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By on July 27, 2010, with 59 Comments

Father and Son Optical IllusionWhen I stumbled upon this optical illusion, only then I realized how sexist society we really live in… Let me explain further – the picture on your right is a male version of the original Young Lady or An Old Hag illusion. Those with a keen eye for details will immediately notice how the old lady was referenced as an Old Hag, while in the same time the grumpy old man (which can be seen in this illusion) is referenced merely as a Father. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just thinking out loud ;) Btw, can you see them both (the old man and his son) in this illusion?


59 Responses
  1. Cherry Blossom says:


  2. EricD says:

    tricky title… i assumed the cowboy was the father so im looking for a kid – that didnt work.
    the shadow under the cowboy’s ear is also the bag under the really old guy’s eye, his chin=the nose and the handkerchief line=the mouth. they share the hat.

  3. danny says:

    spoiler:son has a mustache

  4. Antione says:

    I had a hard time seeing son but as I fell off the couch (hours after first seeing this for the first time), I finally sw him faced the other way.

  5. servilan42 says:

    Phew! Hard one. Took awhile but I finally found them. Old man jumped out at me… young man, not so much.

  6. Fred says:

    I like this one. in both views the art is tasteful and captivating. It would make a great picture on the wall.

  7. No One says:

    I had to take my glasses off to spot the older man.

  8. Veena-Nikkol says:

    Ok, after a minute of looking, I see it. Like the woman and the hag, it seems that I see the old first before seeing the young.
    *hint hint* Look at the nose for the old, or *wink wink* the jaw line for the young man.

  9. Rhiannon says:

    JUST like the hag and lady illusion. JUST LIKE IT!

  10. Bandi says:

    does anyone know the answer to the illusion of yesterday??????

  11. Kimon says:

    Maybe it is because he doesn’t look grumpy. He looks rather peaceful and happy. Unlike the old hag that looks like a hag.

  12. John Citizen says:

    Took me ages…like it

  13. Beva says:

    I have never thought about it that way, that the old lady is referred to as an old hag. But now when its pointed out you got a point there.

    It is a nice illusion thou, just as the original one. But once you have “seen” one of the illusions its easier to spot the next one.

  14. NeeL says:

    I had difficulty trying to see the son. But I remembered from the old hag, her nose was the girls chin. Knowing that, I could find the son.

    Maybe we refer to these only as father and son, because we both want to address them as cowboys*, with the hat and all. But that won’t make any difference, so we simplify it to father and son.

    Also: first! or second! or third! or fifth! and let me try eight! since there is no way in telling for every comment has to be approved and I don’t know how many people were before me. :)

    *The father does however have a bit of an Indian twitch.

  15. Monique says:

    I can’t see the son?

  16. peace-angel says:

    The old man bit was easy but am struggling with the son :(

  17. Hering says:

    I’m unable to see the son in this picture.

  18. Latisha says:

    i like this ;DDDDD

  19. patko0770 says:

    i cant

  20. Ella says:

    1st comment agen! i only see the old man. i cant make my self see the son and dont know how anyway

  21. mono says:

    i can figure out the son, actually there are 2 eyes, one above another, the upper one is son’s eye and the lower one is dad’s, son’s face is from forehead to mouth of dad’s face, concentrate on the upper eye by bending your neck on the left.

  22. Lol says:

    The first time i looked i saw the Father, Lol then i closed the page, when i reopened all i could see was the son. Odd how yo pick it up once and then you don’t. it also depends on how high you look to what you see.

  23. Brian says:

    I couldn’t see the son at all until I looked back at the “young lady or old hag” illusion…I like that one better.

  24. AmsterdamMan says:

    i always like these kind of illusions,,keep em coming!

  25. Leigh says:

    I can only see a guy in a hat turning away from me. Anyone have any tips on seeing the “son”?

  26. Care Bear says:

    I guess with cowboys, it’s all in the genes.

  27. ann says:

    nope. :T

  28. Monique says:

    Wow, I finally see the son.. It took a long time, but I am so happy to see it

  29. Jen Steffen says:

    In the Yahoo widget, I only saw the young man. The old man only popped out when I viewed it larger. Nice picture.

  30. FedExItlol says:

    The old mans nose is the young mans chin.

    He is looking to the left

    (exact opposite of the Old Hag Illusion)

  31. UNKNOWN says:

    The old man is really creapy the cowboy is easy to see but it takes a while to find the old man

  32. NygMcken says:

    I Cant c Anything

  33. Jugoy says:

    I found it! Same as the Young Lady or an Old Hag.

  34. Maria says:

    I’ve always hated these illusions b/c i could never see the old lady. Then i looked it up online and finally saw it! its weird b/c every1 says they don’t see the younger one, but i always see only that one. It took me forever to see the older one!

  35. Finally got it!! That is a hard one!!!
    The bump on the old man’s nose is the son’s nose, the old man’s nose is the son’s chin.

  36. Crazy Colors says:

    I see both now

  37. steve says:

    Excellent – Could only see the son to start with but suddenly like clouds parting to reveal the sun I could see the father!

    For those needing help with the son. The nose of the father is the chin of the son who is looking away from the picture in a 3/4 direction.

    The mouth of the father is a necklace on the son.

    If you focus on the bridge of the fathers nose its easier to see the son

  38. Tonelada says:

    The father is looking for the right and the son is looking back. It was very difficult for me to see the son. Forcing to see the father’s nose as the son’s chin has helped a lot.

  39. XUYunChao says:

    lol, what big , sharp nose the old man has. Blew me away when I saw his big face. I saw the young man first and his profile. The big, old face with its old lips came only seconds later.

  40. qwertyuiop says:

    its just a male version of the other one – literally…

  41. says says says says says:

    I use the optical illusion of the day widget and only when I clicked the picture for the bigger view could I see the old man.

    I love these illusions

  42. peace-angel says:

    I c the son now, but only after reading what others had written, yay you guys !!

  43. Greeng13 says:

    this is way 2 hard 4 me. I’ve starred at d pic so long I think I saw the father look at me then look back! Somebody plz send tips!

  44. MAC says:

    it’s easy if you can distinguish the chin from the huge nose

  45. Fran says:

    SPOILER ALERT: I could not see the son to save myself, LOL! The old man’s kind eye and bumpy nose kept getting in the way and that’s all I see.

    SOOO, I turned my computer sideways (to the left) and BINGO, the young son’s profile popped out at me immediately! He’s ruggedly handsome with a nice chin, haa. Hope this helps…..

  46. Sig says:

    I also distinctly see a side profile of a horse’s head.
    Black mark to the right of old man’s eye is horse’s right eye
    which is almost closed. Old man’s mouth is where the outline
    of the horse ends. The old man’s eyebrow, eye and bag under eye,
    the dark areas are the shadowing of the horses mane. The horse
    resembles a chess piece, the knight. Anyone else see it?

  47. Someone says:

    I see it!!!!

  48. josephine says:

    The young man looks more lake a middleaged lady to me

  49. Lil' SmilY says:

    oooooohhhhhhhh i C it, it took me centuries

  50. ru4real says:

    Hey all good people check this out ssssshhhh THE DUDE DON’T EVEN GOT NO KID. YOU BOYS AND GIRLS A BIT SLOOOOW

  51. danielx says:

    The father’s nose is the son’s chin. The son is looking away.

  52. BRANDON says:

    i had to put my hand in the monitor to see it
    great ilusion

  53. AMANI says:

    oh i see thx to danielx

  54. Cece says:

    Uhm…I don’t see it

  55. cool….it made me a few months 2 see it

  56. hannah says:

    omg thats brilliant..Bravo

  57. austin123 says:

    omg i have been looking at this illusion for the past 3 days now and i don’t see the son at all, i know the nose is his chin but wtf where is the son!!??

  58. Tam says:

    ugly father

  59. blah says:

    i found the son but doesnt look human…

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