Devil Illusions

Here are some of my other scary optical illusions. Most of them show you an “idle” picture of a woman, young couple or children. On a first glaze pictures look normal, but when you stop concetrating on minor details, figure of an unholy presence strucks you… Scary! Go inside this post for more pictures. If you like beeing scared, check “Scariest optical illusion”, “Scary Illusion no.3” and “Scary Illusion no.4”.

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  1. hehe, I saw the scary faces first and had to work (at least on the first one) to see what i was “supposed” to see first :)

  2. Can anyone give more information about the third image down? The one with the two children and/or the skull.

  3. First one is called “The Gossips” It was created long time ago when women were supposed to be seen and not heard. It was created to show women what talking out would bring the Devil himself to them..They used it as a Powerful message to keep women submissive. Being a woman I think its Sad. Being a weirdo and a lover of art I think its amazing. I love these old optical Illusions your site is amazing keep up the good work!

  4. hey everyone what do you think about them. I think they should get a lot more scary ones cause they did not scare me

  5. It is a documented fact that the human visual process reviews the whole before seeing the individual pieces. For example, you see a house, and then you notice the windows and door. However, if the house is close enough to you, you see only windows and door, and then you see individual panes, doorknobs, and viewing holes. So if these pictures were a lot bigger, the desired illusion would work better.

    I am willing to bet that the one who made this site has much larger images than are seen on most peoples’ monitors.

  6. Dude, when i first saw this..i..i didnt know what to say. this is just amazing. who in this world thinks of this. maybe im jus too high. praise jah.

  7. i saw the “scary” (i used the term advisedly) first except for the seond to last one. i saw the angels first and it took me a while to see the bats. :D

  8. I see somehting in all of them but the 2nd from the bottom (which by itself is a cool pictures) but what’s it supposed to look like?

  9. the third pic is from a CHILDREN’S BOOK.

    it’s called “I SPY, SPOOKY NIGHT”, pg.18.

    i wonder what Walker Wick (the photographer) would say if he knew you ripped off his photo…

  10. You are being way too hard on the illusions. They are not scary, but if u think about it, it is impossible to make the illusion scarier. After all, its a still picture which has to have multiple meanings, how scary can it get?

  11. i saw the scary things first rather than the samll details…….plus they were lame anyeayz…MAKE SCARIER STUFF!!

  12. Ha, i saw the Devil faces first and i was straining my eyes on some of them to see what it was originally supposed to be. Of course on that one with the Angels in different directions i was kinda like, “Uhm….what?” and then i looked a bit closer and saw what it was. Then proceeded to slap myself for not catching it in the first place. :)

  13. To Anonymous number 47,
    Walter Wick did NOT paint that picture, just as he doesnt build all the components of his sets.

    He took that picture from SOMEONE ELSE.
    So there.

    And also, Farted, who the hell are you, and are you really just one person or are there like a hundred people who call themselves Farted?

    I have wondered for quite some time.

  14. to HUUh-
    I know right. i saw the devil fist then when i had tho courage to look harder(cause the picture freaked me out) then i saw it. Oh don’t see the scariest illusion it took me a long time to recover

  15. I almost got a heart attack (not a REAL one) when I saw some of those pictures. The first one makes me think hansel and gretel.

  16. When you look at the image with the angels, the fifth one, you need to look at the bits which aren’t part of the angel(s). If you create a square where there are is an angel at the top, bottom, left and right, you will see a demon with wings in the centre of the square you’ve formed. The shape of the angel’s wings that enclose the centre shape creates the form of the demon’s wings.

    Hope that helps.

  17. as som of u ppl said i as well saw the demons first now im wonderin who the hek would draw some angelic image and make the bakground turn it into somthin demonic.
    (pardon the bad spellin just cutin it short)

  18. These images look old. Old enough to suggest a very puritan frame of mind. The images with a skull illusion suggest that the included icons (women, children) have an association with death. The icons within the demon illusions (nude/affluent women) have an association with sin.

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