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By on October 13, 2010, with 51 Comments

I had these photos in my queue for some time now, yet never felt they deserve their own separate post each. What about if I put them all up as a collection? Do you believe all four of them combined can slip through, eventually? Anyway, if you don’t see them as true illusions, they still make you think for a second before you start laughing, don’t they? Which one is your favorite? Can you see them in their true sense? It’s just like that time we had Nature’s Creations… enjoy!

Funnymals Optical Illusion Set
Funnymals Optical Illusion Set
Funnymals Optical Illusion Set
Funnymals Optical Illusion Set


51 Responses
  1. Chris says:

    you can see the woman’s hair over the alpaca(?)’s head in the last picture.

  2. Jaguar Grant says:

    The first one would have been better if you would have cut out the shadow on the left. That really ruins a good illusion.

    Personally I like the last one best.

    • bosco says:

      I think the shadow helps the viewer (josephine) realize someone doesn’t actually have their head up the horse’s …uuhumm, yeah.

  3. Ben says:

    FIRST ONE!!!!!!
    i got all of them the First or the last is the best

  4. Sj x says:

    wow! I love these! I would count them as ‘real illusions’ because they are tricking your eyes (sort of :)

    Sj xx

  5. Tim McDonald says:

    Hey, isn’t the 3rd one a “push-me/pull you”, from Dr. Doolittle? Nice though!

    • Marci says:

      My thoughts exactly!

      “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life!”
      —from Dr. Doolittle (original version)

  6. josephine says:

    I like the horse tail one the best, I hope nobody had to wear that jacket before they washed it :)

  7. Mark P says:

    here’s a llama
    there’s a llama
    and another little llama
    fuzzy llama
    funny llama
    llama llama

  8. Lien says:

    I like the last one – lol

  9. Apurva says:


  10. LA says:

    you can totally tell the first one is photoshopped because the shadow doesn’t match the objects(horse and girl)LoL! First to comment!

    • Rob says:

      The first picture looks real to me. The horse is slightly out of focus and the perspective is slightly skewed which indicates that the horse is more than slightly ahead of the girl, and that the girl’s hair is real.

    • Pepsi says:

      but someone had 2 take the pic so that could be there shadow

    • marcos says:

      I would not totally say anything…
      what about the shadow of the person who is taking the photo and the sahadow of a horse “wearing” a jacket?

  11. Jesse says:

    Does the list of top ten rated illusions get manually updated? Going to the individual pages for each of them, you can see that they have a different number of votes than what it says in the list. Shouldn’t the list just update automatically whenever someone votes?

  12. Annishia says:

    i like the last one best, mostly cuz the animal is smiling… ;D

  13. whitney says:

    i understand there true form in all, pretty funny

  14. TT says:

    LOL, i loved the last one

  15. Care Bear says:

    Love the “Push-me-pull-you.” On the horse tail, the shadow gives it away. The guy with the furry face looks like my ex. But where in the world did you find a two headed zebra?? ;-)

  16. John says:

    My personal favourite is the first one – had to check out the shadow to convince myself of which option was real. As noted, all had humour, which is most appreciated.

  17. SnowBerey says:

    its not a two headed zebra. in the wild they use there stripes to confuse predators, in this case it confused you too

  18. benua says:

    To LA : no, no, the first one is not photoshopped. As you can see with the shadow, the woman stand at 30/40 centimeters from the horse. It’s an……. optical illusion !!

  19. ohmygosh says:

    I like the zebra one! I think for that one there’s two zebra’s in the background with a guy showing hi butt with stripes on it lol.

  20. Brad says:

    ROFL!!! XD

  21. isabella says:

    the last one is the best though
    tiricks your eyes well

  22. one dot says:

    haha i luv this stuff its hilarious/confusingly fun….is it a girl with her head in a horses butt or a horse wit a coat attached tu his butt….idk but look at tha shadow if u wanna find it out

  23. shaylene says:

    they aret that funny!!!!!

  24. ebbhyen says:

    Something seems VERY wrong with the first picture. No matter how hard I try, I cannot make the shapes of the shadow line up with what I think it would line up with.

  25. fishyfish says:

    The first one was good…. But what the hell is she doing staring up a horses ass?

  26. Cherry Blossom says:

    I get them all except the 2 headed zebra. I think it’s 2 zebras facing the same way, but 1 of them has his bum hidden behind the others body???? Any1 know for sure how it’s done?

  27. A good laugh is good for every one, and these are great. I love Zebras so………….

  28. the fat mexican says:

    Pretty madd! I like the last one the best!

  29. Devon says:

    wow they are soooo kool i love the first one its the best

  30. Devon says:

    like thats soo funny care bear and did ur x really have a hairy face

  31. fossda says:


    • happydoodle says:

      its not photoshopped. its just the animals standing behind or next to each other in such a position that it looks like they’re joined.

  32. Christine D says:

    first is my fave…why is the chick behind a horse 2 begin with??? itll kick the hell out of her in 3…2…1…bam. COOKIEZ!

  33. Safi says:

    They look like they’re supposed to be like that :)!! But I think the first one was a giveaway because the top of the hair is attached to the horse’s… uh, you know what I mean. Not to mention the shadow. I liked the zebra one. :)

  34. joe mac says:

    The first one looks like Tonya Harding is licking the horses ass.

  35. mee says:

    i think the first one is the best but the last is to obvious so i dont like it at all sorry

  36. Moillusionlover says:

    im like ewwww at the 1st one

  37. amy says:

    i wouldnt stand in front of a horses but

  38. the camals kinda remind me of that cartoon show Cat and Dog.

  39. Scuba says:

    Looks like her head is in its butt.

  40. davo says:

    Horse is shopped twits

  41. davo says:

    Horse is obviously pshopped twits

  42. Bonnie says:

    First one is the funniest and the best. It would have been better had she had on a shirt that looked like the field the horse is standing on

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