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Me and my girlfriend got kicked out of our apartment (again). New landlords have kicked us out due to their son making his mistress pregnant. Naturally, his wife kicked him out, so he is flying back home from Brazil, and needs some place to live at. Unfortunately, here in Croatia you have almost no rights against your landlord, who can kick you out of the rented apartment any time he pleases. I just wish this was somehow regulated, like it is in the USA. Well, life goes on and we’ll just have to deal with it, finding some other location. No need to bother you further, let’s better jump on illusion set for today.

An interesting collection was discovered today by this Spanish blog. You can see 3 different (yet all creative) photos posted inside this article. In my opinion there is no special need to explain them further. I liked the one with a match and wooden “flame” background the most. Which one is your favorite?

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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  1. Although your source doesn’t say it, these photos are the work of Chema Madoz, a very reputated spanish photographer whose photos are always fresh and original, showing alternative visions of daily objects.

    You can see more of him in his website:


  2. I like the lipstick. Both, the lips and the nails are stereotypical for the needs of women. I can’t agree with it, but this thoughts are in most of the minds.

  3. the first one is amazing
    and i’ve seen the girl with the glass of wine before
    but i don’t know what the “hotel” sign means…???

  4. They are good ones. The one with the hotel sign is an ironing table leaning on the wall. The shape of the sign is the typical shape those signs have here in Spain on all roads to point an exit to get out from the road, I don’t know if they’re the same in other countries over Europe.


  5. I THINK the hotel one is referencing it should be an arrow pointing to a hotel, but it’s actually an ironing board.
    I can’t connect it besides that.
    The others I get.

  6. The hotel sign one is actually an Ironboard … but further then that, i don’t know what it implys only that you have to iron your own clothes still :P

  7. i dont get like any of it…i dont get the girl with the wine glass or the lipstick finger or the hotel sign…am i dumb or do a lot of u guys not get it?

  8. Hi i dont normally comment but i visit your site everyday:) just wanted to show some support by saying good luck on finding a new location,getting kicked out sucks:(

    Oh and keep up the good work with the website =D

  9. Your landlord's life sounds like a soap opera. (Yours too, to some extent.) =) lol

    I like the two match illusions. Very creative. And the woman & the wine glass….quite imaginitive. hehehe And yeah, I don't get the hotel one either. Unless it's implying that the hotel is underground (which could symbolize hell. "Welcome to heell." hahaha)

  10. Oh, the ‘hotel sign’ is actually an ironing board! It took me a bit as well to figure it out.

    The one doing the ironing (usually the mother) is often a hotel for her husband/kids. Ironic. ;)

  11. first: i was looking around the site and the comments on Brazilian Sand Girl Optical Illusion scare me
    second: the hotel sign on 3 is an ironing board and thats all i can say
    and third: Do you like waffles?
    What about pancakes? French toast?

  12. Hey, i wanted to say that Alvaro, you had a really good post. I checked out her works and they are really quite good. There are some nice photos that are “fresh and original” spins to “everyday objects”


  13. I think they’re all ok, but I don’t get the hotel/ironing-board picture either…perhaps it’s just referring to a bit of pop culture that I’m not wholly familiar with? If anyone out there is capable of enlightening me, please do so.

  14. The hotel sign looks (due to the bars) like an ironing board… Or maybe it’s an ironing board looking like a street sign?

  15. I like it, to those who don’t get th hotel one, I don’t know f it is supposed to mean anything but it is a hotel sign on an Ironing board. Maybe about people treating home as a hotel to just get food and washing done?

  16. is the hotel one (cos it’s on an ironing board) saying that, with the woman (sorry for the sterotype)doing all the ironing, that other people treat her like a maid at a hotel?

    they’re a bit weird, but quite cool, i like the way that you can get meaning from some of them, rather than just an illusion. good job!

    ps. love the site!

  17. It took me a bit on the hotel one. It’s an ironing board made from a hotel sign.

    The wine one… let’s be clear: it’s not reflecting, uh, anything related to that time of the month. Depending on where you want to go, it’s either nudity (I need say no more) or a small bit of panties. And, outside of the flame one, seems to be the most cleaver since it’s not necessarily a setup. The lipstick one, for example, is too much a setup.

  18. I think the hotel one is an ironing board. I also think that since the sign looks like a really cheaply made sign that the hotel is really cheap too.

  19. First One: Has a match that was once lit/ is now being used as a new flame on a wooden door/wall/ect, I thought there was supposed to be a third pic in here, and can’t find it…

    Second: Symbolizes that it is indeed a thermometer BUT the already lit end is the coolest part of the used match which is at 0, and since the other end has never been used, one could say that it will soon be the Hottest part soon enough if the flame had continued it’s journey.

    Third: A women with just a glass of red wine, OR A women’s silohuette with her Pubic region being shown (neatly trimmed pubic hair) Health

    Fourth: It is actually in a hotel already showing that Yes this hotel has an ironing board, so also a iron, these are part of the ameneties the hotel already carries.

    Fifth: Lipstick and nail Polish can sometimes match, this shows that they do, OR that if one were to take the time to get the lipstick right, than one would make the time to have “Perfect” Nails, usually Acrylic “fake nails”/ Someone whom is high fashioned. Someone whom takes the time to put their face(s) on. Also suggests fake-ness

    1. the hotel sign is a ironing board made up to look like the omnipresent hotel signs in europe. If you are american it might be a little WTF, i don’t know how its clever or anything they have a common shape i guess, dunno.

  20. I dono if I was meant to, or if it was the dyslexia, but when I read the ‘Hotel’ I read ‘to hell’ at a glance, before I looked at it. And it’s pointing to the earth.. So maybe?

  21. not to be gross or anything.. but i think the wine one has something to do with a girl’s period. but im not sure. it just makes sence to me. red wine placed there with a thermomtor? almost measuring the flow right?
    ha, thats what i see but..

  22. Yeah, all these photographs were taken by the infamous spanish photographer Chema Madoz.

    I’m a very big fan. He can make clever things out of simple objects ;)

  23. Yes, the Hotel sign/Ironing Board is pointing down to living in hell!

    “You can check in, but, never leave!”

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