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By on June 11, 2010, with 61 Comments

In a Photoshop contest, held 2 weeks ago (where main topic involved optical illusions), there was an interesting submission I almost overlooked. As you can see, Justin manipulated the below photo in such a way, that there is a girl’s face hidden somewhere inside of it. Don’t let the Moebius strip drive your attention a way, it’s more about the branches. I had some trouble seeing the illusion at first, mostly because I was heavily influenced by our widget’s logo (it uses the illusion in pretty similar way). There was also an illusion where you had to spot the baby hidden inside the tree branches. So I thought Justin just had modernized one of these two. If you also have trouble spotting the illusion, use the expandable solution below the picture. Btw, how you like those expandable solutions I started adding lately?

face in branches optical illusion1

Expandable Solution:

face in branches optical illusion2

  • wow i see the face it is looking down on the impossible opject from the top left ;)

  • Barbarella

    There is something not quite right about her face but once you see it, it’s quite obvious.

  • popesantaxiv

    I seem to be seeing more than one face.

  • tina

    that is good but did spot it straight away

  • Circus

    That girl has a mighty beard!

  • Jessy

    not as pretty as some hidden art but not bad

  • Melinda

    Wow I really like that one. I couldn’t see it until I click the solution link. I really like the new solution link.

  • Even after identifying the lips, i had trouble getting the entire face!! Not a good looking one! Eh!!

  • Angie

    Creepy! its in the middle left of the picture.

  • I think I found the woman in the branches. It’s a good illusion, it took me some time to find her. As for the expandable solution bar, I think it’s a great idea. As a matter of fact I’m going look at it after I submit my comment.

  • angeliqa8

    I had to look at the expandable solution but i still don’t buy this. If this were a real face it would be pretty deformed, the nose is way too far to the right and the left eye is way to far out too. I was impressed by how perfectly shaped the lips were, they should have left the illusion at that.
    and whats the point of the moebius thing floating in the pic anyway?????

  • David

    @Barks: Yes and it is made of the impossible branch:)

  • Vurdlak The expandable solution works great.(I didn’t cheat either).

  • Rob Kattenburg

    Turtle? What turtle…..
    Just kidding!!!
    This is a good one. Had trouble at first. Was trying to find it in the dead space.

  • Asha

    This is a cool illusion…I love the expandable solution! I thought I saw the face but wasn’t sure until I looked at the solution. It’s great to have the option of knowing whether you really saw it or not!

  • Very cool, I saw more than one though.

  • Care Bear

    Looking at trees is fun. At least this one isn’t looking back. That can be unnerving.

  • Care Bear

    BTW, is that an impossible object or did Daffy Duck mismplace his bill again?

  • Scuter

    I like the expandable solutions…keep doing that!

  • cgimusic

    I can see the face but I don’t understand how the solution helps you find it. It just takes away the glass-style ring at the bottom of the picture.

  • Jesper

    Just look for fake branches and you’ll see it…

  • shehzad

    well i think i can see his face and a eye closed

  • josephine

    The solutions are really helpful

  • Wow,that face could use some chap-stick…

  • qwertyuiop

    ahhhhh shes looking into my eyes!!!!!

  • Greeng11

    Cool! Easy and cool! I like it!

  • James Travis

    Well I don’t see any faces in the top left but I do see a face just within the moebius strip and slightly to the left of the tree trunk !

  • No one,

    OHH Jeez! I thought I saw something, but I gave up and looked at the solution, wow, I never would’ve seen that!

  • Helena

    I liked that one. Very cool

  • Whitney N. Ollivierre

    idk if i just got lucky but i saw it almost immediately! the lips were a give away tooo! =)
    Expandable solution? Good idea! (Y)

  • Shehzad Khan

    Well i see a face and i think his eyes are closed or opened i dont know what but i see a nose lips

  • Shana Schroeder

    That’s where I see it too!

  • peace-angel

    Wow, far too easy

  • I found her! ;D Her face is a little bit cartoony, though.

  • I found her! :D
    Her face is a little bit cartoony, though.

  • Aiden Couper

    pretty average in my opinion, but I can imagine how difficult it would be to get a new illusion every day, let a lone a really good one.

  • Steve Young

    That one is pretty cool. I like the expanded soludtion I must say I saw what could be faces elsewhere in the picture. I did not see the solution face right away. cool pict. keep up the good work.

  • Chris

    i dont see anything… someone help me!

  • Gregory Padilla

    I thought a mobius strip was not an impossible object. Can’t you make it out of paper and tape?

  • NeeL

    Wow! Really nice!!

    I saw hundreds of faces and half faces:
    one the lips, one below that with the girls chin as a hood, one left of her big eye, one in the nose, above that, in the branches left, etcetera.

    But I never saw the big face until I clicked te solution button. (which I like!)

    I want this one as a poster for my new room!

  • caux

    it’s marilyn monroe

  • DetectiveKitty

    saw it right away…but it isn’t bad…and i like expandable solutions…so that eventually you’ll find the answer instead of having to read the comments

  • their are 2 faces one using all branches and one using the sky as skin

  • I can see all sorts of almost shapes, but sadly not the girl.

  • Someone

    hey, that’s cheating! the branch shaping her chin comes out of nowhere! and that’s quite an ugly face

  • I have been a fan of this site for a while and the one thing that I always thought was missing was the cheat button (solution) thank you for adding this!

  • Dolphin

    Witch face does he mean?The one at the bottom,the one in the upper right corner or the one in the upper left corner?

  • McFly

    there is no face and the solution doesn’t solve anything.

  • Laharl

    This one is very cool.

  • :)

    WTF .. LOL .. i had hard time looking as to where the face is .. but luckily, i am able to .. ahahah

  • hannan

    i found the face, but i cannot find the baby..

  • tommytomtom

    i cant see it!

  • tommytomtom

    someone give me a hint!

  • goblin

    that’s crazy, it’s like she’s looking directly at you, but also i noticed a face in her right eye..is that the so called baby?


  • Tom

    There is no baby, he mentioned a past illusion that had a baby, not this particular image. But the face is on the top left

  • Grace

    Looks like your logo. :)

  • mindmaster

    there’s a baby in the middle

  • Farooque

    The baby is perhaps next to the tip of the girl’s nose and is standing upright with its face toward the onlooker.

  • Quinty

    I couldn’t see it, but when I saw it you keep seeing it..

  • Mat

    I can’t see it and the solution is the same but without the wierd transarent thing… Please help.