Ghost Car & Pizza Island in Google Earth

Hy Guys! I have been learning so wasn’t around yesterday. If there is someone who is good in C and C++ programming, drop me an email if you’d like to help me with one simple homework program. It would only take minute to someone good, and eternity to me :)

Another thing I noticed, when you search for “Optical Illusions” in Google, our site appears only 6th, which isn’t really fair I think, since Mighty Illusions is truly internet biggest optical illusion database. Before we got this new domain, we were 2nd. If you want to help us get the first spot, you simple can link with anchor text “Optical Illusions” on your site. This will help us a lot. Thanks!

Concerning today’s illusions, here are two Google Earth Illusion submissions. First one is from Zack Carver: “Hey, just so you know I love your site! I have the Google Widget, it rocks, I love illusions. This is really cool Google earth illusion! Here are some ways to get find it: On Google Earth, Search ghost_car (It”s somewhere in Germany). Or go to 51″30’01.49 N 7″12’19.41 E” It’s the Ghost car, perfect addition to our ghost airplane, ghost ship and flying car illusions.

The second one is Broccoli Pizza Island, submitted by Kevin, NH. Kevin said: “It’s an island that looks like a broccoli pizza with a slice taken off. The wierd thing is, that it’s in Italy! The home of pizzas! Here are the coordinates: 12°18’26.01″ E, 45°27’6.06″ N. It’s somewhere in Venice. Enjoy!

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  1. The second pictiure is probably caused by the clarity of the water. So you can see the sand on the edges of the island…

  2. I don’t like these either. I get that you’re trying to up your Google ratings, so providing lots of links to Google Earth is probably prudent.

    However, you’ve asked us to link to your site with the keywords ‘Optical Illusions’ and then proceeded to give us two pictures that aren’t actually optical illusions at all. Anyone else see the irony in that?!

  3. Google doesn’t up your rating if you talk about their serices. Only if you have more sites linking to yours. These aren’t optical illusions, they are Google Earth illusions. Read the post. Give hime a break. There a lot of cool places on Google Earth that look weird. Like the airport that shows a plane that just ran off the runway and is on fire. However, to ask us to Google bomb this site isn’t very fair to anybody else.

  4. there are all kinds of cars like that around everywhere. There is one at Google Campus and many other places. The second pic, that’s cool.

  5. That car that you see there is like that because of the camera, what they do is they take pictures from space and there HAS to be an edge somewhere on the photo, well that car is basically on the edge of the photo taken.

  6. I don’t understand the second one…is the island like, supposed to be broccili or something??? weeeerddd… I like the firrst one though.

  7. funny… the Ghost Car is in Bochum… i am living in a city near Bochum ;)

    Maybe this car is just a technical mistake… =)

    Greetings from Germany

  8. Stop complaining that it’s not an optical illusion. Be happy that someone took their time to actually put this website together. Gawsh.

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