Criss Angel & Daniel Chesterfield Videos

Criss Angel Walking on WaterToday’s post brings you another two amazing videos! First one is made by Daniel Chesterfield, and you can watch his video, where he preforms some of the most amazing illusions and magic tricks known to men – I can’t believe why people call him the worst illusionist ever?! Be sure to watch the flick, and comment your opinions. The second video is disappearing act from Criss Angel. I officially don’t believe him! Watch both of them, and post who is your favorite! I for one, go with Daniel Chesterfield – My Hero! If you have a spare minute, be sure to check dozen of more interesting video optical illusions inside the “Videos Category“. Enjoy!

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  1. this one has already been solved… it’s only a plexiglass/transparent plastic bar placed under the surface of the water

  2. I’m having trouble figuring out the Chris Angel illusion. If you watch the actual episode of Mindfreak that he performs this on you will see that not only does a girl swim underneath him while he is walking on water, but another one actually walks between his legs while he takes a step so unless she can magically walk through this plexiglass bar people are talking about i don’t know how it is done. Oh and people walk across his path the entire way and across it once he passes.

  3. omg……was the first guy even a magician!!!!!

    Criss is the best n it cldn’t have been a plexiglass under him cus people were around n under him all the time n the whole thing was taken in one take w/o ani cuts if u saw the original on tv

  4. criss you amaze me. my friends dont believe me when i tell them i want to be a mindfreak like you. but the truth is my father died and he loved magic. when i grow up i want to be just like both of you. a mindfreak.

  5. people people… the first one, Daniel Chesterfield, is a spoof from the belgian comedian Chris Van den Durpel. Check for more of his, uhm, imitations. But it’s still a genius. And Chriss Angel, well yeah… Even if it’s not real: well done.

  6. The Copperfield spoof is hilarious!

    Chris Angel is the best illusionist in the world, i have watched almost all of his episodes of Mindfreak. There is no way it can be a “plexiglass/transparent plastic bar placed under the surface of the water” b/c someone swam undreneath him and people walked through his path before and after the illusion.

  7. Tell me if i’m wrong here, but does that girl actually walk in front of him? The cameraman is walking backwards parellel with chris angel, and then he shifts his angle and is walking bacwards perpendicular to him. I think this makes the girl appear to be crossing in front of chris angel while she is actually on his right side the entire time. also, during a shot with his hand held cam, near the end of the walk, there is a moment when both feet are in the air. since he doesnt mention anything about walking on air, i’d say its definately not one shot, and that plexiglass is possible. cmon, we all now hes walking on something.

  8. wow!!!
    criss angel is awesome
    season premire today
    june fifth channel A&E at 10 pm

  9. u no what CRISS ANGEL was on oprah walking on water…..and after that he swam in da water so that tells u NOTHING was under it and every show he has a spectator….I WANT CRISS TO LEVITATE ME

    i love criss angel….

  10. im a HUGE fan of criss angel n no offense to daniel copperfield but i think criss is awesome at what he does…daniel looks goofy while he does his “illusions”..again NO OFFENSE i jus hav my opinion

  11. The first one is supposed to be a spoof of david copperfeild(if you havent figured it out already).

    as for the second one:instead of a plexiglass bridge,there are plexiglass bars all over the place and the people who swim under him are stooges;just barely missing the bars.if its not that,the only explanation is that chris is attached to invisible wire and miles and miles up there is a helicopter.if its not that…i`m stuck.

  12. Criss Angel has seperate table things under the water. the girl swam between two of them. Did you see how careful he was when he was taking the steps?

  13. its not copperfield, its chesterfield. Copperfield is an actual illusionist, unlike angel who uses camera tricks and chesterfield who is a JOKE. Point is, these arent very amazing. Chris Angel is a very UNLIKEABLE douchebaggy guy, also.

  14. ok in the first video –
    Escalator:already moves on its own
    Elevator:already programed to stop at those spots
    Car:would have stopped anyways so as not to hit the pole thingy and the pole thingy rose up because someone off screen controls it
    Automatic door:AUTOMATICally opens on its own
    Snack machine:the snack comes down anyways when you put the quarter in and punch the numbers
    Bowling pins:he waited for the machine to replace them, duh.
    Car 2:okay you’d have to be stupid to not notice the glimpse of the red hair of the person driving this

  15. as for the second video –

    …..WHAT THE [email protected]$* !?
    how the heck did he do that!

    for the picture on the right –
    its possible for people to swim under him because obviously the Plexiglas wall he walked on had some holes in it so people could swim through it. very simple and obvious. how could you NOT figure it out?

  16. criss angels plexiglass pillars were spaced exactly the same amount apart. watch his feet. the ppl in the pool r just actors and the video camera he has is so he can c the plexiglass clearly. and watch how he always feels around with his feet b4 he steps. the trick hes done that stumps me ALOT is wen he tears the woman in half. if u no the anser to that one my face book name is Bella Gordon and my picture is of an eclipse type thing. and if u have criss angels email can u leave it on my faceboook 2. I LUV CRISS ANGEL!!!

  17. “OMG!!I wonder how daniel does that stuff”.

    Um….What can I say to this?

    There are only 2 thing possible.

    #1 Daniel is an alien weather ballon, expeirenced in the arts of Black Magic

    #2 Daniel is a funny looking weirdo, who uses things that automatically run by themselves because of programming, and tries to make himself funny. Of course, about 85% of people think that he is either a big fool, or mentally ill because of the fact that his nose job didn’t go so well. Criss Angel Powns.

    What do you think is right?

  18. “Car 2:okay you’d have to be stupid to not notice the glimpse of the red hair of the person driving this”

    actually, you’d have to be stupid not to notice that this is a parody, and to feel the need to explain how these “illusions” were achieved as though everybody is as gullible as you.

  19. All Daniel Chesterfield is moving is freaking hands. Criss Angel actually does something that looks real. And Daniel just does crap anyone can do.

  20. Daniel Chesterfield’s “illusion” is a SPOOF! And he’s hilarious. Criss Angel is just way too full of himself. David Copperfield (the actual illusionist who was spoofed by Daniel Chesterfield) has been doing illusions since Criss Angel was in diapers! Some of Angel’s act are just previously done illusions taken to the street instead of a stage. He’s no better or worse than any other illusionist. Which is why “Daniel Chesterfield” (not his real name, duh) gets MY vote! He’s not only spoofing illusionists, he’s spoofing how SERIOUSLY THEY TAKE THEMSELVES!!! :P

  21. LMAO – I loved the first one – so tongue in cheek

    As for the bin one… nifty, wonder whether it was just clever filming though because as much as there were people around the camera didn’t stay put on the bin… (Seen how the playing card in the window trick is done…)
    Both cool – Thanks dude

  22. i think the first video was stupid
    if these are the most amazing illusions and magic tricks known to “men” then i’m glad i am a “woman”

  23. there are glass slabs under the water and you cant see them becoz theyre glass and he knows where the glass slabs are and he walks over them and its just appears hes walkin on water… sorry for my total “non-use” of stops, i just cbb to use them :D

  24. That first one was Awesome!!!!!!!!! Sure anybody can do it, but who would film it and put it all over the web to make a name for yourself? As dumb as it is, it still made me crack up. Plus the Chris Angel one is blocked cuz someone got their shorts in a bundle over possible lost sales. Like anyone’s gonna see the block and go “Hey, I think I’ll go buy it to see it!” Besides I’ve seen proff that Angel’s “continuous camera” clain is a lie, so I dont like him a whole lot. Although some of his tricks are pretty neat.

  25. The Chesterfield video’s funny. A&E took the Criss Angel video down – copyright. However; since you’re NOT using it for profit, you can & SHOULD protest (via YouTube’s website. It’s very simple to do – takes a minute or 2, and you can have the video back up & running).

    I’m a long time fan of your website. Thanks for all the HOURS of enjoyment!

    U.N. Owen

  26. For all of you raving about criss angel, he doesn’t even create the tricks, there is No skill involved, I myself am a magician and in the Magicians Circle, if you want real magic, look elsewhere. No offence to the website, of course.

  27. this isn’t a magician , he is a belgium comedian called kris van den durpel . he dresses up like someone else david copperfield (i guess ) and acts like him but changes his name :p funny comments

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