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By on November 23, 2011, with 18 Comments

Seems we have caught Liu off-guard in those rare moments he wasn’t paying too much attention. In this shocking, revealing photos you will see Liu Bolin as an ordinary man he really is – for example: smiling as he prepares to demonstrate another camouflage art installation, where he’s gonna blend in with all sorts of vegetables displayed on the shelves at a supermarket in Beijing. More important, it seems we have finally revealed his “so called” disappearing act, as well as learned how Liu actually looks like in person when he is not hiding from us. Check the below exclusive evidence of assistants assisting Liu in his witchcraft! Still, there is some good left in Liu – did you know he has started his optical illusion artworks of becoming ‘invisible’ more than six years ago, while describing them as a form of political protest and his way of ‘hiding from the authorities‘?

Ever Wondered How Liu Manages to Disappear? Heres How!

Artist Liu Bolin smiles as he prepares to demonstrate an art installation by blending in with vegetables displayed on the shelves at a supermarket in Beijing November 10, 2011. Liu, also known as the Vanishing Artist, started practising being invisible by means of optical illusions more than six years ago.

You’ve probably seen most of Liu’s camouflage installations, but just in case you missed some – click on the image below and browse our #Liu Bolin archive:

Ever Wondered How Liu Manages to Disappear? Heres How!


18 Responses
  1. Shinichi888 says:

    That is awsome!

  2. NeeL says:

    Next up: an artist who cuts out a grocery display, to create a black spot in the figure of a man.

    Give it a sign: “Liu Bolin was here”

  3. tom says:

    you’ve shown several versions of this man’s art, and they’re all amazing, and he’s always referred to as “Artist” Liu Bolin … if I understand this correctly, Liu is the guy who comes up with the idea and just stands there while the assistant does the painting … it seems to me, the assistant is the true artist, and deserves a lot more credit than he’s getting

  4. billyg420 says:

    That’s awesome. Usually I can spot him right away.
    It took me a minute this time.

  5. leperchaun says:

    Really cool! Keep up the good work.

  6. Booker says:

    He really is so very clever, it is usually only by his footwear that he is spotted quickly, maybe he needs to examine his shoes in future?

    Interesting to have a little look into the process, must take some time to get done?

  7. tuxedomoon says:

    I wonder if I could make a suit that gives the illusion I am at the work desk???

  8. Andrewpoky says:

    HOly macK!! 我罪恶的!

  9. Doax says:

    hahahaha hontoni sugoii desu ne!!!

  10. mike says:

    Is the illusion, that “he” is really an Asian housewife?

  11. Mendo says:

    Copy of Australian artist Emma Hack.

  12. Olivia says:

    that is beastly and i am suprised that it worked.

  13. Gord says:

    Wait…Liu is the guy in the pictures? Phht. It’s the dude who does the *painting* that deserves the “artist” credit here.

  14. LD says:

    It is quite amazing. Sad when you have to make art based on “hiding” (from your own government?)

  15. Olivia says:

    That’s cleared my thotughs. Thanks for contributing.

  16. Ken says:

    Veggies are the wrong colour on his left leg, otherwise, great job.

  17. Hamburger says:

    Surely his painter should get the credit, not him. He’s the one painting, Lui is just standing there???

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