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By on July 8, 2006, with 30 Comments

Explanation for this illusion can be found in our previous “Bush Vs. Gates Illusion”. R2RO submitted this illusion while ago, but it somehow got lost in my mail box. Sorry R2RO. Fortunatelly, now it’s up for good. R2RO wrote:

“Hey, love your illusion site. I am in awe and always so inspired that I made my own. This picture is alot similar to the George Bush vs Bill Gates illusion. You have to higlight it in order to see the original picture that’s blended into the pic. It’s really hard to see the blue pic without highlighting so I don’t really qualify this as an illusion. Just clever photoshop trickery. The girl in both imaged is my friend Emily so if you credit anyone, please just credit R2RO & Emily. Thanks. Keep up with the great site. Loyal visitor.”

Be aware that this illusion works only in Internet Explorer, so if you use Firefox, open it in IE and highlight the image to see the effect.

Emily Barcode Illusion


30 Responses
  1. blackbeard says:

    awesome. thats really well made, i like it.

  2. marioluigi123 says:

    Even though the trick won’t work perfectly in Firefox, you can still see the hidden image somewhat faintly by just looking at it.

  3. someone says:

    I don’t see a hidden image, just 3 pics of a girl.

  4. Cool! says:

    Just click on the pic and when it all loads, highlight it.

  5. hannah says:

    i saw that first. is this illusion only for people wiv bad eye sight?

  6. Tammy says:

    i don’t get it ….. wots the illusion????? i see 3 pics of a girl……is there actually anythin hidden??????

  7. bob says:


    If you have a mac, just push: Control-Option-Command-8, and all the colors get inverted, making the 3rd girl easier to see.

  8. Anonymous says:

    how is this an illusion? she photoshoped 3 pics of herself together …


  9. Anonymous says:

    click on the picture
    then make it bigger by cliking bottom right corner of it
    and then high light it then you can see wat it is

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow, this is very well done…! i too do stuff in a photo program, how did you manage to pull this off?? amazing work ~Kat

  11. Anonymous says:

    yeah, you’re hot!!!

  12. __darearian___ says:

    Hey really nicely done ! Emily has a lovely face ;)

  13. rufete says:

    i dont catch it
    if someone can explain it to me i will be plaesed

  14. frank says:

    wow, she’s hot

  15. Anonymous says:

    hey all i have to say is that i luv those sunglasses emily! where did u get those?

  16. Wicked says:

    everyone, you have to click the pic to make it larger, then you highlight it.

  17. witch with a capital "b" says:

    …it’s not exactly hidden, is it? not a good illusion at all.

  18. Anonymous says:

    you have to click double click on it.
    now the image will appear larger.
    once it appears larger you guys highlight it and it will change.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hot with a Capital-H-O-T

  20. Anonymous says:

    Man She is Hot. I Mean it.I Swear. Im Sweating Because I Have Her Image in My Head. Shes Hot.=-P

  21. Anonymous says:

    Umm, Since Shes Your Friend… Could You Tell Her I Think Shes GORGEOUS! Drop Dead GORGEOUS I Meant To Say. Emily, Youre a Stunner.

  22. Cornelius says:

    Dang that’s a purdy ladeh! OOOHHH mama!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    wow, you dont even have to highlight it…

  24. anonymous says:

    wow, the girl behind the two other girls is reeeeeeaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy pretty.

  25. -.- says:

    shes hiding behind them

  26. yoshi says:

    whats and ie i have firefox and i need 2 know

  27. Quinn says:

    thats retarded i sucessfully did it but it waste of time!

  28. MissPriss1 says:

    Well that was lame.

  29. Samantha-Jane says:

    no offence, but you can see the hidden image without highlighting it :L

  30. anaminus says:

    Guys… this illusion does not work on Firefox, you have to use Internet Explorer, just click the photo, copy the link, then paste it into the Interent Explorer site typing thing. When your done that, press Ctrl-A

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