Flying Skulls Illusion

As I learned from the original post, this is the album cover of the band called “Tool”. You can find the original post here. Marco from Italy got inspired by our Flying City, and created animation of his own, using interesting art he found on this website. “I saw just now the flying city and Christopher Walken illusion, so I made this from another pics of your blog. Hope you enjoy! Ciao!” – Marco.

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  1. That is definately awesome!! Good to see that there are some more illusions out there that move.
    It’s good how it gives the effect of it moving forward towards you.
    As it loads, you can see the different layers that come on. It starts with the normal base rainbow colours, then it adds the movement for the rainbow. After that is the blue colour, then the movement for the blue.
    Very awesome. Thanks :)


  2. Wow! Didn’t see the babies and the two lateral faces before reading the comments!
    It’s a kind of “illusion inside the illusion”

  3. wow, for someone who probably doesn’t contribute anything other than a snide remark every now and then, you’re surely critical of people who spend a good deal of their own time finding illusions to entertain fucktards like you everyday. so there was a “rerun.” many people didn’t see it the first time, or they might appreciate the extra info given to this post. quit your bitchin’ and get a life, fucker.

  4. This kind of shows the three stages of life: being born (the babies), growing up (the men’s faces), and death (the skulls). Neat!

  5. The site hosting this pictures seems to be down. You might need to find a new place to host this image. I assume the problem isn’t on my end because I’ve been able to see all the other illusions I’ve looked at today.

  6. looks like one of the photos from a Tool (band) lyric booklet from inside the cd cover. very interesting twist to it though. i really enjoyed it.

  7. the picture is actually by an artist named alex grey. and the band TOOL use this picture along with many, many of alex greys other artworks in thier albums and concerts

  8. For anyone who’s interested the original drawing is by an artist called Alex Grey. This exact image isn’t the cover of a Tool album, its an original painting called ‘BardoBeing’, but the art for the album 10,000 Days is based on this image. Alex also did the cover art for their album Lateralus.

  9. Hmm, this peice is quite entertaining. And for the person who commented explaining how it looks like a baby and then a regular face and then a skull makes perfect sense.

  10. Tool is a creative band. I compare them to Pink FLoyd. They both have Complete albums if ya know what i mean.

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