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By on April 8, 2011, with 55 Comments

Let’s see how long does it take you to notice the illusion in this poster below. It was originally used to promote computer game called Dragon Age II, but I managed to dig up this draft version lacking all the promotional text. The billboard was first spotted by Chris Anderson, who decided to share it with us. He explained how he had seen this poster of a bus shelter couple of times before he finally spotted the negative-space illusion it hides. This is the best clue I can give you, except maybe what you find may represent all of the dragon’s victims ;)

Dragon Age Illusive Poster


55 Responses
  1. Me says:

    That was nice. Hard to see if you don’t know what to look for though. Also, is it just me or do the tops of the dragon’s wings look like eagle heads?


  2. Zenbot says:

    It kinda reminds of various Zombie movie posters. I can definitely see how this would go unnoticed.

  3. Lil'Smily says:

    i dont get it… is it the people that are standing under the dragon, coz thats too obvious i dont think that is it

  4. Care Bear says:

    And the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed…


  5. Mario says:

    yup…realy nice..
    not that hard to see..
    @Me…no you’re not the only one,i saw the eagle heads too…
    i saw them before i saw the illusion :)

  6. Dolphin says:

    I saw the eagle heads,too,and it seems like it’s hard for some people,but not as hard for others,because I saw it immediately,while others saw it slowly… Nice illusion.

  7. Eric says:

    the only reason I noticed it was because it was posted as an illusion. I started really looking at it and then saw it. Funny too because I’ve looked at the ads and the game itself quite a bit and never saw it.

  8. Steve says:

    Very cool!

  9. Awesome Anonymous says:

    i legit found it without help this time =D

  10. Jeffrey says:

    If I wasn’t told it was an illusion, I probably wouldn’t notice, but I saw it in about 2 seconds.

  11. m&m says:

    the illusion is people in the background and i didn’t realize it till the end. first i saw the eagle heads then i looked closely and saw the people!!! LOL

  12. ohmygosh says:


  13. Braedon James Poole says:

    i saw it right at the start

  14. Schmello Pudding says:

    I saw the people straight away and I was just wondering is that supposed to be the illusion because I thought it was quite easy.

  15. Kimon says:

    Wow! I’ve seen this image several times, always thinking the wings were a bit off but never saw the people. Now I just can’t NOT see them.

  16. Julie Pruet says:

    well i see birds heads in the top of wings and then in the negative space below the wings i see people with their heads starting at bottom of wings and standing side by side for whole lenth of both wings

  17. saw it almost straight away but looks really cool

  18. selena says:

    what am i supposed to see, exactly?

  19. PixelsGarden1 says:

    very nice….but it brings the Nazi’s to mind….no worries.

    I love dragons, and this is awesome art!

  20. denden says:

    i see the eagle heads, and also the negative -space outlines of people along the bottom of the birds wings

  21. gavin says:

    WOW. under the dragons wings it looks like people

  22. Valerie says:

    Oh yeah just noticed! It’s really imaginative. Love it.

  23. Grace says:

    Kind of creepy……..,

  24. Saw it right away, the shadows that make up the wings.I’m not sure those are eagle heads on the top of the wings. nice illusion.

  25. Dayhinu says:

    ok that was wierd. I saw the people in the negative space, and I’m their trying to figure out what the illusion is. Then suddenly i realise its a dragon. Like the illusion for me was actually the dragon 0.0

  26. monkeymoron says:

    Firstly, I thought that it was an upside-down skull. Then I saw the eagle heads, but nothing else. I read some comments and there it was right in the middle, ridiculously obvious. Great illusion! :-)

  27. D to the T says:

    Not only the eagle heads but also the people you can see from the bottom of its wings.

  28. Israel says:

    I figured it out the first time I saw this poster in stores.

  29. Zerav says:

    I’ve seen this image in posters, T-shirts and some box covers and didn’t realize about this ilusion until this moment XD

  30. HakuRyuu says:

    Is it me or does the dragon look like a phoenix or a bird of some sort?

  31. Bob says:

    Great illusion, terrible game

  32. Jupiter says:

    If seen the promotions for it before but never saw the illusion of all the people “under” the dragons wings and I’m not sure I would have if it wasn’t posted as an illusion. Very subtle but very nice.

  33. Nikolaki8 says:

    Noticed it strait away! Really Awesome!

  34. ryanna says:

    i saw it i saw eagle heads and then i was wondering what the illusion was.

  35. shanae says:


  36. Xbox Gamer says:

    This photo was on Xbox Live. I lookd at it for some secs there. I noticed all the people under the wings. so here it took me 0 secs

  37. Illusiongazer says:

    Did anyone else notice that the dragons torso and up through the neck is a mirror of the guy standing in front of the dragon?

  38. dawi says:

    wow under his wings look closely

  39. IKNOWIT@@ says:

    if you focus on the character youll see the the blood drips getting longer and longer
    an effect that the wings are bleeding

  40. Jahaziel says:

    What about the “Batman” logo? Wierd sary teeth/Big Bat.

  41. Annie says:

    i thought the eagle head tips was the illusion.. until my mom pointed out there were figures in the dragon’s wing bottoms. im eight ya know! i love optical illusions.

  42. alice says:

    is there one man, or lots???

  43. wolfwoman says:

    I think the hint was too much of a give-away. As soon as I saw the words “negative space” I was prepared to see something there.

  44. avapuppy123 says:

    the white people look like the walking dead cover

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