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By on August 28, 2006, with 71 Comments

I’ve red somwhere that this is not a kite! It’s the Google Earth real-time mouse pointer plug in! What’s your opinnion? :) Be sure to jump inside this article to see more amazing photos of this flying mouse cursor. You can purchase WindFire Cursor™ and the WindFire OS Series if you go to windfiredesigns.com – hurry!

  • Patrick O’Doherty

    Most of these pictures were obviously taken at Burning Man The place could warrant an entire section due to the wild and weird things which appear commonplace there.

  • Mitsuki

    what do u mean its not a kite? i see the lines!! i dont get it

  • suicico

    yep to me aswell look as a kite. defenetly :D

  • Fabian

    Even on the website, they say its a Kite:

  • Eshita

    Its is a kite. I can see the strings.

  • mina

    what do you mean it’s a kite? i see no strings!

  • KLink

    On the second to last picture, you can obviously see the strings. They’re kites!

  • Cameron

    It looks like a kite but i fink it’s just edited init.

  • lonewolf

    it’s a kite that’s in the picture… those strings are soo easy to spot

  • Iyigun

    Cool! First I thought it’s photoshop!

  • Anonymous

    This is deifinitely a kite…you can see the strings, and the people in the photographs are either:

    Pic 1) Posing in that spot because that kite is there.

    Pic 2) Pointing their fingers at the kite.

    Pic 3) Laying there because of the kite and looking up and smiling at it.

    Pic 4) Pretending to try to grab it.

    Anyone who can’t see how obvious this is, you’re not being perceptive.

  • Wendel

    I think I should write a book, “Getting Jokes for Dummies”

  • Rose

    oh come on, how could you not see it’s a kite?! in the second picture you can see the person holding it!

  • Anonymous

    huh? ohh…a kite…that’s an optical illusion? lol.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That is so a kite Third picture on the point u so can see the strings

  • Caesar

    thats totally a kite u can c the lines and in the 2nd pic u can c the guy holding it

  • Evey

    if you open each picture and look at them closely, you can actually see the strings in EVERY one. To be honest, I was disappointed to realize it was just a kite.

  • Alex


  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking that these things are stickers to put on your camera lens.

  • Anonymous

    what is it ???? it looks very different !


  • Anastaisa

    I absolutely love this kite. I was a burningman this year )'( and the owner was pointing at me and another guy as we were having a martial arts fight at sunset. Sadly i did not get any of the pictures to share. :(
    But, for the sake of the article, this is a kite and nota google feature. The girl in the last photo is pointing to it!

  • kiean

    That is a kite becuase cursors are white

  • a person who likes hawt gals!

    well, i don’t care, nice though. But those are some hawt woman!

  • Anonymous

    does anyone other than Wendel know the meaning of sarcasm? Jesus christ, are you all five years old?

  • Kirsty

    This is DEFINITELY a kite because of 3 reasons:

    1) mouse cursors are white not black

    2) mouse cursors point up not down

    3) how obvious are the strings!

    Whoever it was that told you this is not a kite is a total doofus.

  • smileyface

    i agree with kirsty. and its obviously a kite. this is not even an optical illusion

  • j

    sarcasm is great, Wendel at least you get

  • My cursor is black. Don’t make me play the race card…

  • likalaruku

    That’s cute & hilarious. It reminds me of FlyingThingZ “Flying Lawnmower.”

  • kite :D

  • mouse cursors point up not down

  • Woodcrow


  • someone

    it is obvious, it is a kite, maybe at the first 2 pictures u couldn´t see lines, but look carefully at picture number 3, u can see that it is kinda transparent, it has lines and it has little white drops where the string is attached

  • Simon

    thats totally a kite u can c the lines and in the 2nd pic u can c the guy holding it

  • U Guys

    Hey nimrods, you are all wrong. Do any of you indoor geeks know what happens outside of your cubicle or how to fly a real kite? I don’t mean a single line box kite from Wal-Mart for 5.95. This is Obviously a Quad Line 2 handle kite, not some virtual paint shop job, duh…

  • Andrea

    If it is a kite, which I think it is, I really want one! :D

  • astro

    get a life people and look at real life

  • babydoll

    All but the last two were definitely taken out at Black Rock City. These kites are amazing! I was gifted a kite from the camp that has & makes these, a camp full of professional kite flyers. They have some CRAZY kites, this one included and some of the things they can do with the stunt kites, WOW!

  • Hehe, they going to all get double clicked lol!

  • Cool!

  • speak your mind

    Whas’s wrong with you guys. The idea behind is awesome. Thats something what creats a digital/analog combination.. Nice!

  • really

    You have got to be kidding me – the guy was bloody joking of course it is a f en kite.. damn to this day I cannot believe how god damn dumb people are.

  • sherrill

    Kite or not….they are a waste of my time…


    Can anyone explain to me why it is necessary to badmouth or negatively reply? “get a life people”… “Hey nimrods, you are all wrong. Do any of you indoor geeks know what happens outside of your cubicle or how to fly a real kite? I don’t mean a single line box kite from Wal-Mart for 5.95. This is Obviously a Quad Line 2 handle kite, not some virtual paint shop job, duh…”…”Whas’s wrong with you guys”…

    WELL… what’s wrong with YOU GUYS? You got anything nice to say about anybody that is NOT YOU? Of course YOU’RE BETTER than everyone else! YOU DON’T NEED TO RUB IT IN!!


  • its a kite LOL HAHA

  • basmh


  • Scott

    oh my gosh, they said it was a cursor on google earth. it’s a joke, meaning it’s a real cursor from google earth.. jees.

  • misteryusa

    its a kite, see the lines

  • It looks like a kite

  • Karimar

    Hey People , its a kite In the first picture u can see the shadow of the kite right infront of the women posing !! Cool HUH

    • Retard

      Lmao… fail, you know you can stick a shadow into the picture much easier than you can photoshop the mouse in

  • speller

    learn how to spell..you’re an embarrassment

  • Ben

    no you’re wrong, that’s a photoshop shadow of the cursor… Douchbag.



  • goldpinky

    if you look real close you can see the strings.

    • Retard

      Have none of you ever heard of photoshop? or are you all like 12?

    • Po Krastinator

      i am 7

  • rob

    well, I don’t know, but they all seem to be perfectly facing the camera in all of the photos

    • Kirk

      of course they’re all facing the camera, these aren’t candid shots, they were planned out and the photographer picked the right angle for the picture

  • lama cat

    in tha second pic if u follow tha string to tha guy, it is a kite

  • w

    People who immediately say things are fake are annoying

  • fossda

    you spelt red wrong even though your an adult and it obvious that it is a kite, as you can see the strings. not an illusion at all. should be taken off the site.

  • you can definitely see the strings.

  • Abzz

    In the third picture you could see the strings on the right hand side of the cursor, try zooming in the picture if you still cant see it!!!!

  • fammallama

    fossda you spelled “spelled” wrong…….dumbass

    • steve

      “spelt” is ok though mainly used in the UK. “your” instead of “you’re” is NOT ok!

    • Po Krastinator

      what are you an English teacher

    • inmyshoes

      I’d rather read his bad spelling than read what a pompous ass you are!

  • Dave Sarcasticon

    “Spelt” is only ok, only if you are from West Virginia, or your name is Steve!

  • SomeoneSpecial

    I have one more clue! look more carefull and you will see people who is controling kite! (2nd picture)