Fountains Abbey Church Illusion

Here is another illusion that Dave Barlow sent us! He photographed this obelisk infront of the church during his holidaya at Fountains Abbey, UK. It looks as if the obelisk is as tall as the church. But be aware that it’s just an illusion! Infact, church is 10 times higher! Jump inside this article to see the following from another angle!

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  1. the problem is from the 2nd angle it isn’t the right size either as then he is closer to the cathedral than he is to the obelisk. Still, pretty cool.

  2. The second picture is very nice even without the effect. I’d like to visit this place.
    Oh, and were they taken in different time of the year?

  3. Uhh no, they werent taken at different times of the year! The photographer simply blew reallllllly hard , & every single leaf on every single tree for miles went bye bye; even blew the dark green off the grass… AMAZING!!

  4. yep – they were taken at different times of the year (probably Summer & Winter). and yes – i agree with lonewolfxix about the 2nd pic.
    but still kl illusion

  5. turns out the church is actually higher than the obelisk, and even with that, it would appear only about 4x bigger, and like mentioned, is already closer to the camera, so hardly 10x bigger :p

  6. I’ve Been there, it’s just down the road from me (Ripon, North Yorkshire)

    btw, this isnt Fountains Abbey, it is a church built on the site, the abbey is in ruins (though there is still quite alot left) after Henry VIII burnt down most abbeys during the Tudor period.

    But anyways, I don’t think you really want a history lesson ;D

  7. Hehehe!! I love this one, it looks so cool cause the church is actually sooo much bigger and it looks sooo cool!!! I love it and I showd my family and they were as amazed as me!! If I had ever seen that picture without the one underneath I would have thought the Obelisk was actually taller than the church!!! Hehehe!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What happened to the buildings/rooms on the side of the church in the side view? They seem to have disappeared in the front view!

  9. Thanks for all the cool illusions! Our family enjoys them a lot… Our daughter says this one’s a good illusion, but she saw this illusion twice (“even though you’re not supposed to.”)

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