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By on April 6, 2006, with 31 Comments

These aren’t to be considered pure optical illusions, but rather a set of images I found really amuzing, and decided to share with you. Jump inside this article to see more of these funny advertisments… Previously I’ve posted simmilar Illusion called “Pole Dancers”, basically the same principle. Companies are trying harder from day to day to capture your attention – and this is the result. Seems to be popular method these days… Either way it’s working, they got their ads here for free ;)

Funny Sacks Illusion
Funny Sacks Illusion
Funny Sacks Illusion
Funny Sacks Illusion


31 Responses
  1. Ken says:

    so very nice of you to share your search results – I would dearly like to buy the sac with the revolver.

  2. jkf says:

    Can’t wait for someone to get killed by a cop for carrying a bag that looks like a gun.

  3. Chajiko says:

    I really have to wonder why more companies don’t take advantage of this sort of thing–it really draws the eye in…

  4. DR.couch says:

    u can sort of see the face of an old man on the gun

  5. Ciara says:

    These are hilarious. I would buy something from those stores just for the bags.

  6. chicken says:

    hahaha hohoho my haha goodness haha the gun and the mouth was haha fun but *sniff* the old guy was sad.why?

  7. Angel Eyes says:

    I wonder if any one got arrested carring the last one

  8. kristen says:

    the jump rope one is the one i want

  9. BurninRubber says:

    That’s so obvious! The handles (or holes) are part of the bag, to make it look funny.

  10. chucky says:

    theyre bags. not sacks. bags. sacks are something else. do you know what sacks are?

    • Haleigh says:

      TO ALL YOU HATERS, sacks and bags are the same thing. If you are just going to complain and put down his pictures, when he is giving his time up for our pleasure, GET OFF THE WEBSITE!! no one is making you look at it, I think he is brilliant to be able to find all the pictures that he does. So, just shut up and enjoy the illusions!
      Thank you

  11. dan says:

    i agree with chucky; they’re bags, not sacks. get a clue, dumbass.

  12. MMM says:

    I need one of those!

  13. a.l. says:


  14. Pandas says:

    Woh. I so want one of those things. that would be awesome.

  15. meeow says:

    I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant OOOOOOOOOOOne. lol =^_^=

  16. Tori says:

    I don’t quite get the old guy one. Its really sad and doesn’t seem to advertise anything.

  17. Danger Machine says:

    I neeeeeeeeeed those bags!!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    cool, i wanna a bag like that

  19. Anonymous says:

    the old guy be gettin’ strangled when you pik it up

  20. Anonymous says:

    so if more companies use this sort of thing i think they would get alot more money … cuz if i saw this i would go and buy something just so i could have the bag .. lol

  21. Scheridan says:

    OMG i have just proven you wrong! this optical illusion has appered twice for me so your [next random illusion]button has some gliches(sorry horible speller)Any way i read the one when you said you tried and tried to get the same one twice and failed , Well i just beat that therory,, I love your site and was not trying to be mean just letting you know

  22. Julien says:

    The last sack with the gun is from a belgian crime stories author. Glad to see you like belgian art ;-)

  23. some dude and his buddy says:

    i like the bag with the gun ^^

  24. musti says:

    The jump rope one (YKM) is from Turkey.

  25. ferret says:

    I like the 3rd one the best veary creative but what would be funny is if that guy with the last bag was caught by the sherif in the mall hahahahaha!

  26. Annie says:

    sacks-bags-if this is the worst thing that you have to worry about, you haven’t too much going on in your lives. If a sack isn’t a bag, what is it ? This is a nice website, we’d prefer not to have these silly and negative comments, thank you.

  27. froggy says:

    love the gun one!

  28. Pikachu .-. says:

    Cool, but i don’t get the last picture at all

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