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By on May 14, 2008, with 65 Comments

It’s been a long time since we posted Part I of the “Deceiving Billboard Ads“. Many of you have already forgotten my promise about making the sequel, but luckily I haven’t. In the same manner I’m keeping all of your emails, comments, suggestions and submissions in the back of my head, preparing space and surroundings for their implementation – in the right moment, when the time comes.

Today’s compilation holds some of the most original, and creative advertisements I have ever seen. Making a specific post for each wouldn’t be very “topical”, but exhibiting them as a collection makes sense. I hope these 22 images together have enough illusionary in them to be part of this site. I would like to hear your comments, and opinions which one is the best. This post comes just in the right time for me to announce that the Billboards Category has finally been completed. I have updated it will all the recent billboard articles, related icons and targeted descriptions. Feel free to browse all of our Optical Illusion Billboards up to date, and please report if you encounter any broken links.

Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II
Deceiving Billboard Ads   Part II


65 Responses
  1. Anonymous says:

    the one with all the girls would freak me out, one of them should at least be into it or somethin. lol.

  2. akane95 says:

    It is really difficult to choose. There are a lot of great ones here. I like the drinking and driving ones. I think they would be really effective, but I have to say my favorite is the shark on the bus.

  3. adrian says:

    really amazing!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    the one with a bunch of girls looking at me would really freak me out as well with a guy with that wierd towel.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i really liked most of them but i didn’t understand some of the ones near the beginning.

  6. Neo911 says:

    This is my favorite submission of all…they are all so great!

  7. Tharene says:

    I don’t get the second. What is ”Royal”?

  8. Anonymous says:

    the one with the subaru cars blows my mind…what?!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have to say that the FedEx/UPS one is my favorite, but the smoking one on the back of the bus is brilliant. The drinking and driving ones would be really effective I think.

  10. TheChairman says:

    While I enjoy it, my gut tells me that the FedEx / UPS one has got to be fake. FedEx just wouldn’t do that.

  11. allan says:

    i don’t get the one with the upside down cars on the semi. what is the ad supposed to be?

  12. Josh Norman says:

    I have to say the FedEx/UPS one is my favourite I’m afraid.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Don’t understand how the Subaru lorry works / was done, not even superglue. Wife says they drive them on like that… She is short sighted though!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m loving the FedEx one! What an innocent and competitive and effective message it sends across – unless of course you can’t/don’t use FedEx.

  15. Screaming Doubles says:

    those are really sweet. and its posts like this that i keep checking for.

    they are provocative, simple, and ingenious.

    maybe i should get me one of those towels.

    ; )

  16. InfernoX8Hatake says:

    I really like them all, but can anybody see what it says on the bathroom one? The one with the legs? It would’ve been akward if it wasn’t an illusion O_o

  17. Anonymous says:

    these are crazy!!! i love them all

  18. Oliver says:

    i like the subarus most.
    “They stick to the road.”

    hope, they don´t provoke an accident.. ;-)

  19. Anonymous says:

    some of those are pretty funny, they are all very nice though. interesting ideas. I liked the drinking & driving ones the best, they were pretty realistic.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The Subaru one is cool, i’ve seen one of them, its supposed to be advertising road handleing or suspension or something. The do actually drive with them attached like that, not sure how they load/unload them though, must need a crane.

  21. BuddyToBud says:

    Absolutely brilliant – loved the Imprezza and Fed Ex in particular

  22. scrawf says:

    Fantastic. I don’t get how all the billboard advertising around is so good, yet sooo many ads on TV are just crap.

    I particularly like the subaru one, I just can’t see how it’s done. My guess would be that the lower cars are just an image printed on the truck, but I can’t see it. Maybe I just have to get me some of that subaglue

  23. Anonymous says:

    Some are very clever, others are sexually suggestive and not suitable for a site which children may be viewing. Would the authors be happy for their children to view these images? Think about it.

  24. Daniela says:

    Can someone explain the billboard with the woman and boy legs. What’s the message?
    And my favorite one is the one with the girls in the restroom and the one advertising to get up and run.

  25. Tyne-Zimmerman says:

    I for one would be happy to let my children see all the images on this site. These ads are very creative, kudos to the editors for spreading these highly artistic ads. I hope my children are inspired by these ads to become artists!

  26. Anonymous says:

    These are great ads but it is highly unlikely that you will ever see any of them in public. Agencies produce these (I don’t know for certain that these are are, but it my guess that a great number of them are) ads solely for the purpose of winning awards and most times the client doesn’t actually pay for any of the work hours that goes into them. The ads will then only ever appear once in situ so that they are then eligible to be entered into the various awards shows.
    Its a shame, because a lot of this work is excellent (some are a bit of a scam though) but most clients wouldn’t approve stuff like this.

  27. Andréia says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    The “drunk people” in the bathroom are for South Africa’s arrive alive campaign – absolutely brilliant

  29. Michael says:

    I don’t get the one with the plug coming out of the board. could someone explain it to me?

  30. vbarata says:

    Just explaining the second picture: Royal is a baking powder brand ;)

    Liked the watch one, pretty useful to show how to hold those things. And every other one is great too!

  31. Kawaii Killer says:


    lots of interesting illusion pics! love it <3

  32. Anonymous says:

    super funny and creative

    i want the drunken bathroom kids for my own home haha

  33. Anonymous says:

    Those are cool! I definitely want that towels :D

  34. Anonymous says:

    Fun, that buds will work well on a teachers’ chairs :D

  35. Anonymous says:

    OMG that would be so awsome to go to each and every one of these to see them 4 myself!!!

  36. blarp says:

    the one with the girls and the uranals id like for there to be a hole for there mouths if you know what i mean

  37. Media Design says:

    Brilliant collection! Addresses/cities for these would be cool. Anyone seen these in real life?

  38. Geoff says:

    Wonderfull! I love them. But I think I could do better.

  39. Richard says:

    If you want to see the women above the urinals, go to the Las Vegas Hilton. They’re in the men’s restroom in the long hallway between the main casino and the convention center ballrooms. I recall they’re next to the nicer restaurants in that hallway.

  40. justme says:

    to the guy that said they never hit the public. not true. the shark bus for example drove around Amsterdam for 5 months, the FedEx one ive seen too, and you can be sure the company pays.. you know what it costs to run an ad like that for a month?

  41. Spider says:

    @ Geoff: Shut TF up, dude!

    Just do it, publish it in public and send the photo here for people to see. Bulls**tting is easy. You don’t even need much thinking to bulls**t. But it’s as worthless as your pathetic existence.

    Action and work result, on the other hand, worth more than a million bulls**t.

  42. x says:

    the shark on the bus is wicked! thats what happens when you try to sneak onto the back without payin haha! kids will be freaked out!

  43. Fredrik says:

    The fed ex truck is a killer. X)

  44. I.Kazlauskas says:

    these are crazy! i love them all

  45. sam says:

    that’s simply great!! keep it up…

  46. sam says:

    that’s great!! keep it up.

  47. Tobs W says:

    90% of good ads are created solely for winning awards. Only the dumbest ones make it through to TV because of censorship and attempts at keeping it on the same intellectual level as the audience.

  48. Wendell Gee says:

    The very first one (image of watch superimposed onto the hand strap) is very ingenious, HOWEVER it would have been better if they had taken the photo with a LEFT hand through it instead of a RIGHT hand.

    As it is, having used the RIGHT hand, the watch face is situated/oriented upside down. It would be correct if they had used a LEFT hand.

    The very last one (ad for pasta) with the faces on the ships’ bows looking like they are sucking up a strand of spaghetti/pasta is very imaginative also.

  49. BBB says:

    the one of the giant cake, is an add for the baking powder “Royal” and is located in Curitiba, Brazil

  50. OMG Excellent ads these! Seen a few of them. Love the audacity of the FedEx ad though haha

  51. Neta Shikoba says:

    lol i love these!

  52. Ivy says:

    The last one is REALLY funny… some of them make no sense, though.

  53. Rachel says:

    Lol i love these illusions they are gravy (great)

  54. Woot100 says:

    I think the dont drink and
    drive ones are clever.

  55. mysticmusic says:

    I want the giant cake building… cake, Mmmmmmmm

  56. RequiredName says:

    Wow. Some of these were really clever. But I didn’t get some of them, like the first one. but the ones that I did get were really clever.

    • Popeye says:

      Just read the ad and you’ll get it.

      All are great and very clever. I felt ready to quit smoking after looking at 6th.

  57. Lucy says:

    the one with the mens toilets look at the lady painted on the wall with the tape measure-the dirty cow! ;)

  58. notarealname says:

    wen i saw the 2nd one i was like yum

  59. lilman says:

    wow….those are pretty cool, i really like the one with the toweles

  60. miju rai says:

    wow……….its all very clever i like the towel

  61. annaj:) says:

    hahaha so funny!

  62. Gabe says:

    I lol at the smoking one

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