth? i want to look it up… and i htink i may have the first comment.

    1. yeah i was wodering about the parking too…. its very easy to tell it was different pictuers… but they r all the same car. one time i saw something similar. it was a house that had like.. well shadows behind it… so wierd!

  3. The view is of a dock near Balmain, Sydney, where imported cars are unloaded. If you expand the view you’ll see a whole ship that disappears as well – due to unmatched satellite photos as said above.

  4. Identical cars?
    Near a car factory? No!
    This can be an object, that moves from place to place over time. Movable millitary radar.(If they exist)

    This looks like an airport too. A millitary one. Identical choppers are covered with tents, and when they are not in tents they fly off, or blend with environment.

    This can be a way to hide something.

    This can be an error. Maybe Chinese hitted the sattelite with a pice of there ballistic rocet.

  5. Well, Google Earth is just a lot of pictures placed side-by-side sort of like the same way a panorama is done, and to make it smoother, some of the edges of photos are blended and faded into one-another. I saw a “ghost ship” off the coast of Cuba a while ago.

  6. if you pull it up on google earth and you look at the lights in the parking lot. you can see the shadows are at different positions. this shadow is facing almost 6 oclock while the one above it has a shadow ponting between 3 and 4 oclock. proving the time difference. as the other poster stated the cargo ship dissapears as well . if you look into the water you can see the distinct line in the tides. if you follow it back i cuts diagonally through the ship and across the parked cars.

  7. yer its a pic of the dock where all the cars to sydney get dropped off.. sometimes when u drive over the ANZAC bridge u see some red ones and blue ones but most of the time their all white. its near the TEN studio…

  8. I looked it up in google earth! It realy just looks like as there have been cars standing in one of the images! It´s a car park and everywhere araound are cars parking like this all white as well!

  9. Hi everyone, i live in sydney, and used to live over in balmain,
    The image shows an loading dock for imported cars just under and next to the anzac bridge (verry bussy bridge) the cars are parked like this to make more room, only white cars are put in this location, because of the sun, and coloured cars re located undercover. :-) its not a military or secret agency bace, they actualy fillmed some of the matrix there :-) have a good one

  10. This is a shipping yard that is storing new vehicles for delivery to dealerships. That is why all the vehicles are there and why they are all same colour.

  11. Like what Kaiser said the cars aren’t really there. They just appear to be. They have to be somewhere else though. Maybe they’re in a different picture somewhere, idk.

  12. Everyone is going to disagree with this, but they might be painted on the street.Either I’m completely wrong or a lot of people in the world are good artists. However it’s done, it’s pretty cool. Keep up the good work! :-)

  13. @kaiser, they are cars, its true what morgan said, i saw it on the net somewhere , will try find out where. anyways i wanna know if the ipod thing works, i live in the uk, but i could get somebody to post to me but only if it really works :( there must be some people that live in the us that looks at this site and want a free ipod?!? surely!

  14. any 1 who says their painted on or its a massive glitch… YOUR AN IDIOT

    have u realised that people do live in Australia? and tha we dont have kangeroos jumping all over the place? and we dont all have a straw hat with corks hangin off it, Nor do we live in little huts in the middle of the desert??


    u might need to come down here ur self to have a look!

  15. guys r we actually sure that this is a real photo??? it would be kl if it is, thou i wouldnt no how it works.

  16. its so simple
    google just takes a bunch of random pictures at random times
    and slams them to gether, and tada, u get ghostly cars…

  17. I put your coordinates into Google Maps and it looks like cars lined up for a ferry or something in Sydney but the “ghosts” are there also when you zoom in and pan around. Weird.

  18. i found the location on google earth…well actually, just the coordinates…if u ever find it, u will c that the whole place is surrounded with cars. It is close to the water so…thats probably their docking ground…it’s near the ANZAC bridge in NSW…if u go across it, u will c this massive collection of cars…its pretty cool…and if u look closer to that point, u will c on google earth that not all the cars r white, there are some blue and red noses visible, or wateva they r

  19. It’s really cool, but when I first looked at it, it reminded me of T-mobile. How they are raising the bar. The cars go from less to more in columns.

  20. people living close to the location have said that the cars are real and why they are there wy doesnt anyone listen, sme people are too ignorant for their own good

  21. the glitch made it were he took a piktur of a bunch of cars then a parking-lot,and so they accidentally were overlaped….i think

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