Electric-city is Your Friend

If you ever watched that hilarious cartoon “2 Stupid Dogs”, title may already have sounded familiar. If not, it was a short sketch – One of the dogs wrongly pronounced a museum sign, reading it “Electric city is your friend”, and then said “Hi Electric City !!” to a lightbulb immediately next to the sign. It doesn’t make much sense explaining the joke if you haven’t seen a video, yet I have trouble finding it on YouTube to share a link with you… Feel free to post a video link in comments if you had more luck. Anyway, below funny photo is the closest you get to being friends with Electricty, or mr. Electric City if you will!

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    1. I’m in the same boat – I access this through iGoogle too and looking for alternatives now!

    2. I also folow this site from my igoogle but I think it ends November 2013 maybe somthing els will come up before then ♥

    1. Illusion is subjective, a matter of imagination. Where Don Quixote see Monsters, Sancho Pança only see Windmills.

  1. If this is a real photo, where is the location of the towers. I suspect it may be Photoshop, UK. The tower below the clown would not hold the weight of the cabling in strong winds.

  2. Nowhere, I could find, around Újhartyán, Hungary, are any electric pylons like this. Google Maps is your friend. Someone had her/his fun!

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