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By on April 4, 2006, with 28 Comments

See these stairs? You presumed the coridor is at the end of them since this is the optical illusion site, right? Wrong! Acctually this is no illusion, but just me toying with you. If you didn’t see this image here, you would presume correctly that there is just a wall at the end of them. Jump inside the article and see another picture that prooves it! Source: litux.org

Double Optical Illusion
Double Optical Illusion


28 Responses
  1. Bruno Rodrigues says:

    You could have added a reference back to the source where you got these pictures ;) Me. Stairways to Heaven @ Litux.

    Indeed these stairs takes you to… nowhere! These are two buildings together (as in two square ‘U’ buildings top to each other, like <>), but one of those buildings has higher floors than the other one (thus one has 5 floors and the other has 4, but both have the same total height). This stairs are on one of those floors that don’t match the other building.

  2. vurdlak says:

    I appologize. Didn’t have the source site, picture was emailed to me. I will include your source imediately! Thnks for feedback. Comments work, just need to be approved first by me to fight spam.

    If you have more simmilar pictures you think could count as optical illusions, feel free to send them to me and each time I’ll include our link and hopefuly send you much traffic!



  3. Kevin says:

    i didn’t understand……
    this is so confusing man……

  4. Leion says:

    Why would anyone build this in the first place

  5. ~*NIQUE*~ says:


  6. Hai says:


  7. jon says:

    looks like the corridor in “the sixth sense” where the boy sees the guy hanging at the end at the school…

  8. dr.smartperson says:

    good way to waste money

  9. Sher-Bear says:

    OH thats messed up!

  10. GreenDayGirl10123 says:

    ok now for the 11th time AND THIS IS AN ILLUSION HOW???????????

  11. tsunei_09 says:

    whoa…that’s just wrong…

  12. Lay-Lay says:

    thats dumb

  13. Some random guy says:

    did you run out of REAL illusions, so you had to FAKE one, or something?

  14. Red. says:

    I heard of some creepy house, somewhere, on Ripley’s, with some ridiculous number of staircases like this one that lead into walls and trapdoors that go nowhere and stuff, it’s really creepy stuff. maybe this picture is somewhere in that house?

    • Nocturnal says:

      I know the Manor your talking about. It’s the Winchester Villa in California. Supposedly Sarah Winchester Build the house after Instructions from the other side. There is a second theory out that she let them build the house with doors that open to nowhere, steps that lead to closed rooms, doors that open into thin air and secret rooms with doors that look like closet doors to confuse the ghost that she was afraid of…

      Either way she was a believer and she let build on the house for 38 years continously.

      She was afraid of the ghosts of the people that were killed by Winchester Rifles. She beieved they took her husband.

      Nowadays it’s known as the Californi Mystery House. It’s believed to be Haunted and of course it is like a Museum…

      But no this image is not taken there… This is just stupid/weird o.O

  15. heidi says:

    what? this is not an optical illusion. it’s just stairs ending at a wall.

  16. kzx says:

    The point of this is that it’s not an illusion.

  17. Anonymous says:

    this is lame
    its common sense

  18. Anonymous says:

    Aaah, double bluffsies! xD

  19. Steven says:

    If you do some research, you’ll find that there are some old homes out there biult with stairs to no where, trap or hidden doors and doors to solid walls. Just gives you some insight to the mind of the builder.

  20. Me haha!!! says:

    Ahhh! the staircase to NARNIA!

  21. Anonymous says:

    nope, knew it was a wall rite away
    sorry, didn’t really like this one |:

  22. Me, says:

    lol i first thought the illusion was that it looked like the stairs ended in nothing. Didn’t work for me;)

  23. Athur Fonzarelli says:

    This just looks like a staircase with a wall at the end mate, your defintely no Escher (yet) try harder!

  24. jan says:

    what is the point of that staircase?

  25. cheyenne says:

    i knew that that was a wall even b4 i read it so haha to u guys im just just but yeah i really did

  26. Kanogias says:

    nice stairs…

  27. Bill Forbes says:

    This may be (or may not be) in the Jewish History Museum in Berlin. Anyway, they have a similar “feature”. Of course the intent is to symbolize the abrupt termination of Jewish culture in Germany during the holocaust. They also have an art gallery that is completely empty, symbolizing all the works of art that were never created by holocaust victims and their unborn descendants. When you walk into that space you think, “Oh, they’re getting ready to put in an exhibit”. When you find out that, in fact, the “exhibit” is complete as-is, it knocks you over. At least it did me.

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