18 Replies to “Floating Blocks Optical Illusion”

  1. my optiacin said i have 100/100 vision and i dont see the yellow it is the partices in the green rection with the white to give it a bage colour which you see as yellow

  2. This illusion is miscategorized as it has nothing to do with motion (or colour).
    All the boxes are straight and parallel, but look wobbly. ;-)


  3. I am really sorry to be picky but you can’t have 100/100 vision, 20/20 is the best.
    The illusion is really cool, but i see no yellow.

  4. I see the yellow :D
    And, to the dude who say he has “100/100 vision….” I think you might mean, like, 100% or something ^^” theres no such thing.

    Cool Illusion :)

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