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By on August 25, 2006, with 51 Comments

Simmilar to Still-Life Preformances by Johan Lorbeer, this Yogi guy manages to levitate infront of large audience. If you can’t figure out what’s the secret behind his levitation, read the comments in Johan Lorber post, and I believe you’ll come to solution. This picture was submitted by Laura Adomaityte and this is what she wrote: “This photo of Flying Yogi was taken in Amsterdam few days ago by my friend! Awesome, isn’t? Best regards!”. What’s with all those levitation illusions lately, seems these tricks are becomming popular every day!

Flying Yogi Illusion


51 Responses
  1. BAM says:

    i’m guessing it has something to do with the post on the yogi’s left. it may have a horizontal support, like a seat, sticking out and providing a surface for the guy to sit. his baggy pants are loose enough to cover this from view.

    • Neci says:

      Thats What i Thought Aswell

    • jason121 says:

      yeah, if you look underneath him, you will notice that there is a bit of reflection. plus he’s titling a bit to show that the metal plate he is sitting on is bending. the core of the stick is probably metal and there is another plate on the ground to help balance the bamboo. easy.

  2. Poit! says:

    Yeah it’s definitely a horizontal support attached to the post, as you can see the bending moment applied to the bamboo.

    The best part of this picture, however, is that dude’s face in the background. :)

  3. Kyryl says:

    Yes, support through the cane. With the body weight, you would think that the lower part of the support would have to be wide enough on the ground to counteract the upper (the seat). And, hey, what d’ya know — there is a carpet on the ground that is spreading far enough to do cover any construction of that size. Materials would still be a challenge…

  4. Someone says:

    I think I the bamboo pole has an iron/steel core: The last inch before it touches the carpet seems to be thinner and black. Still, it needs good welding to support a person’s weight.

  5. masterflight says:

    the rug is the base is is steel and coverd by the rug with wieghts behind or under the flowers with a rod going though the bamboo pole connected to a fiberglass seat that he is on

  6. Tim says:

    I think he’s just using magic

  7. Jimmy says:

    Well.. I saw this same guy a couple of days ago in Amsterdam. After the act he rolled up the carpet. There wasn’t any metal construction in the carpet as far as I could see. The post on the left is about 15 meters away so no horizontal post connect to that.

    • radioactiveman says:

      Jimmy: the post is not 15 metres away dude.. Look again. It is going into the carpet. And don’t tell me “it’s the angle”
      you didn’t mix the white widow with the columbian gold did you??
      i went to amsterdam once, mixed the two, and watched an episode of Larry Sanders on the tour bus, that felt like it went for about 9 hours. True story.
      I wonder if a similar thing happened to you at the ‘floating man’
      (who just HAPPENS to keep an upright stick right next to him. rofl).

  8. sure says:

    it has to be thru the pole by the way he hovers by it, but its pretty cool

  9. George says:

    HOw is he flying?

  10. eduard says:

    its a high velocity picture
    the man jumped and crossed his legs

    i’ve done that and pictures are really good

  11. genius says:

    wtf is yogi? i only know yoga

  12. ryan says:

    he was jus smokin some of the diggety dank…

  13. THE Mogulman says:

    It cant be a high velocity pic, because his necklace is still. Plus, it has got to be magic, notice the intense concentration and the weed on the ground…

  14. CHiller33 says:

    Its the Bottem part of his body. The cain is attached and spreads out to a part that his lower body slips into without much recognition.

  15. Tori says:

    Where did his shadow go?

  16. kzx says:


    Online dictionaries were made for just this kind of situation.

  17. mateo3527 says:

    Fakirs have done this trick for many generations in India–steel rod into ground concealed in bamboo, small seat and connection to steel rod hidden by garments. Can anyone do this? Why would they want to.

  18. qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm says:

    I bet he’s sitting on a camaflouged seat. Notice how the pole is leaning slightly to the left. If he was putting weight on it, it would lean.


  19. Anonymous says:

    I think it was red bull! He drank red bull! Yeah!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I saw this on tv last night and they exposed the secret. Ok so the guy is sitting a a little plate, hidden underneath him, connected to the pole he is holding, and the attachment of the seat and pole is hidden inder his sleeve. The trick has been used for hundreds of years.

  21. Anonymous says:

    It looks like he was photoshoped in.

    I dont believe in this junk.

  22. fakir or faker says:

    i REALLY want one of those sticks. Yes, they do have a thing to sit on- i’ve seen them before.

    I’d want that costume too. Especially the pants.

    and fortunately, my hair already looks like that.

    The beard… maybe not.

  23. Anonymous says:

    ok his “cane” on his side has a plate attached to it, hes sitting on it. They have done thins for soooo long. Plus you just gotta look and youll find a video online


  24. Anonymous says:

    if u look carefully, there seems to b a platform of some sort that is underneath him…although i dont really noe how the bamboo stick stays up on its own unless drilled into the ground (unlikely) and even with which it would have to be strong enough to support his weight…aside fromt that, i think there is a platform that sticks out from the bamboo stick

  25. yany boy says:

    i think its some kind of light wweight doll attached a pole.either that or they cut and past a picture

  26. Anonymous says:

    he is probobly a poster being held by tiny strings.

  27. Andra says:

    Wasn’t he the winner of the Dutch television program ‘The New Uri Geller’?
    What’s his name again? Ramana I think.
    So we have to believe it isn’t magic or just a trick but that he is a mentalist.
    But who believes that crap, except for all those stupid Dutchman who watch this show.

    ow, I love your site by the way, have it as a widget on my IGoogle :)

  28. silas says:

    he’s sitting on some sort of seat that is attached to the pole that leads to the ground. look closely. and no, i have not looked at any solution ye.

  29. jorge says:

    i have sen a person do that in mexico

  30. Haylz says:

    Don’t dissect a rainbow – I don’t care how he’s done it, it looks cool anyway!

  31. Ken says:

    given the mass of the guy, the height and mass of the stick, the dimensions of the carpet, plus the distance of the man from the ground multiplied with acceleration due to gravity and constant velocity with a transfer of heat energy he’s absorbing from the sun, i conclude that there’s an invisible man carrying him.

  32. Luke says:

    ive read somewhere that this guy is actually holding on to the stick beside him and balancing on it..but i think thats impossible.so,he is probably sitting on a seat attached to the stick.

  33. William says:

    So the stick is a steel rod and the guy is hiding a steel frame supporting his body under his clothes …that would be a tad uncomfortable but I guess its not impossible

  34. Cherry Blossom says:

    Yeah. it is definitely The bamboo post that has something sticking out of it. I saw one like this in an airport once. Go look up “The Invisible Chair” on you tube.

  35. imjustme says:

    what i see is, the bamboo on his left is disappearing into his pants

  36. midurs says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont get it~

  37. Assaf Stone says:

    What I’d really like to know, is how do these performers set up the rig, and take it down without other people noticing and ruining the illusion. Do they do it at the crack of dawn, and stay till no one’s around? What if they need to hit the john?

  38. kkk says:

    the man probably has a platform attached to the rod thats covered so no one can see it…

    and if ur wondering how a stick can support the man, maybe the stick is attached to the carpet nd inside the carpet, there’s a metal plate that can be rolled like a carpet…

    nd mb the stick is foldable so when he carries it it looks like hes carrying a sticks thats ON the carpet, not attached to it…nd who would really care about a person whos rolling a carpet on the ground? so noone would really see…

    or maybe theres another glass rod on the other side and maybe we cant see it in the photo…

  39. Dieseltrane says:

    Are you people really that brain-dead…..of course its a trick…I’m a dum-ass & I figured it out in a city second…READ CLOSELY…IRON POLE INSERTED INTO HOLE, POLE HAS ATTACHABLE SMALL SEAT…….period. (wow sum people are scary)

  40. guduru narasimha rao says:

    YES it is possible there is practise in YOGA is an a art of practise which the Electro Magnetic system will be applie3d between object and the EARTH mostly the study of YOGA from INDIA & CHAINA and some other parts of the world. we can see miracles in yoga we can float on the WATER one of the ITALIAN street magician also done the performed

  41. CJ says:

    The girl’s leg is weird…

  42. B. O. Wulf says:

    The bamboo stick bends and goes right up his arse ;-)

    Nah, probably a steel rod inside the bamboo stick and and attached rod going through his pants to a steel plate that he is sitting on ( maybe even with a cushion ;-) ).
    And underneath that carpet is another wider steel plate to balance the whole thing to keep him from tilting.

    But how does he get up there without anyone noticing it? Does he have helpers who cover him
    up, while he gets into position?

    Here is a video from a pedestrian street in Copenhagen of a variant of this illusion
    that involves two guys.


  43. Awsome says:

    There is obviously a platform sticking out from the post sneaking up on him.

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