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  1. It should make the viewer feel slightly drunk.
    Don’t know whether it increases the effect of being drunk already – I’m sober

  2. dont you people know anything!
    if your drunk thats what you see on a normal person!
    not exactly an illusion
    (Thats why its under examination tests)

  3. heh heh i dont c anyfinq rong wit da people r dey twinz or summat?
    he he weeeeeeeeee
    im not drunk.
    (sheepish grin)lol :~)))

  4. *laugh*

    For me atleast, I was scrolling down rapidly and saw her I thought “Cute Girl” and then I looked at her..

    Optical illusion for me :)

  5. Are all of you retarted, the point of this illusion is the first time you look at it you see a normal face, then, when your subcontions realises the two eyes and mouths you then realise it is mangled. and after seeing humans and most living things with two of those all your live this happens. the realisation of it takes almost miliseconds to happen though

  6. It’s less of an illusion and more of a visual riddle: What’s wrong with the face? At fist glance you see that all of her features are doubled. What takes some time to realize is that her nose is absolutely normal. Your mind just assumes that it’s doubled until you really look at it.

  7. i was not drunk upon viewing this image. i am now convinced however to become drunk as soon as possible (i’m opening another beer). thank you.

  8. I dont see the illusion….i’ve read so far that i should be seeing some drunk looking illusion…..All i see is a portrait of some girl with 8 eyes…..of course i’ve spent the last 3 hours guzzling a litre or Bourbon….should I be sober to see this illusion properly? Probably not….since the majority of the images on this site dont fall anywhere near the category of ‘optical illusions’ anyway. Or maybe it’s just the litre of bourbon talking.

  9. Look again…..see if the hair seem to be doubling also. Our brain is working over time to try to fix this image as we have a great sense of facial identity.

  10. I get it.
    It doesn’t just look weird, it actually looks like you’re not seeing it correctly.
    Yes it is just four eyes and two mouths.
    But your brain is used to seeing a face with just one mouth and two eyes.
    When you look at that, you brain thinks you’re seeing double and can’t focus correctly.

  11. wow, it didn’t do anything but, give me a eeww..to my eyes.Intense if anything.WOW, its a definite illusion of some sort..lol..
    Not good for peeps with Anxiety..
    Deborah Mc.

  12. officer:Sorry ma’am i have 2 aresst u 4 being drunk

    me:Tell me all about it blue eyes!
    (i thought it was funny)

    but seriously it’s kinda hard 2 be drunk when your an eleven year old girl!!!

  13. It’s an illusion with two eyes and two faces. Just because the only thing you see is doublr that doesn’t mean that you’re drunk.

  14. Lol, stop saying it’s photoshopped … It’s kind of obvious…

    But anyway, if you cover one pair of eyes and one mouth with your fingers, you see that none of the facial features are in the right place ^.^

    e.g. If you cover the first pair of eyes and the second mouth, she just looks like she has a long face. Experiment by covering different things.

  15. When I’m drunk I normally see just 3 eyes. I’m drunk now. But I’m not noticing much. I don’t know how to explain.

  16. is it just me or does that ladie look like a zombie, and i can defenatley say i have had 2 shandys but i am not DRUNK!

    p.s’I AM SOMEONE’ is really funny and i agree with him/her i love the comment!

  17. ok people who pee themselfs when they see this its not that hard of an illusion to creatand crossing ur eyes does make her look normal

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