Flowers Do It Too, You Know…

So, I’ve been to my friend’s wedding yesterday, and it was more fun than I thought it would be. Usually I’m kind of a sociopath at simmilar events, but this one was so relaxed and spontaneous, I’m actually glad I attended it. As I explained on Friday, this was the reason I missed posting a regular illusion yesterday. Only now I realize how I could have made an auto-post like before. It is a new option on this site, so I forgot all about it. To redeem myself, I’m sharing this nice optical illusion which is more than great, if you ask me. When you manage to solve it, please hesitate from flaming… I can already hear all those puritans, saying how offensive it was to them, and that there are kids out there watching this site. My response: it’s just a simple word which can be found in all the dictionaries around the world, so before you complain, be sure to forbid your kids to read, and prohibit them to answer which gender they are when asked. If this still wasn’t enough… you missed an “E” in front of the solution. All these hints should be more than enough for you to solve the mystery, but if they weren’t, take a closer look at the title, and remember this ;) About the exam, the results are coming on Monday, at least I hope they will.

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  1. LOL! But on your part, excellently spoken and this is oming from a faher of 2 both under 3 and an uncle of a combined 7.

  2. First!… maybe…
    Negative spaces are not the newest thing, but they can be awesome when applied correctly.
    Keep it up, Vurdlak!

  3. Sexy flowers…errrr.

    I thought it was a butterfly or somethin in the petals and extensions, in the bottom left corner.

    Took me a bit to see the funny part, but now its obvious (seems to be the nature of most illusions).

    Did you mean to say you are normally a sociopath?


  4. Enjoy the site. Great with iGoogle. You know, if you expand the definition of ‘optical illusions’ to include subliminal messages, you could really increase the amount of material. Although it looks as though you already have.

  5. I figured it out after taking my glasses off to make it blurry. How naughty! But it is a really cool illusion. It would be funny to put that up on my wall. lol

  6. I just saw this illusion on youtube about subliminal messages in advertising and then the next day I came on here and there it is again. Creepy!

  7. at first you’re like “ohh what pretty flowers!” then you see what they say and think “pretty naughty flowers!

  8. At first I was looking for a graphic representation of the sexual act… but then realised it’s just the word SEX at the base of the plants. Not bad…

  9. First comment? Maybe you scared the puritans….

    Anyway thanks for the day distration and fun, I enjoy the site greatly.

    Took me a while to see the word actually, very nice image.

  10. I must admit that it took a little while for me to see it.. then it drew a big smile on my face! it´s great, isn`t it?

  11. It is pretty dam good I reckon.
    If your struggling I find if you look at the light part of the picture and go cross eyed the text will reveal itself.

  12. Good one. Saw the illusion from the desk widget, but would have had to look twice if had seen full size first. I’m sure you did great on your exam.

  13. LOL! yeah ive seen picture like these before. My friend showed me a video where there are a bunch of hidden messages like this one. if anyone wants to see more of them just look up “hidden messages” on youtube.

  14. I see word ‘SEX’ at the bottom of the picture :)
    It sure forbidden for kids to read, hehe… pervert flower

  15. It’s amazing how easy it is to see these type of illusions when viewed in the widget on the Vista toolbar, ha! Here’s another hint: flowers can lead to it as well ;)

  16. I see it straight away and I did not think it was to bad that the kids should not look as half of them can tell us more about it than we care to remember anyway LOL

    Regards Kevin

  17. The ruban dictionary defines it as:

    The online version of sexual contact. Where there is no real contact, all interactions occur via the internet. Can also describe “cybering.”

  18. Seems like I´m first :)

    I like this one. Even after reading the clues and knowing what I was looking for it took me time to see it, and of course now I can´t stop seeing it again.

  19. Hasn’t anybody noticed that the bottom half of the ‘X’ is a pair of breasts, or bosoms, or whatever you like to call them?

  20. I can see what the word is, but (and i may be wrong) but is it possible it isnt acctually taht word and is actaully ESSEX. as i think i can see the E before SEX as is pointed out in the post but there is also what looks like another S above the first one. I may be wrong, any thoughts?

  21. Upper right hand corner, top of the last plant. Big S, little E in the middle of the S, then X on the other side of the stem. Double Bang [O-O]

  22. Ha! I’m 11 and I saw it! I laugh when I see all these naughty illusions and adults don’t get them and I do. It says “sex” quite clearly, if you ask me.

  23. Seriously. I dont get it, was finding some hint from comments. but still. i dont get it. Its just flowers flirting. thats all

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