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By on October 31, 2012, with 77 Comments

Seems I have forgotten to deactivate animation in my last post from appearing directly inside your widgets. Andre correctly suggested it could’ve distracted some people from doing their work, and I apologise for that. It won’t happen again. On the other note, here’s a fun photo Mojca from Slovenia (?) sent me while ago. At first I thought it was some kind of an awkward Lilliput dwarf-wedding, where I have to admit I wasn’t able to see the illusion immediately. But when I cracked it, I thought to myself – “this would make a fine addition to our Mighty Illusions archive“. What you think of it?

Dwarf Wedding


77 Responses
  1. Tonatiuht says:

    it’s only that the girls are sit on the boys’ knee

  2. Annie says:

    Oh, very clever-and no tricks or photoshopping !

  3. Sakura says:

    It’s a nice illusion, but you can tell that the bridesmaids are sitting on their partner’s leg.

  4. Kelsey says:

    LOL – nice!

  5. Guy says:

    HAHAHAHA This is good. First.

  6. RT says:

    The real illusion are the non-attractive guys having such charming ladies on their sides. :)

  7. Stephanie says:

    Doesn’t look like an optical illusion to me – you can tell they’re all sitting on their other halves’ knees!

  8. Dalip says:

    The girls are sitting on the guys legs!

  9. Max says:

    beside the dwarf thing…. what a ulgy men!!!

  10. Kimon says:

    Good one!

  11. John says:

    I think the groomsmen are going to have grass stained knees on their nice khakis.
    It took a moment to figure it out. At first glance the bridesmaids don’t look like they’re sitting at all. I like.

  12. davina says:

    last couple to the right are also the bride and groom in the same picture

  13. NeeL says:

    Nice one!

  14. jin says:

    XD Epic fail effect

  15. GingerNinja99 says:

    dont get it sorry, someone tell me!

  16. rabbit says:

    Is it something to do with the camera angles?

  17. onyxbutterfly says:

    That’s different.
    Girls sitting on the guy’s knee while they are kneeling. Cute.

  18. breandan says:

    Ah, it took a few seconds, but I saw it. I think you should add it to Mighty Illusion Archive. Like this one.

  19. Roosie says:

    Nope – Searched for something for almost 5 minutes…. What’s the illusion, is there an illusion or is the illusion about nothing?? :p

  20. aymeric says:

    I love it…

  21. Xiroey says:

    Haha, the women are all crouching.

  22. AH says:

    too ezy again,,the girls are sitting on the guys legs

  23. Tom says:

    very nice

  24. RangerJim says:

    What “Dwarves”?

    All I see is a bride & groom, the 3 presumed groomsmen on one knee with the presumed bridesmaids sitting on their other knee.

  25. John says:

    Took me a little bit to see it. Cool, they are actually sitting on the groomsman’s knees.

  26. Hypersapien says:

    I didn’t get it at all at first, then I saw what was going on when I revisited the site a few hours later.

  27. MissAnneThropee says:

    First? If this was a ‘Lilliputian’ wedding, I take it that would incur that the Bride, or Groom were of short stature, But, now we are just speaking about 3 Bridesmaids in billowy blue dresses sitting on the knees, obviously, and as a female, we all know that the length of those dresses would if not pulled out in front of them, would surely not a memorable photo make.

  28. Peet says:

    Wow, the men only have one leg.

  29. greekfire says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha looks like midgets

  30. clues says:

    The bridesmaids are sitting on the legs of the men. So obvious.

  31. James says:

    I see what you did there.img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=50162693

  32. Olivia says:

    It looks like they are sitting on the guys knees but I am not sure

  33. CorrlesID says:

    they are sitting on their housband legs dot?

  34. Privace says:


    Oh My God! It took me 2 seconds to realize the brides were sitting on the legs of the grooms!

  35. Ford Prefect says:

    Wouldn’t “Dwarf Wedding” imply the people getting married are dwarves? Shouldn’t it be “Dwarf Wedding Party?”

  36. R M Booker says:

    Rather un PC this picture, and it’s heading? People kneeling with others upon their knees, hardly an illusion either – Vurdlak, you can and have done far better than this almost discriminatory scene.

  37. Chow says:

    At first I thought the illusion was that the groomsmen were all amputees, then I saw that their legs were behind the bridesmaids. “Why would they be there like that?” That’s when I put it together that nobody in the photo is a dwarf.

    • Chow says:

      …looking at it again, it may be that the one bridesmaid on the left is either young or in fact a dwarf? I can’t exactly see the sitting position on this one.

  38. Jordan Pruyne says:

    Oh… I see the woman are sitting on the guys legs

  39. jeff says:

    ha! nice one – it took me some time, but now i always see it the “proper” way…

  40. AH says:

    i dont get how this is an illusion, there is no illusion of them being dwarfs, it’s quite obviosu they are sitting on their knee

  41. Nelson says:

    OHH, COME ON!???!

  42. Cycloptic Canary says:

    OOOOHHHHH! the guys are kneeling,
    not on their knees…

  43. bob says:

    There actually just sitting on the dudes legsssss

  44. Greg says:

    Pretty weak as an illusion – very obvious the girls are sitting on the guys’ legs

  45. Sheryl says:

    I see no illusion, just a nice wedding photo.

  46. Nathan says:

    Ohh.. i get it. That’s neat.

  47. Mia says:

    First! Cool Illusion! :)

  48. Nick says:

    What exactly is the illusion here???

  49. Nancy says:

    I still don’t see it! Any hints?

  50. HaHa says:

    I think they are sitting on the man’s leg. Look, you can see their knees in the dresses

  51. Samuel Coxson says:

    OK this is frustrating me now I just cannot see the illusion, some-one please help I’m going out of my mind.

  52. Vardluck says:

    The women are sitting down,you can tell by the 2nd and 3rd one’s knees

  53. Celestial says:

    Oh I see what the illusion is! :D

  54. buffy says:

    At first glance it looks like a wedding photo, but the men are all wearing open neck shirts and flip flops, so it can’t be!

  55. Toro says:

    I think the illusion is that the guys only have a leg.

  56. alysha says:

    how cute

  57. alysha says:

    and woo hoo for first comment

  58. I'mFromSlovenia says:

    our country is shaped like a hen, and the three girls in blue dresses are sitting like hens on the guys legs

  59. Skye says:

    It looks like all the girls in the blue dresses are short. But actually they’re all sitting on a guy’s lap. That’s why the bride looks like the tallest and the othergirls in the blue look like midgets.

  60. MuchFun says:

    The girls are sitting on the guys knee’s.

  61. Braden says:

    This is truly one for the ages, Vurdlak I like your choice of illusions. This website continues to be one of the best out there!

  62. Blair says:

    The girls are sitting on the guy’s legs!

  63. Ersie says:

    The girls are seated on one of their boys leg … but yes, the first impression is that they are real dwarfs … ahah!

  64. hardcore says:

    SMURFS! oh wait…nope, those are not Smurfs.

  65. Faba says:

    not only girls are dwarfs, but all men have only one leg !

  66. Abisso says:

    The girls might not be dwarfs, but surely they wouldn’t be very tall even if they were standing.
    What surprises me most is not the “illusion” though, but the fact they decided to marry those guys. Just kidding, just kidding.

  67. Joe says:

    lol huhabuahauaaahaha

  68. abdel moiz mohamed zian says:

    good job

  69. Jumbybird says:

    That looks like it was just accidental.

  70. igor croatia says:

    “Mojca from Slovenia (?)”

    So, whats with question mark? You never heard of Slovenia? Oh, tough luck we just have no way of knowing what SLOVENIA is… is it a country, does it have a map?

    Please dont be dumber than you are!

    • Vurdlak says:

      question mark went there because I don’t know from where Mojca is. I solely guesstimated she is from Slovenia based on her name which sound Slovenian to me… since I also live in Croatia like you do, I’m perfectly aware where our neighbouring country is located ;) Thanks for your nice words.

  71. Justin says:

    You all missed it! imagine if the guys crouching all stood up. Then the Bride and groom are the dwarf’s….just look at the crouching guys and guess how talol they would be if they were standing!

  72. Lorissa says:

    Well its just simply looks like a dwarf wedding, but as you can see the men are kneeling down, which makes it look like they are getting the same size as the women, but the ladies are sitting down on the men knees, they are not dwarfs

  73. Poyteroy says:

    It took me a while, but I eventualy saw what was going on. All in all, REALLY good illusion

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