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By on April 3, 2006, with 90 Comments

Seeing double? Have you been drinking again? Well, shame on you!

Drunk Illusion


90 Responses
  1. Peter Hosey says:

    How is this an illusion, exactly?

  2. Nancy M says:

    It should make the viewer feel slightly drunk.
    Don’t know whether it increases the effect of being drunk already – I’m sober

  3. ANNONYMOUS says:


    I feel dazy!

    THANX! anyway :0)

  4. chud says:

    hello… this site is REALLLY good.. its give me lots of amusement…

  5. Farted says:

    I do feel drunk…or at least dizzy….Is that like an alien?…………. OMG!!! I’m scared!!! HEHE!!

  6. Farted says:

    Clearly it is computer animated though, because no human looks like that…….or do they?! Say no more……. :#

  7. sassykat says:

    how weird was that…not exactly an illusion but…

  8. the masterbater says:

    my x looks like that

  9. Yathern says:

    dont you people know anything!
    if your drunk thats what you see on a normal person!
    not exactly an illusion
    (Thats why its under examination tests)

  10. attractive? says:

    lol IM DRUNK!

  11. kagomestrng_42 says:

    oh! got me, made me think i wuz drunk!

  12. Tisha says:

    the fore eyes the 2 noeses it kinda looks like my sister (lakeisha) lol it made me drunk

  13. jenni says:


  14. kev says:

    la la la (thud)

  15. Hai says:

    oh no i must be drinking again arrest me now officer

  16. kitty says:

    drunk, eh? no way!

  17. liz says:

    i dont see anything where do u see those illusions i cant find em!!!!

  18. purple..oh. u no da rest says:

    heh heh i dont c anyfinq rong wit da people r dey twinz or summat?
    he he weeeeeeeeee
    im not drunk.
    (sheepish grin)lol :~)))

  19. Mario says:

    Cute girl :)

  20. that guy says:

    is it bad im seeing 8 eyes??

  21. James says:


    For me atleast, I was scrolling down rapidly and saw her I thought “Cute Girl” and then I looked at her..

    Optical illusion for me :)

  22. Rayne says:

    It’s sort of hard to be drunk…. WHEN YOU’RE ELEVEN!!!!

  23. sas crotch says:

    wow never doing that when your drunk

  24. M 2 the H O says:

    i liked the b4 6 beers and after 6 beers 1,
    this 1 good also

  25. M 2 the H O says:

    maybe if your drunk you dont c double?

  26. Acacia says:


  27. Kara says:

    Uhh it made my eyes go funny and I ended up seeing quadruple instead :-|

  28. BIGGEST GREEN DAY FAN~!!!~ says:

    i have i HUGE passion for green day.. ok
    i saw that on another site and its stupid.

  29. go ACDC says:

    Are all of you retarted, the point of this illusion is the first time you look at it you see a normal face, then, when your subcontions realises the two eyes and mouths you then realise it is mangled. and after seeing humans and most living things with two of those all your live this happens. the realisation of it takes almost miliseconds to happen though

  30. wow says:

    how is this an illusion?

  31. caz says:

    well i know im drunk :)

  32. yenterb says:


  33. random says:

    tilt your head sideways and cross your eyes
    and it seems normal( to me anyway ^_^)

  34. Jessica says:

    This site is cool.I have had lots of fun on this site

  35. cf7 says:

    i agree with go ACDC’s explanation

  36. anon says:

    It’s less of an illusion and more of a visual riddle: What’s wrong with the face? At fist glance you see that all of her features are doubled. What takes some time to realize is that her nose is absolutely normal. Your mind just assumes that it’s doubled until you really look at it.

  37. pb&j - beer - sublime says:

    i was not drunk upon viewing this image. i am now convinced however to become drunk as soon as possible (i’m opening another beer). thank you.

  38. GrampaDrugs says:

    I dont see the illusion….i’ve read so far that i should be seeing some drunk looking illusion…..All i see is a portrait of some girl with 8 eyes…..of course i’ve spent the last 3 hours guzzling a litre or Bourbon….should I be sober to see this illusion properly? Probably not….since the majority of the images on this site dont fall anywhere near the category of ‘optical illusions’ anyway. Or maybe it’s just the litre of bourbon talking.

  39. dnoyes says:

    Made me reach for my glasses.

  40. Holeintheground says:

    What the deuce?!?! (dies)X_x

  41. hisSnake says:

    now i have a hang over

    wierd tho, I have only seen this like 20 times b4

  42. Gubbins says:

    Wow, she has 8 eyes

  43. charms says:

    she loos likke a spider

  44. JB says:

    Look again…..see if the hair seem to be doubling also. Our brain is working over time to try to fix this image as we have a great sense of facial identity.

  45. its me says:

    that thing is stupid

  46. The alien says:

    It’s not an illusion
    It’s just a normal picture of a normal four-eyed two-mouthed person
    Like me

  47. Seraphor says:

    I get it.
    It doesn’t just look weird, it actually looks like you’re not seeing it correctly.
    Yes it is just four eyes and two mouths.
    But your brain is used to seeing a face with just one mouth and two eyes.
    When you look at that, you brain thinks you’re seeing double and can’t focus correctly.

  48. Anonymous says:

    She looks like she has a bugger in her nose

  49. Anonymous says:

    Drunk Me well if you say so then there has to be a way to get drunk without even touching or looking a a bottle of beer

  50. when the world rolls over we'll all be dead...:O) says:

    MY EYES!!!!!!!! MY BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I agree with Rayne. I’m kinda underage to be drinking! It is definitely photoshopped! Oh well… It is cool!

  52. Foolish says:

    That an incredible illusion, i m very confused when i sawed it first time and i thought, m i really Drunked or else

  53. Anonymous says:


  54. Anon says:


    if you squint she looks like an anime or cartoon character

  55. Anonymous says:

    wow, it didn’t do anything but, give me a eeww..to my eyes.Intense if anything.WOW, its a definite illusion of some sort..lol..
    Not good for peeps with Anxiety..
    Deborah Mc.

  56. Anonymous says:

    officer:Sorry ma’am i have 2 aresst u 4 being drunk

    me:Tell me all about it blue eyes!
    (i thought it was funny)

    but seriously it’s kinda hard 2 be drunk when your an eleven year old girl!!!

  57. person says:

    wow, creepy

  58. cutegrl365 says:

    It’s an illusion with two eyes and two faces. Just because the only thing you see is doublr that doesn’t mean that you’re drunk.

  59. Shrub says:

    Lol, stop saying it’s photoshopped … It’s kind of obvious…

    But anyway, if you cover one pair of eyes and one mouth with your fingers, you see that none of the facial features are in the right place ^.^

    e.g. If you cover the first pair of eyes and the second mouth, she just looks like she has a long face. Experiment by covering different things.

  60. Anonymous says:

    That doesnt make me dizzy! its just creeps me out!

  61. Anonymous says:



  62. Anonymous says:

    Woah! I’m seeing double! She has FOUR MOUTHS!!!

  63. Anonymous says:

    This guy can’t speak English anyway. He doesn’t know an illusion from an aneurism.

  64. Illusionist says:

    poor girl…

  65. madison says:

    if you cross your eyes you see a regular girl

  66. f says:

    nice photshopping skills

  67. Anonymous says:

    i don’t THINK i’m drunk…



  68. Anonymous says:

    OMG go ACDC you sound so pompous! It is just a photoshopped image of a girl, just a laugh, chill mate x

  69. Anonymous says:

    When I’m drunk I normally see just 3 eyes. I’m drunk now. But I’m not noticing much. I don’t know how to explain.

  70. Anonymous says:

    YeAh iM DrUnK i GoT HiGh WhAtYa GonNA Do AbOut It HUh?

  71. Anonymous says:

    I FeEl doOooOZzZy! Ha hA HA!!!!!!!

  72. Anonymous says:

    thats not funny

  73. I Am Someone says:


  74. ms.wow says:

    is it just me or does that ladie look like a zombie, and i can defenatley say i have had 2 shandys but i am not DRUNK!

    p.s’I AM SOMEONE’ is really funny and i agree with him/her i love the comment!

  75. mr. booyea says:

    wow *speechless*

  76. Bowser says:


  77. no one says:

    ok people who pee themselfs when they see this its not that hard of an illusion to creatand crossing ur eyes does make her look normal

  78. britt says:

    crossing ur eyes makes her look creepy dude!(crys)i admit it…. im drunk on grape soda :( shame on me!take me away!

  79. wha? says:

    *looks at my milk* …HEY WHO PUT STUFF IN MY MILK?

  80. Lorne Marr says:

    This is CRAZY, it literally makes my eyes hurt!

  81. annie says:


  82. emma says:

    im underaged…..lol

  83. Sean says:

    i feel dizzy..

  84. Your Mom says:

    If you take your eyes out of focus her eyes and Mouth(s) blend together and she looks normal…

  85. Piper says:

    I focused above her and then I saw her look normal! Freaky and cool!

  86. says says:

    Narrow your eyes and you see her in one!

  87. Masterfitter says:


  88. kiana says:

    im not drunk im 9 and a half

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