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By on March 9, 2010, with 46 Comments

Yes, today’s picture shouldn’t be considered true optical illusion. No-one normal would be deceived seeing this huge snake painted on public transportation. Your brain would simply prevent it from fooling you. However, I think it’s great example of creative advertising. Not only did it catch my attention, it became viral around the net as well. The only thing I’m not certian about, is what should this billboard represent? Somwhere in back of my head quiet voice suggests how this ad’s purpose was to promote public Zoo of some sort, but I can’t give any guarantees.

Danish Bus Optical Illusion


46 Responses
  1. crazyyboyy says:

    as far as i can see the bus does have ZOO written on it between 2 of the snakes coils great advertising. Great job vurdlak keep it up

  2. OWNAGE!!! says:

    Well, seeing has it says “zoo” on the side of the bus I think your head is correct.

  3. BG says:

    The ad is promoting the Copenhagen Zoo.

  4. The side of the bus says ZOO, maybe it’s an ad for an exotic creature display.It appears to be an attempt to advertise something exotic. I know it certainly caught my attention!

  5. Ing says:

    And the word zoo is written in the same typeface as the copenhagen zoo ( http://www.zoo.dk/BesogZoo.aspx ) uses… hmmm.

  6. Frankie Slaggy Jones says:

    i agree wiv crazyyboyy

  7. matethemouse says:

    I think it’s for the danish zoo. Looks like the danish busses, and the way the “zoo” is written is just like the logo of the zoo.
    Strange that I hadn’t seen this “illusion”, on my walks around the city

  8. Janice says:

    I’d go to this zoo for sure, this is very interesting (:

  9. Care Bear says:

    Don’e think I’ll be making any trips to Denmark any ways soon. My boss might. I think I’ll share and see if anything looks familiar to her. Thanx for all the great eye candy.

  10. Danish Viking says:

    I´m a Dane and you are right, it is a commercial for a zoo…. but sadly I have never seen this commercial in real life :(

    so its good that we have this website :D

  11. Lars says:

    It is indeed a commercial for the zoo in Copenhagen (Denmark)…


  12. T says:

    it is a ‘true’ illusion in the fact that the top and bottom of the bus really do look deformed. I like this one, very good find :)

  13. Ms.Observant says:

    that little voice was just reading those letters tha spell ZOO on the bus…lol

  14. Tobsy says:

    I’m from Denmark (and thanks for a fantastic and time consuming website), and you are perfectly right. It is advertisement for the zoo in Copenhagen (the capital), that ran on the busses some time ago. I think there were several others. I recall a bus with a huge bitemark from a tiger or so, and maybe one with some scratch-marks, but I’m not 100% sure.

  15. Angela says:

    I don’t get it. It’s soooooooooooooooooooooo wierd LOL

  16. Blizzard4800 says:

    it would be awesome if they painted that on to a bus

  17. Jazzpear says:

    it is infact an advertisement for the zoo in Copenhagen as I can recognize the logo.
    I would love to have been in that bus.
    thank for sharing this – I will definitly bumb this picture on one or two pages

  18. malk says:

    this is for a magazine named zoo i believe

  19. Tom says:

    ad campaign for the Copenhagen Zoo … by ad agency Bates Y & R

  20. A Snail says:

    Its an advert for Copenhagen Zoo (Denmark) on the side of a school bus. I’m sure the children appriciated being in a giant snake! Some probably still get nightmares 11 years on.

    See the following website for a bit more info:

  21. Joanna says:

    I’d love to see that bus on the streets in my city. Great fun! I wonder if there are others, too: a giant squid, an octopus, an army of huge bullants…

  22. Jerry says:

    Is this a paintjob on an actual bus or is the whole scene an image or billboard?

  23. Shaleha says:

    this is awsome

  24. Roaster says:

    This is way cool!

  25. nicole says:

    ooh this is so cool, mostly because i saw this bus while on my 2-week vacation in denmark :)

  26. BusDriver says:

    I am a bus driver, and was asked to drive this bus. When the first took me to the bus station, i got the fright of my life! It then dawned to me that the bus is actually painted! So, its very good.

    As i was driving around, everyone kept looking and pointing! I felt very important driving around in the coil of a snake! I dont know if it actually attracted people to go to the zoo, or if it just brightened up their day!

  27. Kathy says:

    We used to have a similar billboard advertising our zoo here in Nashville. There was another one that looked like an elephant was breaking through it.

  28. Yeah, can’t fool anyone but a kid although like you say it a really cool ad!

  29. Megan says:

    This is cool. I like the way they painted it to make the bus seem deformed. Def. a good advertising ploy. Something people wouldn’t miss at all.

  30. madsen says:

    I’m from Denmark and it represent a zoo. it’s a park where you can take your kids to see some animals in cages

  31. tinkerer says:

    oh wow, that is sooooo cool!

  32. Krystal says:

    everyone seems to be pointing out that it’s for a zoo! i feel bad for you reading all the comments that are exactly the same :P I wonder how much it would cost to get an ad like that?

  33. kaderesan says:

    really gud.

  34. Jesper says:

    Madsen.. thanks for explaining what a zoo is

  35. Thanos says:

    well to me, it is not an illusion in a way that you think this is acctually happening, but it does give the impression that the metal is bend on the bus.

  36. Online Money Earning says:

    This is really fabulous illusions to watch out..

  37. This may just be the best bus painting I’ve ever seen! Love it~

  38. random person says:

    it fooled me i thought there actually was a snake

  39. Laura L says:

    there are busses like that in paris as well! they’re for a movie ad. it’s really cool!

  40. Lars says:

    I’m danish, I realise that it’s been said a few times, but: It IS an advert for Copenhagen ZOO.. Part of their slogan with the zoo being the “wildest place in copenhagen” and it was in fact on some busses and as 1 said there were other “illusions” as well..

  41. dedy says:

    oh…, my ma’am…
    . that’s very amazing bus….

  42. Acc03 says:

    I don’t wanna go to that zoo! They have. . . GIANT SNAKES THAT COULD EAT ME!

  43. autumn says:

    its absolutely AAMAZING!!!!!!!!!!1

  44. Shane Lapan says:

    That’s too scary for me, specially for the kids.

  45. Kim Bredahl says:

    Well… I made the CGI (Computer Generated Image) and post production. The client was Bates Y/R and it was an advertisement made for Copenhagen Zoo.

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