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By on January 21, 2007, with 41 Comments

It has passed some time from our last transparent screen illusion. Ceanne got a Free iPhone from the “Only Available on Your Computer!” contest. Ceanne said: “I figured this one out while trying to imitate “Man Holding Calculator.” The other illusion, Girl Holding Calculator – This is just another example of “Man Holding Calculator 2” only its a girl-me! There are a few differences: I’m am holding the mac application “Calculator,” not the “Calculator” widget, so the screen is visible, long with the bar at the top and the dock with calculator open. Let’s see if you can figure out how this was done. The only editing done was cropping, light adjustment (trying to make it less dark), and sharpening (trying to make it less fuzzy).”

  • Anonymous

    COOL!!!! I want a free iPhone!!

  • Card Magic Tricks

    Picture 1 – He’s hiding his hands under his sleeve.

    Picture 2 – What the f***!

    • Alex

      He took two pics. He put his hand in front of it in one picture, and took another one, without moving the cmaera, without his hand there. He deleted the part of his hand on top of the calculater, And replaced it with the pic of the calculater.

  • peanut butter

    *song* Peanutbutter,we like peanutbutter!*song*
    *song* Peanutbutter,we like peanutbutter!*song*
    repeat as nesecary

    P.S. id rather have an ipod

    :- )

    • stepeh

      the second ones fake because you can see the calulater on the screen is tilted

  • random person


  • Tim O.

    Picture one is just someone’s sleeve over the regular iPhone web site that has the picture of the hand already there. For picture two it just looks like they printed and cut out a screen shot of the calculator app, held it up in font of the screen and took a picture. The light adjustment done looks to be done to the cut out app itself and the sharping as well just to make it look like it was still on the screen. Two things give it away, one is that the orientation is slightly off both in it’s tilt and in that the window is huge compared to the rest of the screen. Also, the close minimize and zoom widgets are grayed out as if the window was in the background but the menu options are active for the calculator app, one that only has one window. They most likely used a separate app to get their screenshot they used to print, likely grab (Applications->Utilities->Grab). Pretty funny though.

  • Anonymous

    card magic tricks in my opinion has posted the dumbest comment i have seen thus far on this site. If you want to know how these pics were taken check out the first comment of the first link in the paragraph above the pics. By the way, coolest website ver and best widget.

  • Anonymous

    Yea it a little somethin called photo shop. Fairly basic.

  • korrin999

    #2 took a photo of his hand in front of the screen, put in the calulater in while editing and took another pic with the other finger. something like that cause the calculater isn’t parallel with the computer screen (see how the bottom right is father down than the bottom left)

  • Anonymous

    She took a picture of her hand in front of the empty desktop. She then made that picture her desktop background. She then put the calculator in front of the open palm and voila.

  • Moo

    Nice One!

    The iPhone is so cool! I really want one.

  • Anonymous

    Holding your hand to the computer make photo take the calc widget put it over the hand finger on the calc make new photo….

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE MY MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    the first one is animated

  • CLICK ME!!!

    pshhh; that’s nothing. Chuck Norris can do that without and illusion


    THAT WAS SO NOT FOTOSHOP, wow u guys r dumb. the iphone 1 is SUPER EASY 2 do, adn the other i dunno how he got his hand behind the calculator

    i got it after a few seconds looking at my widget in dashboard

  • kdmaster

    are those cracks in the imac real?


  • Anonymous

    on 12:54 PM
    “She took a picture of her hand in front of the empty desktop. She then made that picture her desktop background. She then put the calculator in front of the open palm and voila.”

    yeah, except that her arm is sticking out of the moniter and it would be near impossble to get rid of your hand when trying to take that picture.

  • bsk8er

    that website already has a hand holding an iphone. they just hid their hand in their sleeve and put it up to the screen.

    you can find the picture at http://www.apple.com/iphone

  • Anonymous

    it’s funny how someone noticed the “cracks” on the mac :) pardoin the pun but this post and the comments in it (esp the 2nd one) really cracked me up :D

  • The Free iPhone Blog

    Cool illusions! I’ve always been a fan of things like this..

    If anyone is interested in getting a real Free iPhone, click on my name..

  • hotfoot

    Yeah, i think in the first one they held their hand backward contracted the top of hand hiding behind the arm and pose to the pic of hand on screen.
    #2 is a cut out of the calculator app cut out and taped to hand.
    very cool illusions.

    no , actually , i grab stuff off my screen all the time, what is so unusual about that?

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  • def47

    Nice illusions! You got some mad skills :)

    Free iPhone

  • Ceanne

    I DON’T HAVE PHOTOSHOP. Everyone is saying, “Oh you guys are idiots-it’s photoshop”, IT’S NOT! You don’t need photoshop for these.

  • How To Get A Free iPhone

    ahhhh, that’s cool!

    i’m not understanding number 2?! O_o

  • Ceanne

    They aren’t cracks in the computer. They’re snowflakes stickers!

    Now I have one that says superstar.

  • Anonymous

    The first picture looks like there is a person holding an iPhone and the real iPhone is covering the picture of an iPhone.

    The second picture is really weird. My first though was that they were holding a calculator that looked a bit like one that you get on the computer. But after reading the comments that others have posted, i have to agree with Tim O. Well Done Tim O. Good Work!

  • Me, Myself, and iPod


  • taloosh


    First, the person took a picture of their left arm in front of their computer, with the desktop empty. Then they uploaded the picture and set it as their wallpaper. After that, they opened the calculator and dragged it to where the hand was on the wallpaper. They pointed at the computer with their right hand and took a picture with their left hand.

  • alijaya

    @taloosh: you don’t tell how the left arm can be shown out of screen =.=

  • Maddie Field-Green

    HAHA!!! i love this!!!

  • Cj

    It was edited.

  • in picture 1 he is hiding his hand in his sleeve in picture two he cut his arm of lol

  • tosi

    1 its fake hand and thats the website

  • Anon

    What she did is this. There is a reason why she mentioned the picture was cropped, and there is a reason why the display is skewed.

    Say you have a desktop. You take a picture of your left hand in front of your desktop. Then you use that picture as your wallpaper, skewed and everything.

    Then you fire up the calculator application.

    Hide your actual left hand. Use your right hand to poke the calculator app which is now sitting in front of the old left hand background wallpaper.

    Crop the image so it looks like the left hand is actually running off the frame.

    Hey presto.

  • Mattias

    The second picture was probably done as the first one, except that to trick you they took a picture of the left arm and the hand in front of a screen. Then they set the whole image as a background, with the surroundings included. Then they took another picture on that when he is pointing with his left hand AND NOT INCLUDING THE SURROUNDING SCREEN in this one to trick you. Hope you get it.. :)

    • Mattias

      Then they took another picture after that when he is pointing with his _RIGHT_ hand***

  • lol

    the whole of the second one is a laptop screen coz the right hand has lines on it, they have just cropped the real laptop frame out

  • alex

    The calculator one is simple you take two pictures, one with the calculator on the screen the second with your hand in the way of the screen, on paint or whatever program you use you select a box around the calculator, copy it to the other picture and put it in front of your hand. I’m assuming the iPhone one is done just the same