Double Reflection Optical Illusion

As always, Francis Tabary keeps on amazing us with his creative works of art. This time he came up with such a clever ambigram, one that works in a way I never thought would be possible!  What Francis managed to pull off, he designed an object of such formation that when mirrored horizontally forms a readable word, and when you further vertically-mirror this whole word, you get to see a whole new meaning. As simple as the resulting photo appears, think how hard it must have been forming two words just by writing upper half of the first one?  Like we said, half  of the word ONDE is reflected in a horizontally-positioned mirror, which makes the entire word. ONDE is then reflected in a vertical mirror, resulting with ECHO ambigram. Now if I only knew French…

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  1. Wow! I’m so glad you pointed out that this was reflected two different ways or I’d never have noticed that the bottom half of the first word was actually a reflection. Even knowing that, it still took me forever to see it. It’s quite beautiful.

  2. I fear he’s stretched this one a bit too far. The first word seems more like OHDE, followed by ICHO. The execution is brilliant, but the initial concept is totally flawed.

    I have to say, this is the first illusion ever that I’ve seen on here that I’ve been disillusioned with. You, on the other hand, seem absolutely fired-up by it. Funny old world, isn’t it?

  3. the N in onde obviously doesn’t look like an N, but rather like the H in echo… and the E’s of course are seriously modified

    Admittedly creating this kind of installation is not easy, but if this is without a good context (explaining the onde and echo) I’m not sure I’d give it such a high rating

  4. oh its french… i was wondering what ohde was…
    onde is french for wave – also as in sun ray (energy wave) or conceivably sound waves i.e. echo – that would be clever but im just not sure if its right… i mean – echo is a word in french…

    and i gotta say a reflection of an h is an n… poor work…

  5. it’s neat, but I don’t think ‘Onde’ is a word in the English language(at least not a word I’ve ever heard of), so the first half means nothing to me.

  6. I had a quick look in at googles translater and it came up with the following for ONDE:
    Language English meaning
    danish Evil
    Czech yonder
    French wave
    Croatian there
    Catalan waves
    Albanian Kink
    Afrikaans at
    Swahili Monde
    Slovak yonder
    Might be ONDI
    Strangley that translates to Bondi in Welsh

    I might have a go at the 4 smaller words a bit latter, but I’m struggling a bit at working out the letters.

  7. Pretty cool. At first, I was reading OHDE, hadn’t thought of looking for a french word. By the way, “onde” means wave (as in a heat wave, shockwave…)

  8. Nice illusion!
    The illusion is even more cleaver since ONDE means WAVE and ECHO means… ECHO. Two words related to sound.

  9. Dare I say i’m not that impressed? Sorry! Although it is quite clever this is the sort of thing that students have done in grade 5 and 6 (ages 9-11). So it’s not that it’s not interesting or anything like that, but not as difficult to do as you may think.

  10. at first you think you are looking at the right. it doesn’t make any sense. but when you look at the left one, you see the word “echo” and then you understand why its a double reflection

  11. the original unreflected words ends in u n t.
    the fist letter is a sideways c. I’m just a messenger.

  12. i think the whole ONDE thing is just so that there are these random shapes, you put some mirrors around them and they become ECHO

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