Distorted Grid Optical Illusion

What I need you to do is stare at the center of the grid below. After some time you will see the grid begin to heal itself. Continue staring, and finally the grid will appear perfectly “healed”. This piece was created by Ryota Kanai, where the optical illusion is caused by our brain expecting to see something, so it processes the eye’s signal in a way that creates something that makes sense on one hand, but ends far from what our eyes originally saw! Let’s see if it worked for you as it did for me…. Btw, thank you for your Paris hints!

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  1. the illusion is easy to look, but I think that also on the other way is possible, if you look the part that is damage the center will start to see damage too.

  2. Nice one! Yes it does start “healing.” But I also found that if I’m not steady enough in my gaze it fractures to a greater degree. (Is this just me?)

  3. Sort of worked for me. When I was looking at the centre of the grid it straightened out a litle then I had a 3D moment and went into the picture. The black behind the white began to move backwards. Wasn’t expecting that to happen!

  4. It wasn’t exactly perfect; there were 3 or four spaces on the left that were too big to heal, but overall, pretty cool.

  5. This one doesn’t work well for me.

    I mean, when I stare so long I get the slight blurryness, it can be hard to tell where the edge of the real grid it, but it seems less of an illusion and more of a “yes, your eyes don’t see too well after staring for awhile”.

  6. Everytime I start staring it begins to “heal” itself but then I blink and I have to start all over again….

  7. this is my absolute favorite kind illusion!the believe the ones that point out defects in our selves/eyes… glitching to fix perception… whodathunkit?

  8. FINALLY!!! a decent illusion… compared to late… are the fragments suppose to line up… i see a few do that… interesting…

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