A Fox, A Rabbit and A Tiger Illusion

The original firefox illusion wasn’t very hard to spot, the rabbit one was more interesting than hard, and the recent hidden tiger optical illusion was indeed very hard for many of you. This illusion today is combination off all three! You should be able to see our little fox easily, the rabbit thinks he’s hiding, but actually he isn’t very good at it. Maybe he is under illusion he’s safe from the fox, but more frightening destiny awaits him. There is a tiger. Can you see him? Maybe there are even more animals hidden inside this beautiful art piece created by author called Rusty Rust, only I didn’t spot them. Now I’m off to post another magic trick on mighty tricks website. Found quite a few of them, just have to decide which one is the best… Enjoy!

P.S. We passed 8 million unique visitors last night! Remember it took 5 months to get to our millionth visitor, and now 11 months after, we passed another milestone of 8 million. If we continue to grow this fast, expect 100 million unique visitors in 2 years!

77 Replies to “A Fox, A Rabbit and A Tiger Illusion”

    1. the tiger was the first thing i saw :D easy. keep up the good work vurdlak!!!

  1. Yippeeee… found the tiger. could not find one in the hidden tiger illusion. :(

    Am I the first?

  2. I see it!

    ps stop spamming the magic tricks site – we all know about it; if we want to see it we’ll go have a look or click one of the 3 millions links you posted already! :D

  3. The point isn’t for an illusion to be difficult to see, but just so that it is there. sure this one was easy to spot, but it is very cool :)

  4. I’m agree with Ben, it isn’t important to spot it easily or not. This is just beautiful, pure art!

    Congrats with the 8 million visitors.

  5. this is really cool!! took me a few times, but then noticed the shiny part of the eye, followed it, and there was the TIGER!!! woohoo!!

  6. I agree with Ben, too. The point is not for the illusions to be difficult but to be interesting and most of all FUN!

    Congrats on 8 mil! I’m not surprised. This site in fun and educational!

  7. much easier than the hidden tiger one…you have to look away at first…
    It took me a good 20 minutes to find “the hidden tiger” in the last illusion :)
    This one was clever, almost as if there is a story line.

  8. Wow that was cool. Just a little too easy. But actually there is a fourth animal hidden! if you look closely were the tigers right ear should`ve been you will see kind of a little bird!

  9. I wouldn’t say that’s a tiger. It looks more like a bobcat or a mountain lion. Cool Illusion anyways!! Keep up the good work!!

  10. I can also see a swordfish, the head of a white bunny, the head and neck of a camel and a goose in flight. Can anyone else see them?

  11. This is awesome stuff… I also agree on the point that whoever created this image, has created a masterpiece.

  12. cool! the rabbits in the tigers mouth nice one :) never took long to find its like a mensa exam(never took one) but you get the picture;)

  13. if you cant find it, then you are mentally incompetent. this is by far one of the easiest illusions on this website.

  14. holy crap, didn’t even take me two seconds, I looked at the title and looked at the picture and was like “fox, rabbit…tiger!”

  15. I think it’s a very complicated piece of artwork. But very cool.
    Btw- maybe some of us need to hear
    a little spam to know whats out there, because I’m new to moi.
    Nice pic

  16. text gave it away for me – expected rabbit to be in or near tiger’s jaws and branches oddly horizontal near rabbit probably whiskers

    1. I’ll give you a hint “Illusion Solution”. The tiger is eating the rabbit and notice the white dots in the gaps of the twigs. And you shouldn’t call yourself “Illusion Solution” if you don’t know where the tiger is.

  17. It’s all right; Bun is quite safe-it’s a real fox, but it’s not a real tiger :D

    It wasn’t difficult, but it’s very clever.

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