Fishing In The Sky Optical Illusion

This picture is neat, don’t you think? I’m not sure what lenses were used to shoot this, nor how the effect of the sky in the water is captured, but either way it gives you opinnion this guy is fishing in the sky standing on a cliff. Nice :) This picture was originally uploaded to flickr by user Solitaire1, and I just wanted to share his work with you guys. Hope you like it!

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  1. I know how they did it. The fog was so low to the ground, that the reflection could not be distinguished from the real thing. tell me if you think I am correct.

  2. I’ve seen a few illusions on this site even though I’m kinda new. This one is not the best but it is good so stop making fun of it.

  3. It’s not foggy at all where are you all getting the fog from its overcast with a slight bit of blue sky coming through its just the lake is seen beyond the critical angle of reflection and refraction so it reflets the sky

  4. ok this is a blonde moment but i still dont get it…..even tho i read the comments… is it a lake???…….BLONDE MOMENT :) :) :)

  5. Do you not notice the minor ripples in the WATER? its clear that it is water and not fog. it doesnt even look like fog… how many times have you seen fog with ripples in it?

  6. This one is easy. besides all that has been said, look at where he is standing, and where his stuff is. He can’t stand on the side of a cliff.
    I like this one, though.

  7. why is everyone saying that this is obvious. IT’S NOT! The real only way to figure it out is if you see the ripples in the water. And you can barely see those!

  8. Don’t make such a big deal of it, it’s just reflcted in the water. Good photo oppurtunity though! mat comment 10 – i’m 15 and crtical angles ect are really not hard, obviously it will be past the cric. angle of water in the position it was taken from, so why even bring it up? nice illusion!!

  9. its not fog, its reflection of clouds in the water. at first glance it looked like a fisherman standing on a cliff, with a few things in the air. pretty convincing apart from the ripples show up the water

  10. If you look closely, the sliver of blue above the tip of his fishing rod, combined with the round dark grey spot straight above his head looks like a shark mouth and eye. It is laying on it’s left side with its nose facing dwn and to the left.

  11. Omg it cause the reflection of the clouds and sky is on the water. And he’s not on a cliff just a rock hanging or the water like a peninsula

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