27 Replies to “Dragon Illusion no.2”

  1. At first glance, it seems that everything from the building to the right of the tower back is part of the dragon’s mouth, but this is not so.

  2. yes, mr pie is right, only that he forget to point out that a photograph taken “next to the dragon” at this angle is what creates the illusion.

    Not the best illusion, but it works at first glance.

  3. it’s a quite good picture, though it’s not a church :)
    it’s in Budapest, Hungary, where I live.
    it is called Fishermen’s Bastion.

  4. it didnt even look like an illisuion at all when i lookedat it. i didnt know what the illusion was…until i read the caption. But then i had to look to see what it was talking about….maybe thats becuase i look hard at illusions rather than just looking at them…

  5. ha ha i’ve seen this one before, but i’ve like, never understood it till now!

    ~GO OBAMA!!!!!!~

    P.S. I’m for Obama because he shares more of my political veiws then McCain. Not a ton more, but my major ones. Not, errr, ummm, erghh……CHANGE! thats it! change! so there! humph

  6. OMG! I wuz like: OMG! STONE DRAGONS ARE HERE! THEY R GOING TO TAKE OVER! Not really, but whateves. I think that it really is a picture right next to a dragon just like Mr. Pie said, but very cool all the same! :-)

  7. I GET IT!!!! u see, it looks like the dragons mouth continues on after the budapest but it actually stops bfor it!!! Thts clever!!

  8. okay, it took me a second but i get it… focus on the tower to the left(the very center of the pic). and then the building structure behind it to the right. if you picture that building structure as being part of the dragons bottom jaw, it makes it seem like that tower is in front of the dragon’s mouth. which it’s not… that’s what the desciption of the picture is saying.

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