Disappearing Spots

This is a new version of popular disappearing effect illusion. If you stare at the center black dot for 30 seconds, you will see how the colored spots around it will slowly disappear. Try it! Did it work? If you liked this one, you can check disappearing effect category for the best optical illusion ever, but also check vanishing haze, disappearing colors, disappearing act, dynamic luminance effect…

35 Replies to “Disappearing Spots”

  1. Class! they all disappeard for me and wen i looked back at them, 6 new spots had appeared wich were 3 kinda light pink nd three bluey. nice one

  2. nice! they dissapear by color right? first pink, then yellow and last blue (is this differentfor other people?) and u can make em come back by not focusing your eyes on the picture… werid

  3. :( Only the blue ones disappear for me! Awesome site! Not as good as it used to be but if it’s my fave site then it’s gotta be good! Keep up the awesome work!

  4. after i did this i also noticed some light blue dots that i didn’t see before were they always there? I have had some trouble with some illusions before cos I’m color blind could this be related to that in any way?

  5. I have a glow in the dark star on my ceiling specifically for that purpose because I noticed that if you focus on a point of light in darkness, everything fades away. Solved my insomnia. :)

  6. Awesome. It happens because your eyes are fading out the rest of the thing but the concentration point. This happens to me a lot. If I watch T.V the things around me turn black and dark and the T.V does not. Eyes are amazing.

  7. so for me the blue went then the pink and yellow did this lighting and darkening triangle thing then the blue came back circling the other two colors

  8. awesome, after I saw that the spots disappeared, i quickly looked at a blue spot, and it was like there were more than three of all the spots. Like, the spots covered the whole picture!

  9. for me it went blue, then yellow, then pink, and i saw spots everywhere when i blinked back into focus! XD but only for a moment.

  10. first the blue went then the red and the top two yellow ones didnt fully disappear but they did slowly start to fade then the colors started to fade back in one by one… nice illusion i love it!

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