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By on August 13, 2006, with 60 Comments

This photo was taken two days ago, on my vacation. As you see, the ship appears to be flying above see level. Offcourse it’s just another optical illusion. You can jump inside this article to see another photo that shows you what it’s all about!

Flying Ship Illusion
Flying Ship Illusion


60 Responses
  1. mrmojorising says:

    fix yo’ grammah.

  2. Ted says:


  3. Rockstar says:

    This is really a stretch at an “illusion”….

  4. Antoine says:

    that illusion is so stupid…

  5. ...? says:

    this was really dumbi dont lke this website

  6. Andrew says:

    Not the best illusion but its not too bad. it looks better up close

  7. Kathy says:

    I agree, crop the first picture at the edge of the ebrick wall, and it works MUCH better

  8. Kathy says:

    Even more strange is that the ship appears to be longer in the second picture than in the first.

  9. The Pitying 1 says:

    I got this widget for my dashboard because i thought it would be a fun thing to check everyday. But so far, all I’ve seen is this amateur-submitted crud and it barely fits the definition of illusion. I’m sorry, but this site is so sad.

  10. dave says:

    that isnt an illusion at all, not the best ive seen on this site.

  11. Mathew 3267164 says:

    also the first picture is darker than the second…..

  12. larry says:

    pretty lame…my first visit … disappointing – I love illusions but not this!

  13. siam says:

    i agree, not very clever.

  14. afk says:

    this is not an illusion buddy..maybe if you were trying to fool a two year old…

  15. elshenzo says:

    I’m more interested in whether the girl is topless?

  16. Ekaj says:

    Yeah, I’ve been reading the other comments and would think “ooh, thats harsh” but really, they’re right. Burn.

  17. brink says:

    iv seen better

  18. Emily says:

    I think it looked quite good

  19. tom says:

    very anticlimactic.

  20. Little WINKEY says:

    HEY!!???? THIS IS AN ILLUSION?? Hmmmmm. . .

  21. squeekster says:

    must say, it didnt fool me. you can see the ocean going into the distance to the point where its up to the ship. even cropping out that part, it still wouldn’t look like a ship flying above the ocean.

  22. Jake the Snake says:

    Looks like nothing more than a ship sailing past a breakwater. Nothing to show or indicate that it is or could be flying. I spent 28 years in the Navy and this is a very common sight. Try harded, you have had much better images,

  23. Bob says:

    I lost my shoes.

  24. not a whiner says:

    Kathy, the reason the ship seems shorter in one pic, longer in the other: it turned. In past centuries, sailors needed a sharp eye to tell them, for example, which way a distant ship was pointed — you’ve got sailor’s eyes!

  25. not a whiner says:

    Nothing wrong with the grammar here. There’s a spelling error [probably a typographical error].

  26. bob says:

    i lost my shoes.

  27. Informer says:

    Uh, can’t you delete all these bad-mouthing comments?

  28. Tinkerbell_teen_aka_Cassie says:

    I agree Ive been here on this site for awhile and this is really weak!
    I’ve seen better stuff than this on this website on my Dashboard with my Widgets, but this one is a bad reflection on the whole site!

    Two Thumbs Down!

  29. wuzzy says:

    it looks like a little toy ship sitting on the wall. cute.

  30. Scottyg says:

    Very disappointed with this one – this site is going to the dogs!!!

  31. tiny says:

    I think most of thse comments are very harsh. It is obvious that the ship is on the water but just behind the wall, but it looks cool anyway! I like it.

  32. KDogg says:

    I’m sorry, but this one sucks. I agree with Ekaj. I would feel bad for all the nasty comments except they are true. This one is terrible. Try again. Sorry.

  33. billbool says:

    the illusion hear must just be named imagination

  34. loser says:

    not very intresting….

  35. NeoDarwinian says:

    Kathy had a good catch! Apparently, the ship hadn’t turned the direction, the photographer seemed to have moved a distance towards the right and changing his direction inwards; and the ship had travelled a really long distance. Proofs: The mountain range, the missing rope, the lateral wall near the end. I think the title would have made better sense if it was named ‘Spot the differences between the two’ :P

    No one wants to pay enough respect to these lines of the author:

    “This photo was taken two days ago, on my vacation.”

    If you don’t like the pic, just go away.. hmm, everyone wants to fulfill their satisfaction.. what a selfish world! huh!

  36. Tinku says:

    In the first one ship is behind the wall on the water
    and in the second one we can see that it a way far from wall
    And I guess this is not photoshop image.

  37. Anonymous says:

    This is not Photoshopped, and it’s not a toy boat either. It’s just the horizon is higher than the wall, and it just so happens that the horizon line is exactly lined up with the top of the wall. Miraculous, right? And I do agree that this is not an illusion, it shouldn’t be on this site. And if I may say so, most of the other illusions on this site are also not very good. Every once in a while, it’s a good one, but usually the illusions are not very interesting or not really illusions. Normally they are just stupid things that they are trying to pass off as illusions. For instance, the first illusion I got on this website was one of men “flying” and they just so happened to be “flying” over their beds. It took someone with an IQ of below 10 to figure out that they were bouncing on their beds! Also, most of the so-alled “illusions” on this site are really just photos that have been Photoshopped. They are not fun, nor amazing as the articles say. I want this website to get a clue that we want real illusions, not some fake illusions (which is quite strange if you think about it…..a fake illusion).

  38. Anonymous says:

    Actually he moved to the left, not the right, you needle D***** Moron!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Umm… You didn’t spell.. well i dont know how to spell it but i know thats not how you spell it

  40. beautifulone says:

    I have to agree with the other commenters. This one shouldn’t be considered an optical illusion. I’m sure it was a pretty good one in person, but the picture is kind of lame.

  41. Maddie says:

    That was soooooo obvious

  42. Shrub says:

    Is it just me, or do you find it odd that this person posts TONS of AMAZING illusions, then they post one that isn’t so good and they get bombarded with insults?

    Ya, this one’s not so good, but still, it’s vagualy amusing. Can’t all you people lighten up a bit?!


  43. Anonymous says:

    in defense of vurdlaks efforts, i will say i like this illusion. and it is an illusion.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I like this illusion. It looks like the ship is riding on the wall because the top of the wall is at sea level. If you people don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all.

  45. blarp says:

    this is not photo shopped it is a cawinceidence im guessing its made for that

  46. meeslim dakle yesam says:

    Could you tell me please where is this picture taken from?
    Btw i like it even if it is very simple illusion. Specially the waves that the boat is making and are visible above the wall.

  47. Bullbar says:

    Id be worried about the Tsunami behind the ship. Looks cool i have seen this before and aint complaining . As for a lot of other people get over it !!

  48. tonibear says:

    wow guys loving the sights its well ubiquitous.
    loving the comments here. love the illusion
    its well phatt like innit. bbbrrraaaa.
    love me

  49. toyah hamilton says:

    that is so funny it loooks likthe boat is ontop of the walll lol thats funny lol xxxxxxx

  50. Radioactivewafl says:

    I could do this blindfolded!

  51. Preacher says:

    Hi. Question to the author. Could this photo be taken on the island of Silba, Croatia? The dock looks quite familiar, and the name of the photo has croatian word ‘brod’ (for ship). Feedback would be much appreciated, as I am a big fan of your posts on optical illusions. Kind regards..

  52. koolcrash123 says:

    Actully its not even flying its just on water

  53. ashleii56 says:

    it is behing the bridge thing

  54. kempy97 says:

    the ship far away enough tht it can be look like it flying

  55. luis says:

    you spelled ‘sea’ wrong

  56. yfhrtgjuf says:

    lol “see level”?

  57. 2NE1 says:


  58. Naik says:

    It is just due to a camera move up and down

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