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By on March 1, 2011, with 24 Comments

If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been any update for the last two days, well it’s because I was preoccupied moving this website to whole new dedicated server! There shouldn’t be any visual difference at your end, except the website should load from different IP address, and perform much faster and more stable during our spike moments. We have upgraded the bandwidth to 1Gbps, and now have 8 brand new processors to serve the content :D Whoohoo! Anyway, the only thing we’ve lost during the migration were some of your comments. Last 50 of them to be more precise, but this shouldn’t be too hard to re-collect. So now that I’ve informed you about the changes, we can safely proceed to our daily illusion. Let’s see what I have prepared for you today: can you spot a subtly-incorporated dragon inside the landscape below? This one was painted by artist Chow Hon Lam.

Feng Shui Dragon and New Server


24 Responses
  1. Awesome! You have to look at it for awhile ,then allof a sudden it’s there as plain as day. It’s great, thank you……..

  2. Kim says:

    I can actually see three dragons.

  3. Grace says:

    Not your best, but kinda cool. And, there’s no change on my end.

  4. annomounious says:

    i would like tp live on that hill/dragon

  5. LOLCAT says:

    Awesome Illusion!

  6. ZL123 says:

    Awesome! I’m a golden dragon. I spot it at once :D

  7. Palmino says:

    If you pay attention you’ll see that the road is uselessly interrupted

  8. ice_wolf325 says:

    i liked it better small, in my google module you could see it very well. but still cool

  9. yannick says:

    before I read the title, I was sure it was a mermaid laying down or her side, hair falling at the end of the cliff; opposite side of the dragon.

    then I read.. and saw the head of the beast ;)

    hum…. my first idea was sexier lol!!

  10. SnowBerey says:

    hahaha nice right when i looked at it im like, “oooh its a gragon!!!!!!”

  11. jeo says:

    hint: head near center, bottom

  12. Crowler says:

    Well IF you’re Chinese or Japanese or Korean you see it at first glance.

    If you’re not you’d probably not notice (or think you saw a snake) unless you know quite a bit about our culture.

    And for those *cough* idiots *cough**cough*who played too much WoW or something and is looking for a “dragon” with big bat wings and spitting fire (or ice), they’re probably scratching their heads on this one XD.

  13. Rita Kay says:

    When this was a smaller picture on my Google.ca homepage I saw it right away, but this picture is so beautiful :-)

  14. Slammer says:

    Nice. i like the subtlety. Also, congrats on the faster spead! I envy your equipment…lol

  15. ohmygosh says:

    it was easy to see…. not the best ever but still pretty good!

  16. Alex says:

    Definitely one of my favourites!

  17. FT. Dewey says:

    Re: Dragon. I can’t see it. In the future, could you show a second picture with the illusion highlighted? Thank you.

  18. Care Bear says:

    I dig dragons but never quite got the hang of feng-shui. This pic, however, is a “print it out and hang it on the wall”–right next to Vanity.

  19. Eddie says:

    I got the body straight away but the face takes a bit of working out

  20. Xheia says:

    I found the source: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Flying-Mouse-365-Tee-Design-Week-24/490158
    The guy’s Malaysian, and made 365 cool t-shirt designs for a personal project, and this is one of them. The website, behance, is pretty legit too.

  21. Nonyabeez says:

    Everyone should look up dolphin and horse illusions! it beautiful! haha rapid boy is here.

  22. Suzannah says:

    I can se the dragons straight away!! As soon as I read the word Chinese picture or something, I looked at the picture, then saw the dragons. :))

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