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By on November 28, 2009, with 42 Comments

While we’re still discussing dimensions, there’s an interesting artwork discovered by Chelle and Pedro Rato (thanks for notifying me guys)! Would you believe me if I told you, that this custom-made backyard deck is actually flat as it can be? That’s right, the shown garden deck was specially designed for one of the Apple’s execs, art collector Jeff Dauber. It was built for him by Berkeley-based architect Thom Faulders. Btw, it doesn’t stop there – Faulders designed the exec’s whole house. I haven’t seen it, but I bet it looks awesome! More pictures after the break…

Fake Tree Vortex Optical Illusion

As hard as it may seem to believe, this garden is actually flat!

Jeff Dauber’s backyard deck will not (despite initial impression) suck you into some wormhole, and then throw you back in time. Thom Flauders, designed the piece to create an optical illusion of curves where there are only flat surfaces. Here are some quotes from Dauber:

I wanted someone to barf when they look at it. The deck looks like it is sloping away from you.” – Jeff

Fake Tree Vortex Optical Illusion


42 Responses
  1. Watevs says:

    That is so cool! I wish my garden was like that!

  2. anonymous says:

    whoa, thats neat… one of the best optical illusions yet!

  3. FinlandFTW says:

    first! :o pretty nice

  4. Nemanja Curcic says:

    Hehe nice trick

  5. GreenMint says:

    Wow. I’d totally want that in my backyard, too. Make people think there’s a black hole in my yard. (Insert snicker here.)

  6. Emma says:

    Pretty cool!

  7. Jan Maan says:

    that’s sick dude!
    amazing, AWESOME site btw! :P

  8. Wise Person says:

    Nice job I like it

  9. Joanna says:

    Yup, I think I’d throw up in that back yard – I think it looks VERY effective as an illusion. But then I can’t even watch Imax movies or the Dogma-style of films because they make me sick.

  10. Heyhey didnt know wad to put as my name... says:

    Nice one! Like that on my backyard. Unfortunately i dont have one.

  11. Janet White says:

    That’s fantastic! I really like illusions that have been used in architecture.

  12. anonymous says:

    this is making me angry…its an amazing illusion but i hate it! in a good way…

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. goots says:

    i thought i was trippin!
    before i saw the comment below the picture saying it was flat :P

  15. JAYDEN says:


  16. ThatsALotOfNuts says:

    Really nice one.. And this type of illusions are not really hard to make at your house.. All you need is a projector and a good idea :)

  17. Detective Kitty says:

    well i would love a house like that but I doubt I’ll barf..

  18. Rob says:

    I think the illusion would be better if the designed panels were larger…the bricks in the background and the trough on the side kind of kills it. But, still a cool concept.

  19. NeeL says:

    First, I love this photo and I love your site!
    Second, why would you name it Fake? Isn’t it a real photo of his garden? I thought the label ‘fake’ was only for changed photo’s like in Photoshop or something. This seems like a real
    tree vortex illusion to me! Greetings, NeeL

  20. " T " says:

    How. Is that. Even. Possible.
    OK OK it’s possible.
    But how. Did. He. Think. Of. Something. That. Amazing.

  21. Care Bear says:

    Looks like something that might take me somewhere I’d really rather not go.

  22. Samuel Norbury says:


    I like it!

  23. Morgan says:

    wow i love this. definatly cool

  24. Jenni says:

    Great idea, it really looks like it dips!

  25. Futz says:

    I still wonder though, how it looks in 3D (i.e. if you see in in reality and not on a photo). The effect might be bigger if you watch it like this in a 2D-picture.

  26. who cares says:

    its so fake first time i saw it i was light flat cause it ooks flat and yeas

  27. who cares says:

    its so fake first time i saw it i was light flat cause it ooks flat and yeas and u copyed it from soem other guy

  28. ali says:

    @NeeL: it’s a real tree… but a fake vortex

  29. Alisha and Via says:

    ha ha ha nice. totally real and nice. or cool thats the word… Cool:)

  30. PaperMoon says:

    That is pretty neat! :)

  31. FLiTz says:

    wow. totally amazing

  32. Bad Angel says:

    That is SO COOL! I wish my garden was like that!!!

  33. Ghost says:

    thats truly cool

  34. Jeff says:

    Glad you all like it. More details…. It took 4 weeks to get all those boards in place. We had to make tools to keep the lines and gap consistent as well as to place the first row.

    For more craziness from insider the house go to


  35. this is sick!
    it cant be flat:O?!

  36. eee efff geee says:


  37. bob says:

    the gardener is really creattive

  38. STR e t C H says:


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