Crazy Car Optical Illusion

Jim Gansle from Canyon Lake, Texas sent me this photo of a vintage car (along with few more visitors that submit illusions regularly). Seems that the photo really went viral, since lately I stumble upon it very often across the web. Enough on the background of this flick, now let me describe the effect. Once you see this photo, you’ll probably need some time before you spot something very strange in it. I was wondering what is so interesting about this car, but after it hit me (no, not the car, luckily the car didn’t hit me), it all became clear. This is what Jim wrote: “In case you haven’t seen this before. I really enjoy your site – got the widget to tell me when a new one is available. What a fun you would have at intersections. You figure it out. I got a headache”. This will be added to our Transportation category, the one I speak so rarely about.

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  1. It’s clearly photoshopped but at first glance you can’t tell, but if you look at it, the middle tire, you can see the fender is pointing towards us and it looks like there is a different fender connected to it. photoshopped

  2. At first I saw nothing wrong, but then I saw the wheels :P

    It didn’t take me no time at all to figure this out though, I’m used to headaches ;]
    You are actually looking at the side of the car, notice that the back wheels are the same orientation as the front.
    What baffles me is how the driver steers… or if they get a sore neck :P

  3. its really not that hard it looks confussing at friest but the car is normal its just the fornt to tires are just set sidways and the front was made wider

    not a very good explination but you get what i mean

  4. Photoshopped, you can tell by the fender in the middle, it was like mixed in with the photo with another photo. I win

  5. I don’t understand the point in that half wheel, on the middle of the car. It doesn’t seem to make sense with anything else.

  6. Wow. This was really skillful craftsmenship!
    If it works if will be very difficult to drive because it will go sideways!
    Look at the steeringwheel.

    My guess is that it really works, but is illegal to drive.

  7. V-

    “This will be added to our Transportation category, the one I speak so rarely about.”

    Link goes to “transparent” not transportation….

  8. nice:!) im sure i understand this, but then i read all the comments saying photoshopped rofl like the silly people they are, and then also about headaches and confusion:P yeh its nice and confusing but like one poster said, its just the side of the care ( with windscreen wipers on the side windows :P im sure the seats in side point the right way no?

  9. If you guys would just do some background checking on the validity of the pic, you would find out that it is indeed a REAL car built sideways. just because something looks funny or different doesnt always mean its photoshopped. SHEESH!

  10. you should put a counter for how many knobs try to be smartasses by saying “photoshopped”. i count 3 on this one. have some imagination.

  11. it’s not photoshopped. anonymous no.25 said that was his car.

    P.s none of your explinations make sense

    PP.s this is wierd

    PPP.s this makes my head hurt

    PPPP.s i like doing alot of P.s’s

    PPPPP.s as you can see i like doing a lot of P.s,’s (like I said above)

    PPPPPP.s i forgot what i was going to say now. Oh well

    PPPPPPP.s this is a lot

  12. Indeed, I am eager to see this car in different angle. It breaks all of my cognition to a sedan. God, please do not do this to my BMW. Amen.

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