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By on November 2, 2006, with 88 Comments

I noticed how interest in spot the object illusions is really high at the moment. To show you how I listen to your thoughts, and carefully read your emails, here’s an illusion to satisfy you all! Steven M. Gardner has done many beautiful pictures, and this one is just one from many that were previously posted on this site. Remember our previous eagles, wolves, horses, dolphins, more horses, pandas… enjoy them all! Oh, almost forgot! Be sure to find all of the deer that hid in this image below. How many are there?

Gardners Deer Forrest


88 Responses
  1. Jazzy says:

    6 made by me


  2. vathek says:

    I found 6 – but the plural of deer is “deer,” not “deerS” – for shame . . .

  3. evan says:

    I’m getting tired of these ‘hidden pictures’ illusions.
    if I wanted fun with a purpose I’d go to my doctor’s office and pick up a copy of Highlights

  4. Big Shtank says:

    I see 11 of them, albeit one of them is questionable. (in front of the chest of the deer in the front) if that don’t count, then there are 10

  5. maxsalant says:

    I see 9

  6. baxter says:

    I see 9..and vathek, who said deers anyway??! for shame..hah

  7. maxsalant says:

    now i see 10

  8. maxsalant says:

    there is 10

  9. eryka says:

    i see 12…

  10. meeow =^_^= says:

    i see 3 ,…so far

  11. Vivek says:

    I could see only 7 deer. I tried to find the word “deers”, the first one I encounterered was in vathek’s post…

  12. meeow =^_^= says:

    ooh ooh ooh i can now see……………………………….7

  13. Billy Boy says:

    I found 11, I don’t know where the 12th one is. Thanks for the illusions!

  14. PERSON (and very random to boot) says:


  15. keifeR says:

    i see nine of them two obvious deer, one on the stomach of front deer, one on the fallen log infront, one on the tree by the front deer’s butt, one in the snow, another in the snow, another on the tree by the forn deer’s head

  16. keifeR says:

    sorry i see ten there another on the tree

  17. Tayler says:

    Does anyone see the face in the sky in the top right corner of the picture????

  18. Mike says:

    I see 10:

    1 & 2. the 2 obvious ones
    3. in the tree trunk
    4. in the snow-covered log at the bottom
    5. in the snow between the front deer’s legs
    6. in the snow-covered tree just above the front deer’s neck/back
    7. on the front deer
    8. in the snow-covered tree between the back deer and the front tree.
    9. in the snow-covered tree just below the front deer’s nose
    10. the head of a baby deer is made up of the front deer’s front right hoof

    That’s all I could find

  19. mathisfunwithnancy says:

    I counted 9.

  20. pheobe says:

    i found 15!
    No joke!

  21. rainwisker says:

    i only see 12 =^__^=

  22. hdfGHF, KVUdg ljDS says:

    I see 25.. How could u guys see so little????

  23. me says:

    i can see 5. maybe 7. lol @(x.x)@

  24. Kelsie says:

    i see 7 deer

  25. Bum Chuck says:

    OMG .. That’s totally Photoshopped! you fools!

  26. lizandchance says:

    i see an unbelievable 13!!!!!!!!
    or maby im just tired

  27. datotallyawesome says:

    i see 6, where are the not so obvious ones?

  28. Rona says:

    I see nine…
    And who cares if it’s Photoshopped? It’s fun!

  29. el pakuchi says:

    uh…burn chuck? what’s your point? nobody said it was a photo

    i see 10

  30. Cool says:

    Burn Chuck… if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say it
    Btw, I see 11, how did that one person get 25????
    I love these illusions

  31. ned says:


  32. (-°-) says:

    i see… christmas’s coming !

  33. chick says:

    I see 11 and a questionable 12th.

  34. brigy says:

    i found 31 fancy that

  35. Jeff says:

    I see 10…and a duck (in the mountain top on the top right of the image.

  36. chucknorris says:

    there is 13

  37. Theo says:

    Welllll. I see about 8, but I know there must be another on in the tree or something. Anyways, I’m kinda tired of these hidden pictures too, they are cool sometimes, but mehh, kinda boring this one is.

    I love your site though! Keep up the good work. (I don’t know how you get all of these new illusions every week.

  38. Tiny says:

    Uh, brigy, I belive that you may have counted them all two or three times…….

  39. hey vathek says:

    the plural of “deer” is “deer” OR “deers”…either one is correct. look it up before you comment.

  40. Will says:

    I see 10 Deer

  41. rjamals says:

    i see other deer heads

  42. ned says:

    the gramatical error is actually in the title. There shouldn’t be an apostraphy after Gardners. no comments on spelling, I know it sucks

  43. common sense says:

    omd ppl howeva many yooh c is ryt cos u r cyin em so evry1 is ryt LOL n if yooh got 31 or 25 ur ryt cos thats wott ur cyin in ur mind so well dun 4 cyin at least 1

    ohhh n by the way i saw 8 this syt is phat keep it up

  44. ShahTrice says:

    I see 27 deer! no lie i swear on my future grave. most of them are in the trees. all of u need 2 check twice!

    ****How can yooooouuuuuu see so little ………… hdfGHF,KVUdgljDS????? HUH???

    N. Shah. Trice
    M.Zakee. Trice

  45. blergh says:

    i see 15

  46. Anonymous says:

    I see 11, and 1 peguin, 1 polar bear and one artic fox. My brother only sees the two though.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I see 18 and a penguin.

  48. Chris says:

    great, i see 13, and can we have less of this ‘ite bruv innit’ language as this is a moderatly civilised site, and that gets very hard to read, unless you are a chav/pikey.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone mention the one in the branches of the fallen log at the front hoof of the front deer?

  50. Anonymous says:

    i found 12

  51. waspnation says:

    I can see 9

  52. sally blue says:

    twelve and a duck…

  53. Anonymous says:

    there is so 14 deer

  54. Anonymous says:

    i found 18 deer ;)

  55. Anonymous says:

    i found 8…maybe…

  56. Anonymous says:

    i found 10… but is there a face in the clouds? in the upper right hand corner?

  57. Anonymous says:

    oh lol, the deer’s foot is actually another deer…

  58. Anonymous girlie says:

    I found 18, plus several other animals

  59. i am crap at this……

  60. blablabla says:

    i found 13-15 reindeer!!!
    lol :P

  61. a says says:

    i see at least 12 and teh face in the cloud

  62. hjsafljdshj says:


  63. Jesse says:

    only found 7

  64. pad says:

    10 and a emu. do not ask I did find a face of it in the tree if you put the logs together it looks like a emu. I also found a chipmunk in the mountains, a duck and a cat( not telling location find it yourself aswell as the duck!!).

  65. Clint Pee says:


  66. Wow i fail says:

    i found 8

  67. ......???....... says:

    i found 8!!!!!!!

  68. Dante says:

    There are only 2 (two), because the others are ilutions XD

  69. DragonRaptor says:

    But if illusions count, about 27 i found

  70. asianpearlkeeper says:

    I only see 7…. without looking at the comments!But I hardly saw any compared to some other people…

  71. alicia says:

    i see 9 hideen deer and 2 real deer

  72. notarealname says:


  73. teto says:

    i see E.T. in the tree

  74. Pitiful Mind says:

    The actual count by the artist is 31. There are 31 deer or heads of deer in the above picture.

  75. RAJ says:

    hi very niceeeeeeeeee

  76. tablo says:

    hi very niceeeeeeeeee

  77. kiana says:

    i found six and I found… ALF?!?

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