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By on December 2, 2006, with 35 Comments

This version of 2D building is done by Nima Motamedi. Inside this post you can see some more amazing photos taken, and kindly submitted by Nima. This particular building looks like it lacks 3rd dimension. Do you agree? I can’t understand how people manage to live in these :) Still, it would be cool to visit “worlds thinnest apartment”, right? There are two more illusions that match this one – check out transparent 2D building and flat flats.

Nima also added detailed description: “Hey I go to your illusions site when I’m bored at work and I love a lot of them (especially the 3d chalk drawings). Anyway I wanted to help out. I live in San Francisco and was walking around Union Square with my camera when my girlfriend spotted this building. We looked at it and it looks like there is no side walls! The attached pictures show it from the illusionary angle and a different angle and you can see that its really a triangular building”.

  • Nort

    That’s pretty cool.

  • Kristin

    There’s a building much like this along the River Walk in San Antonio, TX. I’d upload a pic, but my scanner doesn’t work :( It really does throw you off when you see something like that, though.

    • Chad

      Try taking a picture of the picture instead of scanning….if you get the lighting right, it can be very effective, and then you have a digital copy of the image…its called an “copy-neg”. Give it a shot!

  • Anonymous

    this is boriiiinng

    • Gaetz

      screw you man, if ya dont like the illusion, dont bother f**king commenting. useless damn comment, jack ass

  • Liberate

    It’s triangular

    • puto

      triangle my ass

  • Foxx

    hehehe… flat buildings. funny

  • newbercake55!!!

    how is this an illusion? yes, a building is shaped like a triangular? so what?! if you were to see this building from a helicopter you would see a triangle. BIG WOOP!!

  • Anonymous

    hehehe i could live in a flat building. I am super skinny!!!! :D

  • cool cat

    That is soo cool!!
    But i knew that is was like that in the beginning.. (after i thought it was painted, and saw the photo’s)

  • salmon

    Am I first?

    If not AAAAAh

  • Sheridan

    Any building looks flat if you can only see one side!!!

  • Anonymous

    llllaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmeeeeeeee! yawn.

  • Lindsey

    Oh it has a really sharp angle so it appears like there is no side.

  • YooPoo

    You can clearly see that the 1st picture was photoshopped, and the rest are regular photos to fool the viewer!

    You can tell how the person dosent lign up properly as well as the sky.

    Oh, and YooPoo!

  • Anonymous

    Oh that’s so awesome! I’d love to visit that in person.

  • Anonymous

    I wunder how that wos done?????????

  • Anonymous

    those r pretty cool..there a building like that in winnipeg canada…the art gallery

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys, its Nima (I took these photos). I’m glad some of you liked it and I thought it was funny that someone figured the first one was photoshopped, lol. Like the thread said, I took these down in San Francisco by union square if you want to see it…i think its around Market and Stockton (by the old navy). None of the photos are photoshopped but i think its amazing how the building looks 2d at the right angle!

  • Anonymous

    pretty sure in the first photo it was cropped so you couldn’t see anything else…der

  • Foxx

    people don’t believe what they don’t understand… they think that the first is photoshopped because they don’t understand that some buildings can look flat

  • Lee

    Oh for god sakes guys. No one told you you HAD to look at these illusions.

    Also, it seems many of you dont know what an illusion is. Just because it is a real life picture rather than painting that half of it disapears when you look at part of it, does NOT make it worthy to have half of you say ‘this is lame’ or ‘this is not an optical illusion’. You must really have NO life if all you want to do is criticise what vurdlak posts

    Also, so what if its photoshopped, still makes it an illusion

  • Panze^3

    Gee… is it full of… flats?

  • Anonymous

    you can see in the 5th picture it is not a flat building

  • Anonymous

    i dont see anything…

  • rstemp

    It was so sexy

  • Anonymous

    There’s a building in sweden that look like this.
    Very cool.

    • Suor de Sapo

      There are buildings like this all over the world!

  • Griffinn

    my god that’s amazing

  • katietindol

    not reaallly that cool in fact it shouldnt be here

  • Angel

    Kristin i’ve seen that building in San Anton and its so cool!The 2DBuilding Illusion is of a hospital in San Antonio, Texas. The building was created in 1931 and was the first hospital to ever be a skyscraper. The building is in a L shape and has extremely sharp angles. When facing the building form the south side at the river walk it creates the illusion that it is a 2d building.

  • Really great architecture.. a very col collection
    Keep posting similar pics for may be the Bridges all over the world.

  • iluvgerrybutler

    kinda cool tthough it really lookd flat in first pic

  • Aupiusavea

    I hate buildings where fat people cant fit in. nah just joking. thats a pretty badass pic.