Frazz’ Optical Illusion Oak Tree

Dunno whether you’ve heard of Frazz or not (I haven’t), but I guess it’s a popular comic in western hemisphere. From what I’ve learned, the comic regularly appears in over 200 newspapers worldwide, including the Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune and Detroit News. Invented by Jef Mallett, it follows the adventures of an unexpected role model – an elementary-school janitor who’s also a Renaissance man. While he’s sweeping the hall, he’s whistling Beethoven. Or Lyle Lovett. He paints the woodwork in the classrooms; he paints a Da Vinci on the cafeteria wall. He’s a trusted authority figure who is every kid’s buddy. One such recent comic, included an optical illusion I thought you might like. How long does it take before you see it? Enjoy!

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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  1. hahaaa the leaves make the hair of the old gray haired man. but i’m not sure if the lower part is his mustache or his eyes???

  2. Don’t read if you want to find it yourself.

    If you almost close your eyes, you’ll see a famous duck, where an oak tree was before.

  3. Love Frazz. Loved this when I saw it, and still love it. I have a sneaking suspicion that Caulfield had something to do with it – Frazz only protests his own innocence.

  4. Maybe I am just tired but I don’t know what is so funny about the references to the hair or lack of hair on the characters. I see the mustache and hair is at the same place on the tree, I get the porcupine reference, and I get the smooth round stones reference, but I don’t really know why it supposed to be funny?

  5. The clump of leaves on the tree at far left matches the mustache and hair of the fellow on the left. Not really an illusion, though, is it?

  6. No fricking idea, other than that the leaves on the tree match the hair and mustache of the guy on the left, but that would be pretty weak. So what if it does? Am I any close?

  7. Well, the hair and mustache on the old dude mirror the leaves on the tree in the background. You can’t quite make out a face in the tree though.

  8. The dialog is a nice hint. And if you still don’t get it, they are referring to the hair on their heads. It took me a minute or so. :)

  9. Ha! I had to come back to this one quite a few times before it finally clicked, even with all the obvious clues in the dialogue.

  10. Well, all I see is that the leaves left on the tree echo the hair left on the head of the man on the left… is that really it?

  11. I can’t tell if i see the image or not, is it that the tree resembles the old mans hair loss? Is that what the kids are poking fun at?? Post something and let me know thank you.

  12. I guess the tree is supposed to look like the man. Not much of an illusion. What’s more interesting is the teenage Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) look-a-like.

  13. It looks like the leaves in the tree are forming a bird and the leaves to the lower right of the tree are forming a nest for the bird to land in.


  15. Old guy don’t like the oak tree cuz it resembles him….. Guy in the middle (Calvin look-a-like) says he didn’t want them to cut the grass that looked like a porcupine (like his hair)… and the guy on the right wants the smooth river stones removed because of his smooth bald head…

  16. Aaah. Good one. The leaves look like the fellow on the left’s hair and mustache. Other clues are the kid referring to cutting porcupine grass, which probably look like his hair. And the bald guy wanting the smooth stones removed. All references to top of heads.

  17. I see it! It looks just like the guy. The hair and the mustache of the guy with his arm cross is like the leaves on the oak tree.

  18. Did NOONE catch the fact that the entire comic is based on the look alike tree to the old man. Note the porcupine hair of the boy and the discussion that he didn’t offer to cut down the porcupine grass, just like the old man didn’t like the tree mocking him with the hair and mustache

  19. Oh I get it! It’s the older guy! That’s why he looks nervous, and the comment about the porcupine grass and the smooth rocks proves it.

  20. He’s talking to the man about his random hair loss.What bothers me is him not wanting to trim his porcupine grass in his play area!:~)

  21. The big oak tree has the old guy’s hair and moustache while the clump of trees to the right of that tree are in the shape of the kid with the spiky hair.

  22. tree leaves are in the same place as the hair of dude on the left.

    the second tree kind of looks like the kids hair and since the last dude is bald we cant see individual leaves of the third tree

  23. the tree resembles the man on the left, hence the remarks by the kid in the middle about the porcupine grass(notice his hair), and the bald man regarding the smooth round stones.

  24. lol! The first guy is scared about the tree that resembles his hair.
    Second guy (grown up Clavin) talks about cutting the porcupine grass… resembling his hair
    The bald guy wants all the rounded smooth stones removed from the creek… resembling his bald head

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