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By on July 15, 2009, with 35 Comments

Just so that you know why there was a 2 day delay between illusions, the reason was my trip for vacation. By now I have accommodated myself at the island of Korcula, which will be my new blogging station for the next month or so. It took some time before I could set up the office and internet connection here, but now all should be set now, and I’m ready to continue updating Moillusions.com from now on.

I’m glad that many of you switched to Facebook Connect, or created Gravatars for commenting on this site. Comments section looks much more “friendly” now, with all those user pictures posted next to their comment body. There was an issue with icons not appearing, but Facebook has fixed the bug, and all should be running perfectly now. Before I log out, I’m obligated to mention the illusion. As you see something is terribly wrong with our little soldiers. If you have problem understanding what is going on around, check original Elephant Illusion (famous one), and drop an eye on M.C. Escher Cowboys.

Copyright: G. Sarcone, www.archimedes-lab.org

Copyright: G. Sarcone, www.archimedes-lab.org

  • I’m sorry, it don’t like this one.. The elephant one is much more realistic!

  • Ashley

    Very neat picture. I love that if you just glance at it without looking too hard, then everything seems normal.

  • Tim

    Nice, First

  • Not as good as the elephant

  • no.johnny5

    Their legs and rifles are in a space time continuim where light is bent. [O-O]

  • XD

  • ellie

    nope ……dnt like it ….soz :)

  • thats weird but cool

  • No one,

    I don’t see them dancing….1st post!!!

  • Noah

    FIRST POST WOOT, i always liked these

  • pineapple jo

    Well. Legless soldiers…. Kinda.

  • justgerald

    A month for vacation?! I gotta get me a job like yours!

  • Care Bear

    I have a feeling they’d never make it on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Solid effort, though.

  • calvin

    I dont c it
    & they r NOT DANCING

  • Mr Chris

    Well that is just poor isn’t it?

    Saw it straight away in the widget… But seeing as you have other things to deal with it seems understandable you chose a cr@ppy image that with little explaining to do…


  • anonymous

    i cant really see it dancing but its pretty cool illusion

  • Cool

    their legs havemove away. poor them!

  • Eva

    Other than that, it’s my first time seeing this kind of illusion…The first one in the picture has a normal gun, but the rest are blended in another place, with all the legs…not 100% illusion, but okay…

  • Eva

    Oops not first…-_-

  • Cameron Kuhn

    hehe cool!


  • Aethelind

    It’s okay…but kinda obvious. Well…it’s just kinda…

    Oh well…just my opinion.

  • Love Korcula – a beautiful city…
    Nice image as well but was obvious as I had to scroll down throgh the transition zone

  • popesantaxiv

    Oh My GOD! They’ve been decapitated, the poor fools!

  • is this actually new?

  • Detective Kitty

    This one isn’t as great as the elephant one but stilll pretty good…

  • Brandon

    This is the worse one posted in a long time. I love the posts thru the widget on my iGoogle page. But this one is horrible. It’s been all over the place. I saw it on the front page of the NY Times 9 or so years ago… I’m not positive of the time frame, but i know I saw it on the cover as a fraud or something of the such… And it might not have been the NY Times. But another publication.. Either way, this one is OLD NEWS!!

  • Spider

    Impossible objects are good illusions, Vurdlak. But while the elephant is good, this one is not. It has the same concept but poorly executed.

    And why is this called Dancing Soldiers? First of all, they’re definitely NOT dancing. They’re standing at ease. Secondly these guys look more like sailors than soldiers to me.

  • Facebook User

    I don’t believe it’s a really good one. All I see is three soldiers, a blur, and 3 pairs of feet that are disconnected.

  • Flor

    Elephant illusion is better,cause it’s not so obvious like this one. But it’s also not too bad.

  • Jay

    I think these illusions only work if it all blends in together like the Elephant one. This is too obvious and IMO doesn’t really work. :/

  • Nebbit

    meh… dont think this one blended aswell as the elephent one. (And could everyone PLEASE stop saying “FIRST POST!!! YAAAY!!!”, or “am i first?”, because it is incredibly annoying!!!!!!)

  • Spider

    It’s bound to happen. People say first on ALL comment sections everywhere. They have the audacity to appear as total morons when they turn out to be NOT the first (and even when they do.) Just let it go. There’s nothing you can do.

    What, you want to change people who’ve been raised as morons all their life? Forget it!

  • cindy

    KeWl :)

  • Shawnna

    didnt see it

  • joseph ts.

    Sorry,did not see it.