Cubes Optical Illusion

According to some people, there should be some kind of illusionary movement present in this sphere below. Well, maybe I have paranoia, but still it didn’t work with me. Something other caught my intention; aside that it’s really nice image, can you see those little cubes inside and around the sphere? If you observer them more closely, you will realize they can both be viewed pointing up, as well as pointing down. Which way is it then? I’ll let you decide. It’s really much similar to fortune wheel we had before – once you saw it move in other direction, you probably had troubles seeing it like before. Same happened to me with that Mars Crater. Go check them, and please comment your experience with the illusion below.

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  1. Vurdalk is right, it looks weird when you scroll up and down, but I noticed that if you just stair at it in a fixed possition, the cubes can look like their top is facing left or facing right, I’ve noticed that I can change what I see it as by looking away and blinking and looking back a few times until my mind refreshes.

  2. Whoa… NO NOT THE PICTURE!, The Three Week Old Grill Cheese Samwhich i found… It Was In My Dresser… Weird… OH BY THE WAY.. MY Pudding That I Found.. It Wasn’t Chocolate… Hahahahahaha

  3. Oooh mind-warping how the cubes point in different directions; you can force it by looking at the very top or bottom of the sphere where the parameters are squashed.

    And no I didn’t get movement either, but the rolling lens effect on mousescroll is nice.


  4. if you look at the picture and then blink a lot the sphere moves around. (mine went to the left, which way did yours go?)

  5. i did this in 4th grade you just make the squares small at the sides and make them bigger and bigger as you continue to draw

  6. I like totally think that like it like looks like all the cubes are like totally all facing the same way and like stuff.

  7. I’ve always found that I can change how it appears to me at will, ie. I can switch the cubes to face the other direction without blinking or whatever. Same with the spinning dancer. :/ And supposedly it tells you if you’re left or right brained. Didn’t help me much!!

  8. I didnt see it moving at first than i scrolled down to the comments and it looked like it was spinning

  9. Also, if you stare long enough in the middle, the circle dissapears from sight, and it looks lie a solid image of jsut those cubes, with no sphere in the middle.

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