Expanding Brown Dot

I found this optical illusion through my Google Alerts email, and noticed it’s pretty interesting. At first you may miss the illusion, but if you watch carefully the center of the brown “dot”, you will notice that it appears to be expanding. The effect by its nature, is quite opposite from other illusion located in disappearing effect section (which I updated just now), but it works in the same way. Just think of it like this – the center blurred spot isn’t vanishing, rather expanding, but the outer yellow surrounding is slowly shrinking (disappearing). This is the reason why I placed it in the same category. You may want to check stronger examples like vanishing haze, but you should also visit expanding cushion and expanding block that aren’t much similar, yet they also seem to expand.

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55 Replies to “Expanding Brown Dot”

  1. hmm, if I stare at the brown dot as it suggests, mine also tends to shrink almost to disappearance.
    Though, if I look at the edge of the brown dot (or anywhere in the yellow) it seems to expand.
    Bizarre! I like it!

  2. when i look directly at the brown dot, nothing happens. but when i look away from the picture, the brown dot seems to expand in the corner of my eye. when i look back at the brown area it shrinks again. Kl!!

  3. Oh my feck it grow and shurk who my lizard died by looking at it. oh well if you like a big big cheese burger!

  4. Holy **** this is getting bigger then smaller wow my lizard died by looking directly at it. Work now come 2 the front 2 sing barney is big and fat by the way DIE!

  5. mine did the following things in the order I list them in
    1 pulsated
    2 wiggled
    3 shrank and disappeared
    weird huh?

  6. thats weird. every time i look at it it does something different. get bigger, get smaller, move up and down, side to side… very weird

  7. Okay, well i staired at it for a looong time, and the brown dot almost disappeared, but then it started to move around, That was really weird lol.

  8. It did get bigger! Hey btw- who ever said that there was a fce in the center, it was probably just your own reflection on the screen.

  9. this works becuase ur eyes adjust to the darkness and then the outer fading browns be come darker, meaning the shape appears larger.

  10. “I don’t know if I’m the only one who saw it but there is also a face in the center. you gotta kinda squint to see it.”

    umm no, you’re just dumb.

  11. it depends on ur eyes…
    tells someone to stare at the middle of ur eyes if it shrink or getting bigger. . .
    its all in the eyes…

  12. Shrinking, expaning, I think they’re the same thing. For me, at first it was just moving around up and down and left and right, but then, I got the whole screen to turn LIGHT BROWN, which you could say is… I dunno, do you call it more yellow, or do you call it more brown???

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