Darwin’s Theory Postcard

For the last few days I felt somewhat “depressed” concerning the optical illusion material we share. It somehow seemed that all of the illusions just kept repeating themselves lately, being nothing more than a variation of a variation of a variation. As if very rarely something truly original bumps up. Have we really exhausted the illusion well, and reached its bottom? Are we left to the position where we can’t do anything but wait and hope for the new ones to be produced?

But then, having nothing better to do, I just relaxed in my chair and decided to try and navigate this website, seeing it through eyes of my readers, instead of my own administrative and technical view. I started navigating page by page, and after very short time I realized “Boy, there are some really awesome posts and illusions we did here. Some of them even I have forgotten about!“. I was really shocked how much I enjoyed this site as an ordinary viewer. This truly regained my spirit back.

Seeing all the work we’ve done, I have to say I’m more than proud what we have built! With all my motivation back, I started searching and found tons of new material to share in the coming days; some in your mail submissions, and some in my own research! Enough of my wining for now, let’s see what Vitaliy Razhanskiy decided to share with us… As it seems this postcard appeared on eBay titled “Darwin’s Theory“. Can you see the irony?

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  1. I loved this one! I like having to really pause and examine a picture. In this one, the artist blends the images of three women, a man hovering admiringly over them, and a female child. The artist may have been trying to show male dominance over both the woman, and the planet. It was the accepted idea in Darwin’s time. Now, it is the child who actually dominates the family, and modern society. Thanks to people like Benjamin Spock, and his failed psychological approach to child rearing, parents are no longer able to discipline their children. The rising crime rate clearly shows the failure of Spock’s methods. In US society the child, especially the unborn fetus, has been raised to a deity, worthy of worship! It’s easy to see why children came to see themselves as far more important than the parents that gave them life.
    Charles Darwin never realized the direction his survival of the fittest aka the most dominant, would take.

  2. You were “wining”, and you didn’t share?! Was it a nice chianti, or maybe a white zinfandel?

    I like this illusion. It has a very interesting visual impact.

    Thank you! :-)

    *Disclaimer: It was not my intention to insult or upset anyone. I was merely trying to inject, however poorly, a little humor. I hope it was taken in that way! Keep up the good work!

  3. This is one of the coolest yet. I can actually see the face of a primate while seeing Darwin’s Theory. It reminds me of the illusion of Jesus’ crucifiction in the face of Jesus. I don’t care what anyone says, this website is kickass…..

  4. There are actually six in this pic (check the shoulder and top of the head that makes the ear). ^_^

    Awesome pic though and refreshing to see a diferent type of illusion.

  5. It almost looks as if the bottom woman could go to ways. But one way it looks like she is sucking the other girls Crotch… :)

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