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By on April 25, 2006, with 24 Comments

Few days ago I checked my mailbox and noticed three of our readers submitted and suggested Escher’s Waterfall to our optical illusions database. We love Escher, and have posted his work in the paste: “Staircase”, “Ascending”, “Tribute To MC Escher”, “Escher’s Google Earth”… Thanks to Wong Wen Yen here we have high-res picture of Impossible Waterfall. But wait… That’s not all! If you jump inside this article you will notice a video clip of Escher’s Waterfall masterfully recreated by Shigeo Fukuda. The water really seems to flow uphill in this small scale model. Previously I posted “Underground Piano”, also done by Fukuda. Check it. But first, jump inside this post to see Waterfall video clip sent to us by Jason Ahn and Eddie Tio.

Eschers Waterfall Contructed in 3D
“Everything seems to be in place, yet we seem to be in a strange universe where water flows uphill. What is wrong with it? Well, nothing is wrong with it. It is just our minds trying to equate the lines Escher drew with what our senses perceive of the real world.”

Here’s another videoclip of “Waterfall” I found on YouTube. The only difference is that this one wasn’t constructed in real life, but instead made digitally. Never the less explantions are here…


24 Responses
  1. Hai says:

    oh i get it now…

  2. Sher-Bear says:


  3. kiki says:

    i still dont get it where does the water come from i mean they just cant stay there

  4. Mav says:

    WOW!! This is really clever…

  5. Bippy says:

    ahh, clever, now i get it

  6. Pandas says:

    that is just awesome. i love youtube. i love this site too.

  7. klimax says:

    omg i have that exact painting in my house for the longest while. :s

  8. meeow =^_^= says:

    i love that

  9. Eclipse says:

    Yay! He’s my friend, I shall keep this page forever an’ ever.


  10. The Smart one. says:

    Wow, ive seen it a million times before, but i just love it. Anyone notice the garden near the little dude? It makes the affect that you might be underwater.. adding a whole new level to the picture. I hail Escher! This picture is everywhere in the Calgary Science Centre.

  11. BigEscherFan30 says:

    I have ALWAYS enjoyed looking @ Escher’s artwork!!! I LOVE his stuff!

  12. Anonymous says:

    that is cool i dident think that is how u do it

  13. Anonymous says:

    yeah, a great illusion. im a big fan of escers work

  14. Anonymous says:

    nice but the first vid is removed “due to terms of violation”

    It sure looks impossible thou


  15. i have a pic of dat in ma skool. but its still cool!

  16. fan says:

    it appears the water is moving away, yet it ends up at the same place it started.

  17. Lultrain says:

    my house looks like that

  18. Drew says:

    In God of War 3 (a game for PS3, FYI) they have a puzzle based on this very picture. It had to be the most creative thing I’ve seen in a video game.

  19. I love impossible art like this:)

  20. Jim D says:

    It’s YouTube video number CAJnr5_p1qk (just search YouTube for that number). Explanations are on the linked videos. (Lots of good stuff to be found if you Google “Shigeo Fukuda” — the guy is a master of illusions.)

  21. Somebody says:

    Its like that in the southern hempishere right?

  22. ichklanochcavitch says:

    just like a lazy river. i dunno how its doing it but im too lazy to try it

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