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By on April 15, 2006, with 165 Comments

I believe most of you heard for this one, but for those of you who haven’t here’s another enigma: Is this a flying can captured with Google Earth? It is somwhere in Australia, this “event” took place. There are much theories circulating around the web, but real solution is pretty simple. Can you solve it? Jump inside this article to get the answer and some more pictures.

Flying Car captured with Google Earth Illusion

Here’s a zoomed image. Unfortunately there is nothing unexplained and paranormal/high-tech going on with this car. It isn’t even flying actually. The answer is that there is simply another black car parked near the with one, giving you impression of a white vehicle’s shadow!

Flying Car captured with Google Earth Illusion

Another “flying car” captured with Google Earth:

Flying Car captured with Google Earth Illusion


165 Responses
  1. Frank says:

    Hmmmm… could it be a sign?, it’s in the position a sign would be, and the signs of this days have a lot of artifacts that could make it look like a car when seen from above…

  2. Farted says:

    I agree with Frank

  3. drk3p says:

    I think it could be a parashoot? or some drum held in the air by 4 posts

  4. where do u says:

    were do u search to get this

  5. RPR says:

    I don’t buy the black and white car explination.
    The imiages look altered and the size and shape of the black are not car like. You can see highlights and reflections on a black car, not so here!

  6. Farted says:

    It could just be the black car is parked in front of the white car giving you the impression it’s flying. Wait, it is the black car that’s flying right? I don’t know, I’m not a genius!!! :0

  7. Miguel says:

    I think that other black car is parked on the right side.

  8. chazzlover says:

    i didn’t see it until benlover here pointed at it

  9. benlover says:

    chazzlovers kinda slow……no very slow!!!!!!!!!!!!i love this illusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. JoviS says:

    No my friends .. this is a place about buy or sell a car .. and this car is a publicity.. think .. the car is in the top of the pipe ! you know what i mean ?.. my english is so bad .. (^^,) but .. understeand me !!

  11. just me myself and i says:

    i thinkk its completely stupid it doesnt even look real and u r stupid for thinking its flying its obviously the black car white car solution

  12. Three Girlies says:

    We all think that it is the actual shadow because you can’t see anything on the car…That’s just our opinion!!! That is awesome, by the way!!!

  13. Danny Gali says:

    It can’t be a flying car. I might be more inclined to believe what they said before, a sign.
    Compare the first image’s shadow to the direction of the shadows of the nearby trees. It could actually be slightly off.
    The second car image’s shadow seems to be more off than the first one.

  14. RaiderX says:

    the cheap zoomed jpeg quality is what allows this illusion. Since its very low quality and the image was taken from such a distance, you cant see any parts of the car but the car itself. pretty cool illusion I must say

  15. one says:

    It appear real.. but I think that google Earth doesn’t take movement.. it take shot’s but not in movement.. is strainge that it take a car!!.. flying

  16. 'Dacker says:

    Two possibilities:

    * A billboard and it’s shadow
    * A fuel tank raised off the ground. It’s not uncommon to see these near a constructions site. A semi pulls-in with a trailer full of diesel. It’s raised on 4-6 legs and is used to fuel heavy equipment via gravity feed.

  17. joe says:

    duhhhhhhh. maybe it is a bus-stop shelter casting a shadow. The one’s I’ve seen have clear walls.

  18. fdjeifrrfdsafsfs says:

    i agree with the balloon idea

  19. billibobjoe says:

    I think that its an alian space craft trying to take over the world. JK I think there is a black car parking in front of the white car. Thats what I think but I don’t know

  20. Hai says:

    one word: hydralics…….or maybe the paranormal?…………………

  21. Chad says:

    It is low quality because these are sattelite photos. Download Google Earth. Yuo can zoom into nearly every where.

  22. Jack says:

    No, it’s not a car-on-a-stick. The British website The Register has had some readers send in ground-level pictures of the location.


  23. Kiel says:

    I think the good people who set up google earth are just trying to play a trick on a few of us….maybe they got bored one day and just decided to put an image of a flying car in one of the satellite to stir up a few inquisitive minds…just for the heck of it

  24. this is easy says:

    this is easy, someone painted the ground black or had a black tarp on it, look at the other shadows in the picture

  25. setu says:

    interesting,but it seems like a parachute landing down.Yes
    this is what it is.

  26. R U Mad says:


  27. Florian says:

    All it is, is a Black car parked next to a white, one the Black One looking like a shadow, making the White car look as if it’s flying.

  28. cool says:

    could it be a low-altitude cloud?

  29. OSHI says:

    its just a realy big hole near the white car…easy

  30. lauren says:

    OMG u idiots!!!!!!!! i live near there and there was a fair on and 1 parachute had 2 land there bcause there wasnt enough room on the oval JEEZ!!!!!!!!

  31. loser says:

    it looks like a paratcute….
    but you see this is a mind trick…they say flying car…so you are looking for a flying car…but if they say paratcute than you will see a paratcute…hee hee hee…im smart…

  32. ruth says:

    haha thats cool!

    and by the way, it’s PARACHUTE :)

  33. Lea says:

    my boyfirend looks at these images all day for a living, and he swears, no matter how much i want it to be a parachute, it really is a car. I’m inclined to believe him, not because he has experiance with GIS, but because I agree with Occam’s razor. so stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  34. Kyle says:

    I know exactly what it is, i got on my google earth and looked at the same thing but at my house cuse theres one by me. All it is is a “portable water tank” dont know exactly what there called but yeah they elevate them 3X off the ground and stick a hose underneath it and boom out comes water.

  35. tekn04 says:

    it’s a caravan

  36. Zeke129 says:

    It’s simply a car on top of a post to advertise the used car dealership across the street.

  37. sffc says:

    Looks to me like they parked the car next to a puddle that happened to be the same size.

  38. Quan says:

    Its just a black car next to it

  39. Smartass says:

    WTf are you guys talking about…
    With a good imagination, the possiblities are endless. But personally, I think it is just a black car beside a white one. Or… could it mean that Harry Potter really does exist?! OMG!?

  40. Glenn says:

    I believe this is some kind of tank on legs and the black is the shadow.

  41. hey! says:

    Hey its a car shaped hot-air balloon that the basket is still on the ground!

  42. Mr. Australia says:

    I live in Austrailia and I live where the ‘hover car’ is. It isn’t a hover car. It is a shade tent. Jack gave the link and that is true. I’ve been there. And it isn’t a sign, because there isn’t a sign that close to the location.

  43. David says:

    A flying DeLorean? :)

  44. Stan says:

    Er…anyone ever seen anything like this beofre?


  45. Luke says:

    Google Earth is making this to look like its flying cos they were bored.

    well it worked, it kept you fools ocupied a long time!!!

    i mean, it obviouslly isnt a flyingcar but an error in the stitching between the photos, and after 50 comments ur still arguing?!?!?!?!??

    GET A LIFE!!!!

    Man: How do u keep an idiot occupied for ages?
    Idiot: I dont Know, How?
    Man: I’ll tell u next week
    Bystander: No its usually 7.

  46. yenterb says:

    google is haunted! run for your dear lives! somebody faint!

  47. Anonymous says:

    These are not cars. They are standing on grass, not on parking lots or streets where cars always are.

  48. JaqueChirac says:

    IT’S OBVIOUS! The car casts a shadow right next to it at that time of day on that location of the Earth making it look like it’s floating. If it were floating, the shadow would be way more to the left.

  49. Anonymous says:

    i think it could b a second hand car place, and it is a big car on a poll, but we can not see the poll, or the writing on the side of it

  50. Anonymous says:

    It could just be a doctored photo.

    If you cover up the “shadows” on the first pictures (the ones that aren’t zoomed in) then the car is suddenly back down on the ground.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I think all it is is just a black car parked next to a white 1 becuz the outline of the two cars is different!(^,^)!!8^)!!!!!!!!!

  52. Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!! says:

    i think its either a parashute with its shadow, or a white car with something black beside it. Look at the 2nd pic – the black bit is not in the shape of a car – not at all!! and i agree with RPR – if the black bit was a car, it would hav light reflections and stuff.

  53. Anonymous says:

    maybe they were shooting the harry potter movie

  54. Anonymous says:

    Its just the shadow, the sun i shining directly at one side of the car(probably setting or rising) so the shadow is cast to the side of the car

  55. Anonymous says:

    someone just put in that black to add a cast shadow

  56. Anonymous says:

    its totally a sign, ya kno like a billboard

  57. Julia says:


  58. Anonymous says:

    wow umm i see stands near the fron so im going to have to say that its a sign

  59. Gavin Bayles says:

    Read the paragraph. It’s two different cars. Duh.

  60. Anonymous says:

    The first pic has 2 flying cars not 1 car.

  61. Anonymous says:

    What are the co ordinates

  62. Danger Machine says:

    chitti chitti bang bang chitti chitti bang bang we love you!

  63. Amanda says:

    If you look at the parking lot across the street, you can see that they are not an angle, and that you are looking down straight. If the car were flying the shadow would appear more under the car.

  64. Anonymous says:

    I think its the shadow of the car kind of like the frisbee one where it is on the ground but looks like its hovering

  65. Anonymous says:

    It can’t be a flying car. Mines been in the garage all week

  66. Anonymous says:

    maybe its parked on see through cement and under it is mirrors and it reflects so it makes it look like its flying!

  67. C says:

    that’s just a white car with something beside it to look like a shadow probably another car?

  68. Anonymous says:

    hmmmmm…well, i think the sun is in such a position that the shadow of the car is on the ground, in a certain position. it looks like its floating but its just a long shadow…? if that makes any sense at all! lol!

  69. Anonymous says:

    i also agree with frank, if u look @ it carefully u can kind of make out dat it iz a sign-well i can!

  70. j3ffr3y says:

    they proubley dig a hole next to the car or sometin or a black car next to it.

  71. yeah its me says:

    maybe a car parked next to a hole were they are burying sumthin

  72. JC says:

    i think theres a white car and a black car right next to each other

  73. Anonymous says:

    ok obviosly its an advertisement
    havent any of you ever seen those???

    you know, they get an old car, put it up on some posts, and bam… you can see it from a distance while driving
    its set up perfectly to be seen from drivers on the road

    anddd… you can even see the shadows from the posts that it is held up by

    good lord

  74. Politikally Paranoid says:

    Thas probably jus a balloon or a sign or sometin

  75. chiplover90 says:

    there is a black car next to it, i just know it!


  76. Anonymous says:

    it is only a sign, can you see the parking that is a sign for the parking

  77. Anonymous says:

    simple. one car is slightly elevated on a hill or camouflaged bridge while a second car (black) with completely tinted windows is placed beside, then an areal shot was taken.
    IF the car was realli floating, the shadow would be closer.

  78. Anonymous says:

    This is NOT a car or cars at all! Come on , how can you miss it. This is a storage tank on a four leg support frame. It is the tank and its shadow ! Proof ? Just look at the shadows on the trees line to the left of the picture towards the fields. They are of the same size and direction proving a consistent position of the sun !

    • owen says:

      ummmmmmmmmm, sun cosistincy only proves that the pic is not fake, or at least that the people that made it arent idiots,other than that, sun consistincy has nothing to do withit! although the fuel tank idea is very plausable

    • Ferit says:

      or an ad board.

  79. Anonymous says:


    It is just a white car and a black car next to it or a balloon for advertisement with a shadow under it.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Snape – I warned Potter and Weasley about letting the Muggles see them in that flying car!

  81. Person 6 says:

    Yup. It’s a balloon or a black and white car. Easy to find it out.


  82. Anonymous says:

    Note to self: Stop parking my black car so close to other cars anymore.

  83. Anonymous says:

    white car parked enxt to black car

  84. Diable Cortez says:

    No. Ronald weasley took his dad’s flying car to take Harry potter away…We caught it! Now they have to let the ministry of magic know! LOL

  85. Anonymous says:

    its really real. i can see it from the far one

  86. Anonymous says:

    it could be anything: a black tarp, a water puddle, or a black car. it’s hard to tell since its blurry, but it deffinately isnt flying or a car on a post(the shadow would be closer). but very cool, my next question is: how much time do you have on your hands to go through Google Earth and find these things?

  87. Pranzi says:

    I agree with just me, myself and I

  88. DaGni DoOms says:

    i saw something like this near my school once there was a black car parked next to a white car on the sand and i imeadiately thought of this.

    DaGni DoOms is out!

  89. Onnie says:

    wow… O_o ALIENS!!! jk hehe

  90. lucy says:

    if i was the shadow it would be connected to the car

    • dwane says:

      that true.

    • Clint says:

      With the whole “shadow isn’t attached” thing, go outside and jump. Ur shadow won’t still be connected to you. With that said it could be a raised water tank or something else raised if it isn’t two cars.

  91. Kat says:

    I see flying pin.

  92. Westley says:

    maybe the white car is parked next to a black car

  93. Lena says:

    the ‘shadow’ is way too dark to be a shadow. it is totally something black beside it.

  94. Sparky says:

    its not a shadow duh. if it was a shadow then why the black part is NOT CONNECTED to the car. i think its a black coffin. ahehehe…

  95. Zerro says:

    There are 2 cars…. a white one and a black one.

  96. purplepeopleeater says:

    lol cool but people should stop trying to figure it out and just imbrace the the fact of gosh dont be such a party pooper guys :(

  97. gggg says:

    its a monument to ‘brock’ v8 supercars ledgend, its a replica vk commodore bout 2m in the air…nothin speshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  98. Andrew says:

    Either that or its the ute on the pole in Denni

  99. Laquisha says:

    looks like appa(:

  100. Toby says:

    A white car, parked next to black car.

  101. Anonymous says:

    I see the Avatar xD

  102. idk says:

    I dont believe thats a black car the other black cars in yhe pic u cam see detail on them y not thats black car

  103. WinnieDaWho says:

    a white car parked next to purely, shadowy black car?

  104. Sick of Debunkers says:

    Or it could actually be a “flying” car. There are people who really own vehicles that hover. They don’t fly very high and this thing, if it were a “flying” car, doesn’t look very high off the ground. Think about it. What are the odds that a white car would just happen to be parked on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE ROAD from a parking lot, at an angle with a black car (not red or blue or any other color, mind you, but black) sitting perfectly to “create a shadow”? Also, there are other black vehicles in the first pic and they have detail – while the “black car”/shadow looks flat. Or maybe the white car was on a lift of some sort (like they have at car lots to display cars) and the fact that the pic was from directly above, the lift was obscured from view and the shadow is really of both the car and the lift?

  105. someone says:

    It’s a blury picture but i think its just a black car

  106. me too says:

    a ballon car? some type of advertising material :P lol

  107. Omen says:

    Well they are are most definitely wrong on this one. That car is actually on a display rack for vehicles. I mean who would not see the smal white bars in the pixels. I know its rather hard but come on.. its actually the shadow of the car next to it. Look at the angle of the shadows. The slight gray tints just under the car that would give hint towards steel bars of some kind near it.

  108. KellyAnn says:

    A white car, with a shadow! Duh!

  109. dude says:

    flying can, definately

  110. Anonymous_at_work says:

    The black object is really a shadow, but the “flying car” is a shade awning (the tent-like things on aluminum frames people sit under at outdoor events). Dark stripes on the awning give the illusion of front and back windows (the dark stripes are likely the same size as the white stripes – the low resolution makes the dark stripes look smaller than they really are, and give the illusion of a curved central “car roof” area). As Omen mentioned earlier, you can actually kind of see some of the poles holding it up.

  111. Lily says:

    Its Ron and Harry testing out the new car Ron bought!

  112. Dudette says:

    *looks at other black cars and looks at the “shadow” black car.. (odd..its flat with no detail)

    *looks at the angles of shadows from the trees, and looks at the white car’s “shadow… hmm~ (odd..same angle and length, which means it can be hovering pretty high)

    it could be a car on a display stand or something? or maybe a real flying car.. black to the future X3

  113. drgsmrgc says:

    That’s my car! WTF, is this how it disappeared?

  114. Mike says:

    Thats no car in the air OMG
    as anyone with vision can see thats some sort of portable fruit/venders stand i can clearly see poles from ground to the top of the apparatus hey it may even be a bus shelter hahahahahah a flying car hahahahaha

  115. ideal says:

    its a Baloon car

  116. just d says:

    to be honest, its just a baloon car. just look closely and youll see it.

  117. steve says:

    obviously its a shadow of the actual car caused by the direction of the sun at the time,far from rocket science.

  118. vinyas says:

    its obviously a black car cuz it has been covered with a car cover thats why its not reflecting like other cars.

  119. Shaksbeer says:

    are we playing GTA San Andress With Car Fly Cheats ???????????

  120. vishal says:

    intentionaly done,,,,,,,, just a black cotton peace placed besides the car and picured from helicopter or (if it seems litle costly then) just some work done on that particular pictures got first from the google earth

  121. Travis says:

    Note to self, Stop leaving the keys in the Delorian

  122. Anymanomous says:

    Achooooo….. sorry im just alergic to youre bullshit

  123. heather says:

    Well the way I see it is if it is 2 cars where are there shadows? I don’t think its a car at all I’m going to have to agree with the first persons that has commented on this. I think It some kind of container because I can clearly see that the shadow is attached to the it

  124. Kanaan says:


  125. Hi says:

    A Black Car’s Next To The White Car -__-

  126. Jalin says:

    Had so many grammer errors i lmfao at the 1 tht said “is that a flying can?”

  127. steven says:


    This is a “flying pile-up” in Indianapolis.

    Two cars at a scrap yard are mounted on a
    pole 30′ over head.


  128. james says:

    dukes of hazard jump

  129. Galiolaws says:

    that thing is more of an aeroplane than a car

  130. netzien says:

    To the author of this article – USE SPELL CHECK!

  131. jannie says:

    Thank you Steven for the answer.
    Its a car on a 30 ft pole..
    We have a tractor on a pole near where I live.
    Black car….nice try…but no.

  132. idc says:

    i love how people are bitching about the fact that it’s not flying. if you read the damn thing it tells you that it’s not flying. people these days holy shit.

  133. Miranda says:

    Darn Weasleys

  134. Dylan says:

    it actually is a white car parked next to a balck one proof? take a look at the last zoomed in picture it shows inconsistent shadows in which there are two blank areas where windsheilds would be.

  135. dwane says:

    i mean they do got a car that swims soooo who knows?

  136. ryan says:

    …its a black car parked next to a white car..

  137. Roy Maycock says:

    looks more to me like a car sitting on top of a wrecker.

  138. Smokingbraincells says:

    It’s a balloon of a car. Google it I’m sure there’s an actual video of it on youtube somewhere.

  139. jo nathan says:

    pretty sure that’s some kind of corporate logo; judging by what looks to be a small employee parking lot. Right? Why would 2 cars be parked off to the side like that? They’re not cars. It’s like a large W or something raised off the ground for some damn office complex or something.

  140. panama says:

    what is wrong with this online paper..

    click on a picture of some round building
    inside of some square building,

    and the damn web loads up a picture
    of a old flying car story.

    damn russia, hire a programmer please.

    hells bells i hate a website that is not
    run properly.

  141. Haruko says:

    Harry Potter is real.

  142. Shannon says:

    Looks like a white car parked next to a water source to me (small pond?).

  143. Ali says:

    pictures 1 and 2 are the same “car” and field. picture 3 different. look at it, pic 3 is wrong grassy knoll and the “car in pic 1&2 is at an angle to the road, pic 3 lined up….2 different image locations but of the same thing.

  144. jokesonu says:

    Question? Did any of you jokers notice that those are two ( 2 ) separate photos of two completely different parking lots? Did anyone notice that the streets are different in each of the photos? The two different white objects that you see in the photos are in reality NOT cars at all, but railroad water tanker cars used for construction and well water storage. They put them up on raised poles after they are delivered so they can get water from a gravity fed system. The reason that I know this is because they do this out in Barstow California, due to the fact that it is the middle of the desert and very little water.

  145. Anon says:

    -_- seriously peeps? Its just a water or fuel tank. Notice how both “Flying cars” have the same shadow, and are at the same height form the ground. They are identical structures.

  146. Khyber says:

    how do we know that the hulk didnt just toss both of them in different directions proving that they arnt flying cars but the hulk is pms’ing again.

  147. Jeal says:

    That’s RONALD WEASLEY taking out his father’s car for a drive – again .. tsk tsk tsk.. muggles! making fuss over an enchanted car.. -_-

  148. Danathan says:

    look in the parking lot to the right, theres another white car parked next to another black car. it looks relatively the same besides the surrounding cars…

  149. Danathan says:

    or a water tank…

  150. Kate says:

    Isn’t there a possibility there was a bllack car next to it?

  151. Jeff says:

    As you can plainly see from https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ll=-32.012002,115.786349&t=k&z=21 , there is no structure there.

  152. Heather says:

    Guys, obviously this is Harry Potter and Ron Weasley on their way to Hogwarts. Duh! ;)

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