Dancing School Flyer Illusion

This one has to be the best illusion I came across. It’s a scanned flayer for the local dancing school (probably this one). Took some time to see it tough, but when I noticed the illusion I couldn’t stop laughing. I’ll let you figure this one yourselves. No hints from me!

My head still hurts, but I went to see a doctor. Guess what she told me – “It’s a sinus inflammation pressing on my optic nerve” .. or something like that. I think I won’t be needing any doctor in the future, cause it seems like consulting with my readers is much easier. I even get 2nd opinion (and 3rd, and 4th, and so on…) I was amazed how schtoogler thought of this first (in comments of my previous post), and many others suggested the same thing. Schtoogler will you be my Online doctor of trust? Hehe… Thanks everyone for all your care and good wishes, except those who suggested I had AIDS or tumor.. I haven’t approved those comments, but think I should have. Probably they were worried as well, not just being evil!

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  1. nice one all you do is un-focus your eyes(cant explain it better)

    ps. sry about the tumor thing my sis had the same and she had one.

  2. is there a possibility that this is a gag? i cant imagine some kid’s mom not freaking out and suing somebody for pornography or something like that. i saw the naked torso before i even looked at the add. to me the dancers are harder th see than the tatas. what does that say about me ha! this is an awesome site, i have been here non stop for 2 days and loving it!

  3. haha thats good. at my school they do a similar thing on the charity drive shirts every year as a prank, only they hide the, um… male bits.

  4. I sat there staring at it for like a full minute going ‘I don’t get it. It’s just two clip art figures dancing! What?!’ Then I got it.
    Clever! Do you think that was on purpose?

  5. “i cant imagine some kid’s mom not freaking out and suing somebody for pornography or something like that.”

    That would be an US-only phenomenon – both suing and pornophobia.

  6. Boobies!

    One time the Catholic school by my house was having a dance for grown-ups as a fund raiser. They advertised on their church and school marquees like this:

    Adult Dancing! Here! Friday Night! Tickets $10.

    It made me laugh and laugh. Adult dancing at the Catholic school. I wonder if anyone showed up expecting strippers.

  7. Oh I see. At first it looked like a naked body, and then I thought the illusion was that it also looks like a frog’s face.. but that didn’t really add up. But fortunately someone mentioned the dancers!

    I suppose that tells me more about how my mind works than about the picture..

  8. I also only saw the dancers at first, but after reading comment #11, I did get it (saw only the boobies at first).
    This is the best illusion? The pink dots with the spinning green dot is the best. This, this is just some subliminal porno crap. It is NOT the best!

  9. Oh and I hope those AIDS or tumor people didn’t scare you too much, ha ha! Anyways despite your ailment, you still seem to keep well since you keep posting. Amazing! I hope you get 100% healthy soon.
    Peace out.

  10. oH mY gOd.
    That has to be the funniest illusion I have ever seen. Absolutely hilarious!
    This one is definately being sent to my friends. Thanks for the good times guys, I’ll remember this when I’m 80.

  11. lol these comments helped me figure it out and when i saw it i was like omg XD then all i could see was the breasts 10/10 respect man hehe!

  12. LOL once you find out what it is….its hard not to see it anymore….i dont even see the dancers anymore i just see….well u know!!!

  13. rotflmao…I’m pretty new to this site but am LOVING it. I, like a few others, only saw the boobs first and actually had to concentrate to see the dancers…lol..guess my mind is the gutter (but that can be a good thing)…lol

  14. OMG EWWW tht’s gross!!! its a flyer for children and they actually drew that? haha it took me a long time to see what was so funny about this flyer and now i get it… lol that’s one inappropriate flyer..

  15. That some people find this offensive is completely at odds with the fact that they too are passengers of the fallopian highway. They’re tits, get over them. Better still, get under them …


  17. omg i just got it :0 i cant belive they have dis poster GEEZ well .. for all of the people that are
    NOT perverted .. here is a hint if you cant find it … look at the heads of da people (its boobs ..) sorry girls ..

  18. That took me awhile. (for people that dont see it, the two dancers heads are the nipples, and the bodies of the dancers make out the body of the naked person.
    very clever

  19. omg!! i couldnt see it, and then i was thinking bout how everybody said sex…and i was looking at with a tilted head and it hit me…totally gross but insanely funny :D

  20. i saw it before i saw the dancers actually, but the fact that it’s for a school just adds to it… lmao, still laughing about it.

  21. i had a hard time finding the dancers. i saw the boobs when i looked at it and i thought that was what it was intended to be. it took a couple minutes to find the dancers

  22. whooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I did not see the illusion at all. Then I started reading the comments and finnally I got it.. I guess my mind isn’t as perverted as I thought. Or it could have been cause I am a girl and have no intrest in my boobs.

    1. Yes, I’ve always wanted to do a STRIPER. But I’d prefer one who could spell. (Stripper has two p’s, deary…)

  23. Vurdlak, U say ur site is safe for all age groups, and this is just another illusion tht is suggestive and could cause serious problems with young kids. I’m ashamed.

  24. LOL!!! I saw the boobs first. Then I was like what is it suppose to be….obviously not tits cause its a junior prom. So I had to read the comments. Its A dancing man and women. Lol

    1. Omg boobs and dance for boys only XD and not “tots” dancing tits dancing LOL perverted minds these days :D

  25. uhh, what does it mean if i never actually saw what it was suppossed to be? i had to try kinda hard to see what it actually is. is this a real ad or just a creation?

  26. isn’t it strange how once the mind deciphers it the illusion disappears? I thought it was a frog face at first. boobs were too obvious, but when I slightly tilted my head the dancers came into focus.

  27. i saw the dancing people first, i didn’t notice the other part of the illusion until i started to read the comments

  28. the moment i opened the page i saw a dancing pair and the boobs illusion at the same time.. it is so obvious and simple illusion.. nice!

  29. I was reading the comments. I knew what it was supposed to be, I just couldn’t find it…… Now that I have found it, I could laugh to DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Genius! I almost question if it was by accident….but it is so perfect it can’t be! I love this illusion. And those of you who think this is inappropriate are just repressed and need to loosen up. The human body is beautiful! Lighten up!

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