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By on April 25, 2006, with 99 Comments

If you observe this picture you will get opinnion there’s a lady crying in fetal position laying on the bed. But there is nobody on the bed actually, and the sheets got this way by chance. Interesting how optical illusions can appear wherever you want just if you look for them – [via Flickr].

Crying Lady Optical Illusion


99 Responses
  1. doom says:

    i just saw a pile of sheets. i can’t see the woman.

  2. p. says:

    I don’t see it

  3. Farted says:

    I can kind of see it, but it doesn’t look right! #)

  4. Reyn says:

    Nope….cant see it…still interesting tho

  5. Unknown says:

    I cant see it!!!! This is retarded!!!!!

  6. rewlie says:

    i can see it, it’s so small .. and takes me up to 30 minutes to figure it out, yes it’s true image.

  7. pherrell says:

    i can see the body and arms but no head

  8. livie lou says:

    i spotted it rite away but thats just me o.O

  9. Mike M says:

    there’s things under it!

  10. medin says:

    i see it! she is bending down.maybe she is praying to god?

  11. fuzzy says:

    i did see the woman it looks like she is crying its true if yoll look carefully at the sheet yoll will see her

  12. Someone says:

    I spotted it quickly…great illusion!

  13. Tweety says:

    i really don’t see it where should i look, what part of the sheets should i focus on to see the woman

  14. the says:

    I can’t see a lady, just a pile of old sheets!

  15. Frauggie says:

    i see a thumb holding an elephant. am i wierd?

  16. Fronika says:

    The lady is not “laying” down, she’s lying down.

  17. Hai says:

    wtf….its just a pile of sheets!

  18. Freeky monkey says:

    WTH……. just sheets

  19. Bryner says:

    i couldn’t see anything at first… frauggie you made my day… i cant stop laughing at what you said… but guess what actually yeh… i see the thumb n elephant too…. i dont see the woman… we’re both weird

  20. Radi(((o)))active says:

    I see both the lady and the thumb holding the elephant. COOL!

  21. Saggy says:

    I cant see a single thing it just looks like a stupid sheet made into a person

  22. purple momo says:

    er……wot lady? i c no lady!
    i can c an elephant tho…..

  23. That Guy says:

    Since people only read the first and last things said,
    ill leave you with this,

    If you look at any bed sheets long enough you’ll see something in them

  24. The Mighty Princess says:

    I don’t think there is anything to see, only people with poor vision.

  25. jj says:

    i just saw a pile of sheets. i can’t see the woman.

  26. samba says:

    i saw the woman….but the thumb holding the elephant is way more obvious and pretty cool.

  27. stormcloud74 says:

    ROTFL!! I was scanning down the page looking for clues as to how to see the woman but now that I have seen the thumb & elephant I can’t go any further. Good one Frauggie! I guess if we stare long enough at anything…

  28. him says:

    where is the lady????????

  29. Laura says:

    i see….an elephant. i’m kinda wierd though…so.

  30. GreenDayGirl10123 says:

    i see it!!!! shes like dead on the bed tho….

  31. some one smarter than you. says:

    ” Fronika on 2:42 AM
    The lady is not “laying” down, she’s lying down.”

    Look it up in a dictionary before you make a fool of yourself.

    The word “LAYING” is the present tense of the word “lay”.
    If you lay something on the ground, then it is “laying” on the ground.

    The word “LYING” is present tense of the word “lie”.
    “He is lying.” In other words he is not telling the truth.

  32. GreenDayGirl10123 says:

    i agree w/ “someone smarter than you” lol

  33. Beep says:

    It is so easy to see come on!

  34. kiki says:

    i dont see it either…

  35. ~ruth~ says:

    i see it, sort of. i also see a puppy…

  36. muah! says:

    i dont see it… i see a pile of sheets.

  37. Hope you Guess my name says:

    It’s evil. Look at the center of the pic, in between the upper small dark area and the larger dark area you can see a camoflaged long slender face looking directly at the camera. Whatever it is it seems hunched over eating or praying. Oh well, I am locking my blankets in the closet, until I can see Bunny rabbits and sunshine.

  38. Another Random says:

    I see a woman, …and the head of a duck! yes, on the left.a DUCKS HEAD!! can’t see any elephants though. shame.

  39. Carls.jr says:

    um…its a lady
    but no cry sry bout it its too hard

  40. person says:

    oh i see it but she not cryin

  41. Tammy says:

    well….i saw the elephant but no woman …. could someone please give me clear directions on where in the mass of elephant and sheets she actually is :/ and i don’t know if any1 noticed….but those sheets ain’t looking very clean o.O dirty bugger

  42. HAHAAA says:

    ” Fronika on 2:42 AM
    The lady is not “laying” down, she’s lying down.”

    “some one smarter than you. on 9:14 AM
    Look it up in a dictionary before you make a fool of yourself. The word “LAYING” is the present tense of the word “lay”. If you lay something on the ground, then it is “laying” on the ground. The word “LYING” is present tense of the word “lie”. “He is lying.” In other words he is not telling the truth.”

    Fronika’s right… while “some one smarter than you” may have the definition right, he/she sure doesn’t have the complete usage of it right. THINGS “lay down”, PEOPLE “lie down”… it’s basic English usage… “some one smarter than you”… that name doesn’t suit you :) Just had to show that you really aren’t!

  43. ANON says:


  44. noname says:

    I think some one has a bad imagagination, its nothing but a piece of cloth wrinkled up.

  45. Mr. Useful (AKA Run Away) says:

    can someone plaese tell me what the hell i’m supposed to be looking at…

    Plus, why bother arguing about the proper english usage of ‘laying’ and ‘lying’? Sheesh, it’s just a comment…

  46. Anonymous says:

    i see it!

  47. Anonymous says:

    IT’S JUST A PILE OF SHEETS!!!!!!!!@$%^#%6!

  48. Anonymous says:

    I’m straining my eyes..and I still don’t see it. I think you all are hallucinating.

  49. Anonymous says:

    all i see is a lady hiding under sheets, i saw the elephant exactly when i looked at it.I don’t know where the lady is though…

  50. loser says:

    my sheets end up in weird positions..that you can actualy tell what is it…but i dont take pics of it.

  51. Viin says:

    some one smarter than you. well… according to encarta… LYING is the the present participle of lie (to recline).

    lie 1

    lie [lī]
    intransitive verb (past lay [lay], past participle lain [layn], present participle ly·ing [l ing], 3rd person present singular lies)
    1. recline: to stretch out on a surface that is slanted or horizontal
    She was lying on the sofa.

    Microsoft® Encarta® 2006. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    hope that settles it.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I see a large Chicken in the upper left quadrent.

  53. Anonymous says:

    i saw it but the lady looked v.ugly lol

  54. Thomas says:

    I can see the woman, but she’s got the head of an elephant!!!

  55. willis says:

    wow can you guys read, it’s supposed to look like someone is UNDERNEATH the sheets, not a hidden picture in the sheets

  56. Anonymous says:

    where do i look 2 find the woman

  57. Anonymous says:

    if u blur up ur eyes you can see a teddy

  58. jess says:

    this iso dumb. i dont see any cryin lady ????

  59. Jake says:

    Whares the lady?

  60. greeneyedspark says:

    I see the elephant, but what I mainly see are some real ugly purple sheets. How can anyone sleep in that?

  61. Anonymous says:

    no mater what you look at eventually you will see a human face. That’s just the way it is with us people. So this “illusion” probably has more than one old lady.

  62. Anonymous says:

    I see an elephant lying on a bed with a blanket wrapped around it… O_o

  63. Anonymous says:

    where the hell?!

  64. Anonymous says:

    ummmm…. i c a huge nose with a mouth and the elephant with the thunb but no lady.its weird

  65. Anonymous says:

    well… i see a person under the sheets with a elephants head. its cool buti cant see a lady.

  66. Luis Gerardo says:

    Yeah, a crying lady, sure…

  67. Anonymous says:

    lol… dummis… its right there!!!

  68. Bennett says:

    this is just stupid. It is impossible to see something in this pile of sheets. I know that it will never make noise and that it will be quiet.

    it looked like a potato.

  69. Anonymous says:

    im sorry but i dont see a lady crying. i actually see a little girl with a candy cane in her hand

  70. Anonymous says:

    lmao at first i thought that uh it looked like a baby elephant shape..but thats just me…hahahaha

  71. Politikally Paranoid says:

    wtf? I dont see anything! Some1 tell me how u can c dat!? Theres nothing there! lol wtf???

  72. Nayra says:

    i’ve seen a duck, a cute baby elephant and a very ugly face ><
    please… PLEASE… i’ve been staring at it for an hour, give me a clue!

  73. Patar says:

    oh i get it!!! took me like 10 minutes. its cool.the heads a bit misshaped tho

  74. Anonymous says:

    I see an elephant from behind at a 45degree angel

  75. Cheese says:

    i saw a dog’s face at first. but then i read what it was supposed to be and i saw a woman crying –– with a dog’s head. lol

  76. Anonymous says:

    i see the elephant and thumb too and i also see some sort of alligongey alligator and monkey mixed

  77. Jinyuu says:

    i found it fast :o

  78. Anonymous says:

    u guys r so dumb how can u not see it it took me 5 seconds to see it

  79. kibilocomalifasa says:

    does anyone else see a swan’s head and neck?

  80. Sandy says:

    Yes… I see now! You are an Idiot!

  81. Woofymoo says:

    It looks like a foetus wearing a dress and a headscarf!

  82. Anonymous says:

    I see the elephant. He’s lying, er laying, ah resting on his back with his chin on his chest, kinda hunched down like he’s reading a playboy under the covers. Not sure what he’s doing with his trunk, but it’s probably age appropriate given his adolescent appearance and intense stare.

  83. Narnia says:

    well i see a snake a thumb and an elephant and some old womans head!! no lady tho!! btw the womas head i saw isnt crying

  84. Anonymous says:

    i kinda see it

  85. Filit says:

    YAY I CAN SEE IT! :) look at the full picture on flickr. there’s another sheet, and those two… er, things on it could be her legs ^.^

  86. nobody says:

    i see a koala

  87. don says:

    I don’t even see the bed :/

  88. Jez says:

    I see a dog, an elephant and half a face. But no woman crying. :|

  89. John says:

    i saw a lady underneath an elephat.. but the lady wasn’t crying.. i saw a CD too.

  90. Misleading says:

    ok the top middle of the pic where there is the darkest blur is the back of a lady’s head and she is holding up an offering of a cd she’s got sleeves and everything I don’t think that’s what I’m supposed to see but tell me if you can see it

  91. UnIcOrN says:

    I SeE A KoAlA ToO YaY MaYbE We ArE FrIeNdS

  92. bean says:

    it looks like a face

  93. DaEgg says:

    See it!

  94. Eizabeth says:

    i dont see anything but some really ugly sheets…… =/

  95. LALUNGGG says:

    LOL a Person trying da hide while reading ! (thats whad i do <3)

  96. Ada69 says:

    I kinda see a snake head,and a hump, but that’s it!

  97. Grace says:

    Yay!!!! 100th comment

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