Floating Rice

Unbelievable! Check this out – open the picture below in full size, and you won’t believe that the image is actually still jpg! I posted many “animation” illusions to this site, but this one has the strongest effect I have ever seen! This optical illusion is one of the newest creations of Akiyoshi Kitaoka, master in creating visual art. Similar effects can be seen in floating letters, moving beans, floating blocks, spinning discs, wormhole … and many, many others. But none of them was so delusive. The only one I may compare to Floating Rice is moving snakes illusion. Check them out, and post your thoughts!

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  1. It is a still picture. If you find a certain spot near the middle vertically and about 1/4 of the length width wise, the entire picture becomes totally still.

    Nice one!

  2. You can really enhance the effect by looking at each of the four corners of the rectangle one right after the other. Simply trace your eyes around the picture.

  3. I’m so sorry, but your spelling is somewhat bad and it makes me crazy…

    Wonderful is spelled with just one L, please don’t type “wonderfull” again. That makes me so uncomfortable…

    Reading the archive made my brain hurt because of the spelling and grammar errors.

    I am sorry if I seem to be rude. English is not my first language, but it still bugs me..

    Thanks for this interesting website!


  4. this is no still image, I’m not sure where the movement is exactly but if you print it out the effect is gone, it’s not even there if you illuminate the print out. my guess is the movement is VERY subtle and the refreshing of the pixels cause the movement effect.

  5. when u enlarge it, look in the middle, everthing goes still apart from the corners.. I still fell sick +o(

  6. this is great. but if u stare and dont move your eyes at the photo or any other part of your computer screen, it will totally stop moving. anyway, I have to agree though, this photo has the strongest effect I’ve ever seen. nice one!

  7. ehmagawd! Its not an photoshop trick or a fake animation b/c is you cross your eyes slightly, the whole oic freezes, and if you cover it partially, the illusion slows!

  8. these rice grains are so sneaky! they only stay still when i look right at them and when i look away a bit they’re off again. Like naughty little kids or something.

  9. Wow,this illusion is crazy! I wonder what other normal day things my brain is tricking me on!!

    ..Anonymous – Get a grip the world won’t end over a spelling mistake! You clearly need to get out more!

  10. I like the way these illusions move and I have seen many of them but I don’t like the way they make my eyes feel sort of unwell. I was actually wondering if they are bad for my eyes because they are uncomfortable.

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